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How my magazine appeals to the target audience


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How my magazine appeals to the target audience

  2. 2. COLOURS The colours that I have used for the cover of my magazine are very conventional. The house style is consistent and remains so throughout my magazine and thus attracts my target audience more, compared to colours that are all over the place and not consistent with a house style. The colours that I have chosen for my front cover are, red, black, white, yellow and grey. I chose these colours because they are all very conventional of the rock genre and due to this they will help to appeal more to a target audience. When doing research into the colours that I should use and what is often seen in the rock genre I found that the audience found these colours to be most appealing. The reason behind me choosing red, black and grey is because the connotations of these colours are conventional of the rock genre. They connote violence, anger and a sense of urgency. These are feelings that go well with the rock genre and will therefore help to attract an audience. I used the colours white and yellow as they help break up the colours seen largely on the page and they also provide good contrast, these colours are also seen on rock magazines and help make everything clearer to read and understand. The colour yellow also helps provide the page with energy which will help to attract the younger audience.
  3. 3. The colours I chose for the contents page were, black, white, red and yellow, this is due to them being my house style. The house style will remain consistent and help to appeal to the audience and regular buyers as it will be something that is recognisable. When using fonts and text I had to make sure it could all be seen, I this by using either light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background to make everything clear and easy to see. When doing this I used both ways, placing a pull quote in white text on a black background. The colours largely used on this page are black, white and yellow and the connotations of these colours help define that it is part of the rock genre as the connotations of the colours are mostly associated with aggression and intimidation.
  4. 4. The colours that I have used on the double page spread are, white, black, red and yellow, making them the exact same colours as I used for the over pages and thus shows that I have stuck to my house style. I have used a black and white background to help make the images and text clearer, by doing this I have created a page that is greatly like by the audience as it is something different. The red and black have been used greatly on this page to help enforce the fact that my magazine is a rock magazine and the style in which the colours are shown help connote darkness and blood.
  5. 5. FONTS On my magazine cover I have used five different fonts, all of which are sans serif. The fact that they are sans serif make them look more conventional of the genre and make them stand out as being something that defines rock in a font. The fonts help to appeal greatly to the younger part of the audience which (as I have found out) is conventional. Overall the fonts that I have used on my cover are conventional and help to appeal to a range of audience, they are also all bold and rather large helping them to stand out and draw in the magazine reader.
  6. 6. On the contents page I have used a total of five fonts, the fonts that I have chosen to use are all sans serif and are therefore conventional for the rock genre. Some of the fonts seen on this page are the exact same as those used on the cover to create a sense of recognisability in my magazine, this is similar to the house style that made for the colours. The fonts all stand out as they are large and bold much like those I have used on the cover, which again is conventional of rock magazines. The size of the font also dictates how they appeal to the target audience as the size helps them to read everything better as it is much clearer. In order to make everything clearer I used different techniques to improve the look of the sub headings used in the contents box. I made the fonts yellow in a black box and as they were larger than the list of contents they were clear to read and were also much more eye catching and appealing to look at. Overall making them more conventional and appealing to the audience.
  7. 7. I have only used four fonts on the double page to make it less varied, and the fonts used can also be found throughout my magazine and helps to create something recognisable and something that flows helping the audience to read the pages. The pull quote on the page uses a larger and bolder font helping it to stand out on the page. Similarly to the contents page I have use darker fonts for the white pages as a means of helping make it clearer to the audience and more conventional. The fonts are also still sans serif so as it is still appealing to the reader and looks conventional.
  8. 8. CONTENT OF MAGAZINE AND ARTICLES The content of the cover of my magazine such as cover story and cover lines relate to things of the rock genre, such as rock bands and anything that would be classed as rock, helping my magazine maintain conventions. I have used a pull quote for my cover story as a way of attracting the audience, by only putting “Brining it back” the audience do not know what is being spoken about and therefore feel inclined to find out, which is a conventional thing to do with a magazine. For the strip line at the top of the page I have introduced new bands as a way of appealing to the readers. Cover lines that I have used on the page will help to attract the audience as they are brief and eye catching.
