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Funny book


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Funny book

  1. 1. COMENIUS PROJECT ESTONIA TURKEY ROMÂNIA BULGARIA This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 1
  2. 2. ROMANIAN FUNNY STORIES Păcală and Tândală By Miron Larisa and Manea Irina 4th grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România Păcală and Tândală were travelling around the world. One night, theyarrived in a village, but the people were already asleep. Tândală said: - We got here too late. - Do you know what I think? I think we should sleep in the church. - That’s a good idea. - But where is the church? - Over there, in the cemetery! - Let’s try not to wake up the dead. - We shouldn’t wake up the people, they must be tired. When they got in front of the church, they heard some thieves fightingover some gold coins. Pacala told Tandala what to do. In a coarse voice,Tandala said: - Well, we heard that in the church there are some thieves with a sackof gold. - And what do you want? We want 100 gold coins for us. - If you don’t give us the golden coins, we will bury you alive. The thieves froze at first, and then ran out of the church as fast as theycould. Pacala and Tandala entered the church took the sack of gold and sleptcareless. 2
  3. 3. Two brothers By Filote Patricia 4th grade Ion Creangă SchooL Iaşi, România Jim and Tim are two brothers. They are in the summer holiday. They live in a hotel on the thirteenth floor. The elevator was out oforder and they had to climb the stairs. Tim told Jim: - Brother, I want to tell you something! - Not now! Can you tell me when we get the 30th floor? They got up. - What do you want to tell me? - I forgot the keys at the reception. - What? I don’t believe you! - Yes, I did! They went to the reception. - Brother, can I tell you something? - Not now. Tell me when we arrive. They reached the 30th floor. - What do you want to tell me? - I lied to you. I had the keys in my pocket! - What? I lied to you too! The elevator was OK. I wanted to practise alittle bit of sport. 3
  4. 4. The orange juice By Talpalariu Alexandra 5th grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România One day I went to a park. Suddenly a boy came to me. He was sellingsome orange juice. It cost fifty pence. After I bought some orange juice theboy started dancing. He said that was the prize for those who bought someorange juice. He was also selling some pineapple, grapefruit and pear juice. Iwanted to see what the prizes for the other juice were. So, I also boughtsome grapefruit juice. Next moment ,I was amazed to see how the ordinaryboy became instantly an opera singer. I was more curious to see the other prizes. So I bought somepineapple juice. The next moment the ordinary boy became a clown who was doingdifferent tricks. I was very curious to see what the prize for the pear juice was. “Now it’s your turn to do the following trick”, said the boy laughing. “What do you mean”, I said. Well… The next moment I was running, looking for a men’s room (toilet),because I was too full. 4
  5. 5. The floating mother By Ivan Denisa 4th B grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România Sunny… hot… sand… ice-cream… beaches… sunglasses… sun beds… inone word the summer holidays. Last summer, my family and I spent the summer holiday in awonderful place called Taormina. On a sunny day, we went to Isola Bella to sunbathe. There my fatherand I started building sand castles. Meanwhile my mother was lying on asun bed in the sea. While my father and I were making some sand castles, my motherwas lying down on a sun bed in the sea. At a certain moment my father and I decided to do something moreexciting so we rented a boat for water skiing. It was such an interesting and adventurous experience. Suddenly, I saw my mother was sleeping and floating at a certaindistance from the shore. It was pretty dangerous because she couldn’tswim. I started screaming: Mother, mother, be careful! You are in danger! When she opened her eyes, she realized she was in great danger. That momentwe decided to takeher aboard. When wereached her she wasso happy that she toldus:”You are the angelssent by God to savemy life!” We laughed alot. All is well whenends well. 5
