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Using LinkedIn Like a Pro to Grow your Business


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This presentation is about how to best utilize LinkedIn and how it relates to growing your business. The topics covered include:
1. LinkedIn for business - an overview
2. Effectively building out your profile
3. Tools to increase your credibility
4. Optimizing your profile
5. Growing your network

Presented by :Courtney Pemberton, Business Development Associate at Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Published in: Technology, Business
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Using LinkedIn Like a Pro to Grow your Business

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn Like a Pro… To Grow your Business Courtney Pemberton Schipul – The Web Marketing Company 281.497.6567 x537
  2. 2. Thank you for joining me today!• Business Development Professional at Schipul – The Web Marketing Company• Connect with me -• Tweet me - @cpembyrun
  3. 3. Today we will talk about• LinkedIn for business development – an overview• Building out your profile• Tools for increased “cred”• Optimizing your profile• Growing your network• Additional Resources
  4. 4. An Overview
  5. 5. 147 Million
  6. 6. LinkedIn Statistics• 147 Million Members• 45% Growth in 2011• 58% Male• Top Job Functions – Entrepreneurship, Sales, Operations• 39% LinkedIn members are Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer, or Vice President - a.k.a. Decision Makers• 40% in the US
  7. 7. What‟s the Point?• Increase Visibility – be the answer they are looking for and „the guy‟ that shows up in every search• Grow connections – find people and allow them to easily find you• Due diligence & Research – better understand your prospect even before the first contact; find commonalities and establish rapport• Passive communication – Low pressure „keep in touch‟ tool
  8. 8. What‟s the Goal? To Grow Your
  9. 9. Getting the Most out of your Dashboard Snapshot of real-time business trends, news and connections
  10. 10. Top Headlines Personalize your news based on your industry and interests
  11. 11. Updates from ConnectionsShare valuable industryinformation and drive moretraffic to your website.
  12. 12. People You May Know [My Favorite] Easiest way to constantly build your network
  13. 13. Build Out Your Profile
  14. 14. People want to work withpeople they like. Period.
  15. 15. Profile picture Does your photo reflect who you are as a professional?
  16. 16. Make the most of your headline• Pick the most important keywords first• Focus on your niche• Don‟t be vague
  17. 17. Introduce your Personality – You are a real person! I am a light hearted, sometimes goofy business development professional who takes a genuine interest in providing the right answer to a client‟s need. A little side note, I am guilty of overly obsessing about the Dallas Cowboys, which is my second occupation
  18. 18. Words to Avoid
  19. 19. Cut Back on the Clutter& Focus on your Goals
  20. 20. Groups – As Bumper Sticker
  21. 21. Take a step back Take away all of the fluff and see what is still left. Are you clearly communicating your goals and your unique offerings?
  22. 22. Increase Your Credibility
  23. 23. Ask for a Recommendation • Make it personable • Don‟t be afraid to address the skill set you would like highlighted • Build the relationship - be the first to send a recommendation
  24. 24. Be the Answer• Position yourself as an industry leader –• Provide genuine answers – don‟t try to sell your product
  25. 25. Gauge your audience with Polls • Ask something relevant to your industry and audience • Ask thoughtful questions that showcase your expertise • Share your poll across your other social networks
  26. 26. LinkedIn Apps
  27. 27. LinkedIn
  28. 28. Optimize Your Profile
  29. 29. Could I tell what you do? [Can the search engines tell what you do?]
  30. 30. Implement Keywords in the Right Places Page Meta Description
  31. 31. Fill out your profile completely Keyword Opportunity
  32. 32. Update Frequently• Keyword – rich status updates• Link back to blog and/or website• Try and post at least once/day
  33. 33. What‟s your URL?
  34. 34. Grow your Network
  35. 35. Connect • Utilize your existing contacts • Search by Colleagues, Alumni and People You May Know
  36. 36. Connect – Make it PersonalImpersonal - Bad Personal - Good
  37. 37. Join Groups of Interest Don‟t forget to join the conversation and ask questionsCheck out the “Groups You May Like”for new connections and conversations
  38. 38. Don‟t forget your connections
  39. 39. Advanced Search – Find thepeople you want to do business with
  40. 40. Get Introduced by your Contacts• Seek out the people you would like to do business with – don‟t be scared• Find the connection that is 2-3 degrees in separation• Send the message to the person who will introduce you – BE CLEAR about why you are asking for the introduction• Don‟t forget – MAKE IT PERSONAL!
  41. 41. Take the Connection Offline Local networking events are the best way to turn LinkedIn from a passive communication tool to a successful new business tool!
  42. 42. Resources
  43. 43. Check out the LinkedIn Blogs
  44. 44. Make your Profile Interesting
  45. 45. Go Pro?
  46. 46. Go Mobile
  47. 47. Questions?Courtney PembertonBusiness Development Associate281.497.6567 – The Web Marketing