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Creative Job Search Strategies

Learn how to leverage digital media to find your dream job and have companies recruit you!

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Creative Job Search Strategies

  1. Problem:• You’re applying for jobs, but you: – Are not hearing back – Don’t have enough experience – Can’t reach the right people – Frustrated!
  2. Why?• The job market is crowded with experienced professionals• Automated systems rule HR• Decision makers can’t distinguish between generic looking resumes and applications
  3. Solution• You need to STAND OUT!• Actions speak louder than words, so a creative application can help you get noticed by top decision makers• Use online marketing to your advantage as you network from the comforts of your own home
  4. Step 1: Get Online• Benefits of creating a digital resume – You’ll be indexed in Google and other search engines – You’re content is always up to date – You can add more relevant information – Create your brand
  5. Step 1: Get Online•••
  6. Step 2: Get Video• Creating a YouTube channel can help you: – Create dynamic pitches – Show off your personality and speaking skills – Go viral
  7. Step 2: Get Video• rt• “I’m a very personable person and a paper resume is very impersonal.”
  8. Step 3: Get Advertising• Creating Google Adwords Campaign Can: – Target high ranking officials in companies – Send them back to your digital resume – Send them back to your YouTube channels – Send them to your social media profiles
  9. Step 3: Get Advertising• ad-words/
  10. Step 4: Get Social• Social Profiles can boost your visibility and help you network• Many companies are looking online for candidates, such as LinkedIn• Be in the right place at the right time
  11. Step 4: Get Social• Twitter – Connect with industry professionals• LinkedIn – Get recommendations• Facebook – “Like” Business pages & engage• Google+ – Join in the conversations and “Meet Ups”
  12. Step 5: Get Active• Don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you – be proactive! – In the job search – Outside the job search – In your industry
  13. Step 6: Get Custom• Customizing your resume for each employer helps you: – Add relevant keywords that match the position – Convince the recruiter you’re perfect for the job – Prove that you’re willing to put in the effort
  14. Step 6: Get Custom• Don’t send your resume to just a Jobs email• Research employees, find their contacts and customize your email to their position at the company• Learn the company’s current status and use that to your advantage
  15. Step 7: Follow Up!• An effective follow up can greatly increase your chances of hearing back from employers: - Take notes during meetings/interviews - Send thank yous ASAP - E-mail and/or Snail mail - Sell yourself
  16. Questions?
  17. ContactEmail: ignitemonmouth@gmail.comWe’re here to help!