  6. 6. An autumn happening By Plugariu Mădălina 5th grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România It was an early autumn day. It was raining heavily. I woke up at 7 a.m.I had breakfast at 7:15 and went to school at 7:30. Before getting to the bus stop I slipped on a banana skin and fell. I couldn’t go to school. That’s why I returned home and changed myclothes. I got to school at around 10 o’clock. My desk mate asked me whathappened. I told him I was late because Icouldn’t hear the alarm clock. He told me how he ate a banana atthe bus stop and left the banana skin onthe ground, hoping a loser would comeand slip on the ground. I was very furious when I heard thatbut I couldn’t tell him that I was the loserwho slipped on his banana skin. The white wine By Rusu-Popa Luca 5th grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România One morning, when I was nine years old, I woke up very early. I was a little bit dizzy so I went to the kitchen to drink some water. Ipoured some water in a glass from a green bottle. I drank three glasses andI felt drunk. I smelt the bottle and I felt the smell of wine. I remembered myfather drank some white wine from that bottle in the evening. He told us totake care not to think there was some water in the green bottle. I forgot andI drank and I was a little bit drunk. The world seemed beautiful to me. It was very funny. 6
  7. 7. The crazy rabbit By Agachi Ovidiu Constantin 5th grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România One day a rabbit went to the chemist’s and said:”Have you got a cakewith some whipped cream.” The pharmacist said: ”This is a chemist’s, not a cafe.” The second day the same rabbit went to the chemist’s and asked forthe same thing:”Please, give me a cake with some whipped cream.” The pharmacist said the same thing:” Don’t you understand, this is achemist’s, not a café.” Another rabbit came and told the pharmacist: “If the white rabbitcomes and asks a cake with whipped cream, let him buy one.” The white rabbit came the third day andasked for the same thing he wanted the first day:”Have you got a cake with some whipped cream?” The pharmacist said: ”Here you are somecakes with lots and lots of whipped cream.” The rabbit said:”Unbelievable, how quicklyyou changed the chemist’s into a café.” The funny monkey By Ursu Ştefania 4th B grade Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România Last summer my family and I went to the zoo. It was so hot that we decided to buy some ice-cream. I began eating the ice-cream, when suddenly a monkey stole it. I asked the monkey to give me back the ice-cream, but she was making all kind of strange noises and nodded her head.She began eating the ice-cream. I didn’t know the monkey loved ice-cream so much. However, now I have a funny picture in the zoo with a monkey lickingmy ice-cream with appetite. 7
  8. 8. BULGARIAN FUNNY STORIES MARIANA’S STORY By Mariyana Sabeva Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo. Bulgaria One of the funny stories in Romania was when my friend Polina fell inthe lobby of the hotel. She was sitting on the floor while we were takingpictures. The other one was when Tanya got lost in the mall. She was with usand when we entered the next shop, she simply disappeared. We had beenlooking for her for almost 30 minutes, and we finally found her with theboys. PETER’S STORY By Petar Milchev Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo, Bulgaria On the third day of our visit in Estonia we went to the Youth Club in Kivioli, which was an amazing place. Next evening after dinner we had a bit of spare time and we went there again. Of course, there were a lot of Estonian kids there and wehad a wonderful time. We did a lot of funny things together - some of usplayed air hockey, others swam in the pool. One of the Romanian kids and Iplayed this dancing game. This was probably one of the best nights in my life so far. It wassimply amazing and I’ll never forget it. 8
  9. 9. RADOSTINA’S STORY By Radostina Kadireva Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo, Bulgaria So, we were in Romania, having an afternoon walk to rest and gosightseeing, when we stopped by this little shop for a snack. We expectedthe lady who was selling the snacks to speak at least some English but shedidn’t, so we tried the “waving hands” language but with no success. So the woman talked to us in Romanian, we talked to her in English, and finally we said to each other (in Bulgarian) “There is no use trying!” Then the lady said “Just tell me what you would like” (in Bulgarian). We felt so awkward at first, but five minutes later we all laughed at that. TRAIAN’S STORY – The story about Tanya – By Trayan Muchev Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo,, Bulgaria One of the best stories that we had in Romania was with aBulgarian girl named Tanya. It was early in the morning .When we wokeup we went to have breakfast, but one of the girls was missing. We wentto her room, but the door was locked from inside. The teachers gotworried. We started knocking on her door and calling her on the phone,but she didn’t hear it. We called the hotel manager and when he unlockedthe door we went quickly inside. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed.Everyone calmed down, and went to have their breakfast again. 9
