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Becky double page spread magazine analysis


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
  • You really need to develop your points made, and develop on them giving examples of what the techniques do and what effect they create. But you have clearly understanded the basics, well done.
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Becky double page spread magazine analysis

  1. 1. Things you should think about! • • • • • • • • • • • You must consider… Basic layout – can you see a ‘grid’? Column width and positioning Font and type size Use of space Colours Use of images Page numbers Branding Captions How image and text are integrated
  2. 2. The colour is boring but somehow it goes with the text and the picture so in a way the colour is good however if you wanted it to be more eye catching then you would add bright colours so people would be drawn to it. In this double page spread, I like the photo as it is very clear and a great picture however some people may say it is a bit boring as it does not have much colour, brightness. This text in this double page spread is good as it is clear and easy to read and is in a nice format and in the right place, the way the writing is laid out is nice as it is neat and goes with the picture and the colour. Over all I like this double page spread as it is clear, nicely laid out, and has a very nice and clear picture to go with it all. Maybe could be a bit more colourful if you wanted it to be more eye catching.
  3. 3. The Mast head on this double page spread is much more interesting than the other one, this one is bigger, interesting and fun! It is eye catching where as the other one way not. I like this mast heading on this one as it is big and loud, all this makes it more fun and interesting to read. The use of space is good there is not loads of left over room and space has been filled up nicely. The text, the text is not very big and bold in this double page spread so it may be hard to read or not very appealing to read. Maybe if the text was a little bigger so people could read it easier that would be better. All the colours go together and it looks good This double page spread is very different in many ways, for example the picture is of a person not a landscape and is a bright red colour not all a dull brownie colour.
  4. 4. This double page spread compared to the other ones I've analysed is really bad. Overall I do not like this double spread page as its boring, has bad photo’s and has really bad colours. The large random text makes it look basic and unprofes sional, it looks amateur The photo’s used are all bad photo's, they are boring, plain and they ALL have really really bad lighting . The other double page spreads had good, clear, interesting photo’s however this one does not. The colours are bright and do stand however they do NOT go well together it’s colourful with the wrong colours. The space is filled up and they have used the space well however it looks way to busy and crowed. The font is very small and not easy to read, its boring and would not make someone wont to read this.