  9. 9. The content of my contents page contains things conventionally seen on the page and conventions of the rock genre. The top half of the page contains an image which is conventional of the contents page, alongside this is a pull quote from an interview within the magazine. The reader would see this as appealing and it would make them want to read on. Beneath this is a sub heading stating what can be found within the contents. The bottom half of the page contains a list of the contents, all of which follows the same pattern and style. A competition box can also be seen on my contents page appealing to the readers competetive side and this is also conventional of the genre.
  10. 10. The content of the double page spread is conventional in the aspect that it follows the layout of other rock magazines. It has two main images that overlay each other which looks appealing to the reader, the images also take up half of the page which is conventional of the genre. The other content of the page is a headline, stand first, kicker, pull quotes and a main article. I placed the pull quote within the main article to break it up and make it look much more interesting to the audience as it would have looked plain otherwise, this is conventional of the genre and often seen in magazines. Within the article the content uses informal language as way to appeal to the younger audience, making everything easy to understand.
  11. 11. IMAGES The images that I have used are conventional as the models I have used to take my pictures on were using props and the emotions on their faces are either blank expressions or they look quite aggressive. I have used a variety of camera angels throughout and there is also god use of mise-en-scene. Together these aspects make the images look appealing to the audience and help to attract readers. Furthermore the images use aspects that are conventional of the genre. The image used is also conventional as the lighting gives the impression that a light is coming down from above giving the impression that the artist is important as the light is on him. This is very conventional in the rock genre and makes the cover look appealing to the audience.
  12. 12. The image used on my contents page has an aggressive tone which is conventional of the rock genre. The mise-en-scene used also makes it more appealing to look at as something is going on. The facial expression on the artist is conventional as it is aggressive as he shouts down the microphone, this makes the image look more attractive and appeals to the audience more as it has the tone of anger and violence. The angel of the image is also conventional for the contents page, often the image on this page is a mid shot of the upper body, making it look more appealing o the audience.
  13. 13. The same model on the contents page has been used for the double page. The images are two mid shots and both connote different things. The edited image gives the sense that the artist does not care about anything the microphone prop is just hanging around his neck further showing his lack of care. The second image connotes a lot of aggression which is conventional of the genre, as well as this the artist is wearing black clothing which again is conventional. These aspects and conventions are ideal and are what appeal to the audience.
  14. 14. MODE OF ADDRESS The mode of address of my front cover is that of variety. The main image gives a sense of aggresion yet a love for the music and the image in the bottom left of the page gives the impression that the artist does not care about what people think. The bottom right image however connotes aggression and this is further shown through the use of fonts. This aggressive and also passive theme is conventional of the genre and is appealing to the audience.
  15. 15. The mode of address for my contents page is aggression. The image used connotes anger and violence as the artist is shouting down the microphone and the editing of the image gives a sense of darkness. The colours used are that of an aggressive nature such as black and red. However, the yellow on the page connotes energy and that is what it provides to the page giving the reader the will to read on. The fonts used are informal and somewhat aggressive making them conventional of the genre and also this and the other factors make an appealing page.
  16. 16. The mode of address on my double page spread are similar to that of my cover and contents page. Again it is aggressive and passive. The fonts used are also aggressive and follow a blood-like idea that is used on the background of the headlines. The background is dark and also white giving the impression that there are two sides, good and evil to the artist. These are all conventional of the genre and are what makes the page appeal to the audience.
  17. 17. LAYOUT The layout that I have used for my magazine is conventional throughout, using route of the eye where appropriate as a means o f drawing the reader in and organising everything into the correct places. By doing this I have created a magazine that is largely appealin g to the audience. The fact that each page is largely cluttered also helps to attract an audience as those that are younger prefer those clutter ed pages as I have from doing research.