  10. 10. THE WRONG WAY By Trayan Muchev Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo, Bulgaria This was the day when we went back to Bulgaria .We left Iaşi at 5o’clock in the morning, but something had happened with our GPS. Wepassed 200 km on the right way and after that we got lost. We didn’tknow where we were going, but we drove forward. We should have gotback to Bulgaria across the bridge at Russe, but we actually came homeby the ferryboat in Silistra. It was very funny. YORDAN’S STORY By Yordan Denev Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo, Bulgaria It was on the second day of our visit in Turkey. We were in a townnear Mardin. When we arrived there, they took us to a sightseeing tour.While we were walking from the centre of the town towards a famous sight,a member of our group got lost. And guess who he was? Mr Radev, ourprincipal! We didn’t notice that he was missing. When we arrived at thesight, we discovered that he wasn’t there. Then one of the Turkish teacherswent to look for him. In about 30 minutes of investigations we discoveredhim. We asked him how could it happen that he got lost and where he hadbeen. He answered quietly that he went to see around the town. And what ifa student had done the same?  10
  11. 11. VALERY’S STORY By Valeri Balev Georgi Karavelov School, Shivachevo, Bulgaria I always smile when I remember the visit in Romania. For our group and especially for me this trip was one of the mostamazing things in my life. There (in Romania) I met very interesting peoplewho became my friends. Also, I learned about other cultures (Turkish,Romanian and even Estonian). Every day with those people was anadventure. The Romanian hosts made us feel like really special people. Theyshowed us everything they could in that short time (4 days). That’s everything that I can say about the tour in Romania that I hadlast summer. It was a great experience for me and for everybody else, Ihope... But here is a really funny story about how we actually got there: Before we left Bulgaria we all knew that we were going to travel bytrain. Our teachers bought us tickets to Bucharest but we had to change thetrain there, and catch another one to Iaşi. The confusing situation was when one of the teachers had to go andbuy us tickets from Iaşi to Bucureşti train station, but we arrived there withsome delay. It was very funny – the whole group was running with hugebags all around the train station! When we got on one of the trains, ateacher from our group said that it was the wrong train… Can you imagine fifteen people with about thirty bags running fromtrain to train, getting on and getting off them, and laughing all the time?  11
  12. 12. ESTONIAN FUNNY STORIES JUKU is a schoolboy, who doesn’t want to learn much, but healways found different funny things and he is really smart, clever,sometimes naughty. * Teacher: Is that your ball, Juku? Juku: Are there any schoolwindows broken? Teacher: No, as much as I know? Juku: Then it’s my ball. * Juku: Father, why banks always have bars in front of the windows? Father: Because bank managers must get used to them step by step. * - Juku, what you did with the money, that I gave you to get you drinkyour medicine? - With 3 kronas I boughtcandies and two gave to Priit. - Why to him? - To encourage him drink mymedicine instead of me... * - Juku, did you change water in the aquarium? - No, the fish didn’t drink all yet. * - Father, why there in the magazine was written, that this movie is forbidden to children? - Sit down quietly, you will see soon... 12
  13. 13. In 3rd grade there is a Biology lesson. The teacher asks the class:“Does anyone know why the flounder is flat?” Juku: Because he slept with a whale. Teacher: Juku, I will remove you from this class. Go out. The teacher continues the lesson: „Do you know why crabs have suchbulging eyes? “ The answer comes behind the door: “Because he saw how whale andthe flounder slept together”. * Teacher: I hope that I will never see again a crib from otherstudents’ workbook. Juku: I hope that too. * - Juku, why are you coming so late in lesson? - Yesterday you told us, that it’s never too late for learning, teacher. * Juku is late at school again. Teacher asking: „Why are you so late, Juku? “ „My mom lost 20 Euros cash note. Teacher: „And how is it linked with being late? “ Juku: „I stood on that in the kitchen“ * Juku is calling the airport. „Tell me please,how long will be the flight from Tallinn to Hamburglast? “ „One moment, please“ „Thank you for the answer.“ * Juku is calling at school. „Hello, I’m sorry, but Juku can’t come today atschool. He has very high temperature. “ Teacher: „ Excuse me, who is speaking? “ Juku: „My mom“. 13
