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Present perfect progressive


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Present perfect progressive

  1. 1. Mary has been studying for 4 hours.Ted has been digging the garden.He’s covered in mud.Janet has been ironing some shirts and jeans since 11pm.Tom has been painting his house. His hair is all red.USESA. Duration from past until now. B. Recent ActionABBA
  2. 2. Structure:Structure:S + have / has + been + V_ing + CThey have been listening to music for more than one hour.He has been listening to music for more than one hour.I have been typing letters since 9 am.I have typed five letters since 9am.1. It emphasises the result of the action.2. It emphasises the duration of an action.Note:12
  3. 3. PRESENT PERFECT ContinuousGAMEChoose the correctoption.GO
  4. 4. They had been singing for hours.They have been sung for hours.______________________________________________________________They have been singing for hours.They have been singing for hours.They have being singing for hours.
  5. 5. They’ve been played chess.They have be playing chess.They’ve been playing chess._________________________________________________________________They’ve been playing chess.They’d been played chess.
  6. 6. He has being cycling.He has been cycling.He has been cycled.____________________________________________________________He has been cycling.He had been cycled.
  7. 7. He has been hunted.He has being hunting.He had being hunting._____________________________________________________He has been hunting.He has been hunting.
  8. 8. He has been swum.He’s being swimming.He has been swimming._______________________________________________________He has been swimming.He’d been swimming.
  9. 9. He has being fished for hours.He’s being fishing for hours.He’s been fishing for hours.__________________________________________________________He’s been fishing for hours.He’d been fishing for hours.
  10. 10. He has been spoken.He has being speaking.He has been speaking._____________________________________________He has been speaking.He had been speaking.
  11. 11. They’ve been fought.They’ve being fighting.They’d been fighting._____________________________________________They’ve been fighting.They’ve been fighting.
  12. 12. He’s been worked overtime.He’s being working overtime.___________________________________________________He’s been working overtime.He’s been working overtime.He’d been working overtime.
  13. 13. He’d been running.He’s been running._____________________________________________He’s been running.He’s been run.He’s being running.
  14. 14. He’s being camping.He’s been camping._____________________________________________He’s been camping.He’d been camping.He’s be camping.