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Portland State University CEPE: Crafting an Effective LinkedIn Profile Workshop


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I gave this presentation to people who attended the Portland State University's Center for Executive and Professional Education workshop last week. It was as fun and educational for me as (I hope) it was for those in attendance.

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Portland State University CEPE: Crafting an Effective LinkedIn Profile Workshop

  1. 1. Cra$ing  an  Effec-ve  LinkedIn   Profile     and  other  cri-cal  techniques  for   being  a  great  job  candidate  online  
  2. 2. Our  Agenda   •  How  recruiters  search  for  people  online   •  Prac-cal  -ps  for  cra$ing  your  career  profile:   •  Cra$ing  a  resume  to  be  read  best  by  a  machine   •  Crea-ng  your  personal  brand  online   – Top  five  ac-ons  to  take  on  LinkedIn   – Top  ten  phrases  to  avoid  on  LinkedIn   – Minding  the  edges  of  social  media  
  3. 3. HOW  RECRUITING  HAS  SHIFTED   Well-­‐armed  is  well-­‐aimed  
  4. 4. So$ware:  the  new  invasive  species  
  5. 5. Since  2008  there  has  been  substan-ve   change  in  recrui-ng…  yet  not.     “Direct  personal  contact  with  real  people  is  to  be  the  most  successful  way  to  find  new  employment.”     “Younger  people  some-mes  expect  to  solve  the  whole  thing  online,  and  this  some-mes  works,  but  real  people   reaching  out  to  real  people  always  proves  to  be  the  best  way.”   Source:  2012  Right  Management  Survey  
  6. 6. Social  recrui-ng:  the  new  norm   BENEFITS   REVIEW  SOCIAL   PROFILES?   Source:  Jobvite  2012  social  recrui;ng  survey  
  7. 7. LinkedIn’s  business  focus:     HR  tools,  training  job  recruiters  
  8. 8. Learning  about  LinkedIn  from  LinkedIn   Great  resource!  
  9. 9. What  can  we  glean  from  LinkedIn’s   advice  to  recruiters?  
  10. 10. Check  out  Talent  Pools   Source:  Slideshare  LinkedIn  Talent  Pools   Consumer  Goods  Marke<ng  Professionals   Talent  Pool  Report  
  11. 11. Ques-ons  so  far?         How  can  we  take  what  we  know  about  the     HR  recrui;ng  process  and  apply  it  to  our  job  quests?  
  12. 12. “PASSIVE”  JOB  SEEKERS  PREFERRED   For  recrui-ng  professionals…  
  13. 13. As  jobs  become  more  compe--ve:   Source:  Jobvite  2012  social  recrui;ng  survey  
  14. 14. 60%  employees  are  considered   “passive”  candidates  by  HR   Source:  2010  Adler  Group,  LinkedIn  Recruitment  Team  
  15. 15. ~70%  of  ac;ve  job  seekers  have  <5   years  experience   Source:  2010  Adler  Group,  LinkedIn  Recruitment  Team  
  16. 16. As  we  get  more  established  in  our   careers  we  tend  to  look  more  “passive”   Source:  2010  Adler  Group,  LinkedIn  Recruitment  Team  
  17. 17. Job  sa-sfac-on  is  generally  higher  in   more  “passive”  employees   Source:  2010  Adler  Group,  LinkedIn  Recruitment  Team  
  18. 18. What  if  you’ve  not  worked  in  awhile?   •  Over  70%  of  hiring  managers  surveyed  by   LinkedIn  said  they  considered  volunteer  work   as  legi-mate  work  experience   •  Show  your  enthusiasm,  exper-se,  energy   through  your  photo,  your  recommenda-ons   and  your  regular  status  updates  on  LinkedIn  
  19. 19. KEYWORDS  ARE  YOUR  NEW  BEST   FRIENDS   First,  you  have  to  be  found…  
