Fighting stress and negative thoughts part1


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How to address negative self talk and thoughts that preoccupy us, and what goes on around us.

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Fighting stress and negative thoughts part1

  1. 1. Fighting Stress and Toxic Thoughts Using the Power of intention, projection and energy.Javed Mohamed A K2 Vista Project
  2. 2. We project being rich = being happy
  3. 3. We don’t see what we really have & who we really are
  4. 4. We look at the Jones’s as a mirror to use them as a gauge for our lives
  5. 5. Envy = desiring what someone has
  6. 6. Envy= toxic and gives out –ve energy
  7. 7. We are projectors• We project onto others qualities that lie hidden inside of us (both good and bad, suffering and admiration)
  8. 8. Projecting through envyWe compare ourselves to others, imagining they have a better life, marriage, or career. This is pure projection.
  9. 9. We project as we don’t always have an accurate reflection of ourselves
  10. 10. We are like icebergsMany part of our personality are hidden from us, but when someone whose behaviorexpresses one of these hidden aspects of us, it can trigger a reaction in us”
  11. 11. We are like diamondsMulti-faceted and shaped by those around us and our past experiences
  12. 12. So how do we fight all these negative thoughts?
  13. 13. Don’t compare your self to others
  14. 14. All the flowers are beautiful
  15. 15. All the stars are beautiful
  16. 16. All people have certain beauty
  17. 17. We might like one over another
  18. 18. We must find the beauty in ourselves and others
  19. 19. The world is full of abundance. Is your cup half full or empty?
  20. 20. Acknowledge envy, then let it go
  21. 21. Practice small acts of kindness
  22. 22. Practice Gratitude• The more you can appreciate your strengths, beauty and blessings the less you will compare with others.
  23. 23. Reflect Every day• Reflect on the good that lays ahead and what has gone by.
  24. 24. Project light into darkness
  25. 25. Be Tolerant Like Sea: Rumi In generosity and helping others, be like a River In modesty and humility,be In compassion and grace, like the earth be like the Sun In tolerance be like SeaIn concealing others faults, Either appear as you be like the Night are, or be as you appear In anger and fury, be like Dead
  26. 26. Frequent repetition of thoughtscreates your beliefs and attitudes
  27. 27. Each of us acts like a magnet…we attract conditions that are in accord with our thoughts and energy.
  28. 28. Your intimate life is connected to your weight• Low energy leads to food cravings, binges and emotional eating
  29. 29. With better connection to inner self and if you reachyour ideal weight, you will have more sexual energy,better metabolism and your cravings & appetite will fall.
  30. 30. Negative thoughts
  31. 31. ReferencesHow to heal toxic thoughts by Sandra IngermanEmotional Freedom DVD by Judith OrloffHumor your stress DVD by Loretta LaRocheI am DVD by Tom ShadyacAll images are from public domain and copyright of respective owners A K2 Vista Project Copyright 2012