  20. 20. Machines  are…  well,  machines   •  Keywords  are  cri-cal:   – In  your  resume   – In  your  profile,  headline  and  content  on  LinkedIn   •  Keywords  should  match  your  ‘perfect  job’   – Always  choose  keywords  based  on  fact   – But  make  allowances  for  other  job  possibili-es  
  21. 21. Anatomy  of     a  resume   to  a  machine  
  22. 22. What’s  ‘seen’  by  machines  
  23. 23. How  will  you  re-­‐cra$  your  resume?         Embrace  simplicity,  avoid  buzzwords  
  24. 24. AND  A  VERY  IMPORTANT  SETTING   Five  most  important  things  to  do  to  improve  your  LinkedIn  profile  
  25. 25. Sekngs:  Your  LinkedIn  Publicity  /  Privacy  Hub  
  26. 26. Choose  your  broadcasts  carefully  
  27. 27. #1:  Walk  through  ‘Improve  your  profile’  
  28. 28. #2:  Beef  up  your  headline  
  29. 29. #3:  Claim  your  name  
  30. 30. This  is  your  professional  brand…  
  31. 31. #4:  Select  your  best  photo   Your  photo  is  cri-cal  to  your  profile   –  “You’re  seven  <mes  more  likely  to  have  your  profile  viewed  if  you   have  one.  Like  a  house  that’s  on  sale,  the  assump-on  is  that  if  there’s   no  photo,  something’s  wrong.”   –  HSN  Beauty  found  that,  when  paging  through  LinkedIn  profiles,  19%  of   recruiters  look  only  at  your  profile  picture.   •  And  they’re  looking  for  your  energy,  more  than  anything…   –  “No  dog,  no  husband,  no  baby!”  Your  photo  is  meant  to  show  you  at   your  professional—not  personal—best.   Source:  Forbes  8  Mistakes  You  Should  Never  Make  on  LinkedIn  
  32. 32. Which  is  the  best/worst  profile  photo?   Source:  
  33. 33. #5:  Scru-nize  your  public  profile    
  34. 34. Don’t  like  who  shows  up  on  your  public  profile?    
  35. 35. #6:  Use  job  descrip-ons  for  good  keywords   •  Based  on  this  job  descrip-on,   you  might  use:   –  Public  rela-ons   –  Media  rela-ons   –  Corporate  communica-ons   strategy   –  Worked  with  execu-ve  team   –  Built  internal   communica-ons  campaigns     –  Developed  external   communica-ons  strategy   –  Internal  communica-ons   strategy   –  Implements  communica-on   tools  
  36. 36. Then  check  your   endorsements:     How  would  you   measure  up  as  a   candidate?  
  37. 37. Use  first  person  “I  managed…  I  drove…”     as  you  write  your  profile     •  Sprinkle  your  profile  with  appropriate  keywords   –  Don’t  forget  it’s  how  you’ll  be  found   •  Use  numeric  examples   –  Increased  leads  by  1150%  y/y   •  Show  your  style  –  sparingly,  but  show  it   –  This  is  your  first  impression,  let  your  personality  shine  through   •  Break  up  long  paragraphs  with  bullets   –  People  have  very  short  aten-on  spans   –  Some  folks  prefer  to  scan  for  content  –  don’t  make  anyone  work  too   hard   •  NEVER  claim  exper-se  or  experience  that  you  can’t  back  up   with  facts  
  38. 38. Top  10  phrases  to  avoid  on  LinkedIn   1.  Crea-ve   2.  Organiza-onal   3.  Effec-ve   4.  Mo-vated   5.  Extensive  exper-se   •  Bonus!     –  Social  Media  Expert   6.  Track  Record   7.  Innova-ve   8.  Responsible   9.  Analy-cal   10. Problem  solving   Show…  don’t  tell  
  39. 39. How  do  you  feel  so  far?         Have  you  gathered  an  ac;on  plan  for  your   profile  at  this  point?  
  40. 40. Cura-ng  endorsements,   recommenda-ons   •  Todd  Wasserman,  marke-ng  editor   for  digital  newsblog  Mashable,  calls   endorsements  a  Facebook  “Like”  for   business  skills   •  Recommenda-ons  are  a  whole  new   level  of  engagement  –  a  comment   instead  of  a  “Like”    
  41. 41. Endorsements  should  tell  YOUR  story   •  You  don’t  automa-cally   have  to  accept  every   endorsement     –  Especially  true  when   you’re  endorsed  for  "skills   and  exper-se"  that  aren’t   on  your  LinkedIn  profile     –  Those    you  may  not  be   interested  in  developing  on   your  next  job   •  Accept  only  those  that   bring  you  alive   •  My  bad!  
  42. 42. How  to  hide  an  endorsement   •  Go  to  Edit  Profile   •  Scroll  to  in  the  Skills  and   Exper;se  sec-on  of  your   LinkedIn  profile   •  Find  the  skill  and  uncheck   the  box(es)  for   endorsements  you  want   to  hide   •  Between  12-­‐15  skills  are   recommended  
  43. 43. If  you  ask  for  a  recommenda-on,     give  one  back!   •  It’s  fine  to  ask  for  writen  recommenda-ons   –  AZer  you’ve  been  connected  for  awhile   –  When  the  person  you’re  asking  knows  you     •  It’s  best  to  dra$  up  a  proposed  recommenda-on  with   the  request   –  PR  people  make  up  quotes  for  approval  all  the  -me   –  It  saves  your  prospec-ve  recommender  valuable  -me     •  Offer  a  recommenda-on  in  return   –  It’s  very  poor  form  not  to  offer  or  return  the  favor     –  This  is  a  personal  gripe  (it  happens  to  me  all  the  -me)  
  44. 44. It  takes  at  least  50  connec;ons:   Always  customize  your  connec-on  requests  
  45. 45. People  love  helping  people         Ask  your  trusted  connec;ons  for  help  in   rounding  out  your  profile,  offer  your  help  back  
  46. 46. EXAMPLES  OF  SCINTILLATING   PROFILES   In  case  of  inspira-on!  
  47. 47. LinkedIn  Profile  Examples   Source:    
  48. 48. Easy  to  read     Scannable,   with  links  for   reference     Side  interests   round  out  the   person  
  49. 49. Easy  to  read     Promo-onal  –   you  can  tell   he’s  in  sales     Presents   credibility  in   awards,  etc.  
  50. 50. Easy  to  read     Quan-fies   chops  with   links     Shows  a   sense  of   humor  
  51. 51. Con-nues   with  brilliant   example  of   keywords  in   the  profile!  
  52. 52. MINDING  THE  EDGES   Don’t  let  the  rest  of  your  social  profiles  pull  you  down  
  53. 53. Google  yourself  once  in  awhile  
  54. 54. Since  I  last  gave  this  presenta-on  
  55. 55. Your  photos  and  tone  are  important   •  Many  recruiters  will  review  your  social  profiles   – Most  hiring  managers  (and  poten-al  employees)   will  absolutely  look  you  up   REVIEW  SOCIAL  PROFILES?  
  56. 56. Brand  yourself  appropriately   •  Tweet  about  your  passions,   your  interests,  your  areas  of   job  growth   •  ReTweet  smart  content   •  Review  your  pages  regularly   •  Google+  is  growing  in   importance  for  search   results  and  authen-ca-on  
  57. 57. Facebook:  when  in  doubt,  don’t           Period.  
  58. 58. When  in  doubt…  don’t  
  59. 59. Ready  to  kick  your  profile  into  gear?             Thank  you!   @janetleejohnson  
  60. 60. Addi-onal  Resources   •  htp://­‐profile-­‐-ps/   •  htp://   •  htp://­‐real-­‐reason-­‐ you-­‐should-­‐care-­‐about-­‐linkedin/   •  htp://­‐marke-ng-­‐ infographic/