  14. 14. Juku is standing in the corridor and is trying to call the doorbell. Apolite man, who sees the little boy in trouble, pushes the button of thedoorbell for him. “Thank you”, Juku said. „You’re welcome, boy“. „Now we have to run quickly, “Juku said. „There lives a terriblefurious lady“. * Teacher saw Juku´s socks: „ You have a strange pair of socks, Juku.One is red and one is blue. “ - Yes, they are, answering Juku. And I have one more pair like this athome. * Juku asks dad: “Please, buy me a drum! “ „No Juku, you will play while I’ll be working and you will disturb me.“ „No Dad, I will only play when you’ll be sleeping.“ * Juku: „Who will guess rightly how many apples I have in my bag thatwill get all those three apples for himself. “ * Ats and Juku will be late at school. Teacher asks: „Why are you late,boys? “ Juku answers: „I slept in and Ats waited for me at the corner of thestreet “. * Again Juku you have bumped your head! I have told you thousandtimes, don’t play with bad boys. Why don’t you join the good boys? But mom, they don’t allow me to play with nice boys... * Juku: I have seen such a baby who drinks every day elephant’s milkand grows every day 12 centimetres. - Juku, I can’t believe you... What happened with this baby, how big hegrows? - He became an elephant of course! * Father, I saw in dream that you gave me 10 Euros... You can keep that money, Juku, for sure. 14
  15. 15. Funny stories of our students *** It happened in Bulgaria. In the Estonian group there were 3 girls and1 boy, so the girls were in one room and Robin got a single room. Robinwarned his teachers, that he sleeps very heavy, but he promised that atleast the phone he could hear. So we left him sleeping and went in ourroom. In the morning we met our teachers at breakfast and they askedabout Robin. But we didn’t hear about him anything. So the teachers wentto knock at his room. His hotel room was on the first floor near thebreakfast room, so we heard them knocking hard, but our teachers cameback and told us that Robin didn’t answer. So they left their room andstarted to call him but Robin slept as dead. We heard how the phone wasringing in his room, but Robin who slept near that phone didn’t hear.Finally, we called him to the cell phone and then we heard how someonestarted moving in the room, he woke up. I never thought that waking up canbe so difficult. Janika Hansi X grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia *** We spent a nice week in Turkey, but for us local food was totallydifferent. We ate kebab, baklava, pilaf, a lot of fresh salads, sipping ayran,tea, Turkish coffee – what was really strong. But we didn’t eat manypotatoes what is the main food in Estonia. So – at the end of the week wemissed our home made food so much that we called at home and orderedfrom mom potatoes and sauce. And we agreed that no one even can tell theword kebab at least one week. But the first thing that we saw in Riga on our way back home was akebab restaurant  Karolin Urban 12 grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia 15
  16. 16. *** It happened in our first project meeting in Bulgaria. In the Estoniangroup there were 3 students: Mari-Liis, Kaarel and Elis. Elis is a really nicegirl – tall blond hair, blue eyes, 1.82 cm tall, she also participated at amodelling job in Italy a year ago. Elis was really a big star. We had inShivachevo a very warm welcome. The students waited for us in nationalcostumes, with bread and salt and local students gave us flowers. We all gotsome bunches of flowers, but Elis had all her arms full. She was greeted as amovie star – little children liked her friendly way and they wanted to takepictures with her. Also one Romanian boy – Marius Chichirau liked her very much. Hespent all his pocket money for toys and as he was shy he left them behind the Elis’ door. Elis didn’t know how to tell him, that there was no need to do that. When we had our first project meeting in Estonia Marius couldn’t come with the Romanian group, so Elis sent him a small gift – some candies. Mari-Liis Soomets XII grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia *** It happened with our teachers in Romania. There was a shop namedBilla where our teachers went to do some shopping. They didn’t know theright way and so they thought that the best way will be to take a taxi. It waseasy to say “Billa” and taxi took them to the right place. Our teachers, Tiinaand Riina had some shopping and they wanted to go back to the hotel, butthey forgot the name of the hotel and also the hotel card was also missing.Then they started to explain the taxi driver the way back to the hotel. Thedriver didn’t understand much and they also didn’t know a better way toexplain. The international words – centre, city government, church – didn’thelp. Finally, the taxi driver called someone who knew a bit of English andthen they explained to him again and again where they wanted to go. Thedriver was very patient and helpful, but because the languages weredifferent they didn’t understand each other. Then the driver just started todrive and they explained using the body language where they wanted to go.It was easy to say Billa, but really difficult to explain the way back  Uku Vernik, XI grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia 16
  17. 17. *** It happened in Romania. A Romanian teacher was invited at the localTV morning programme to talk about our project. The TV leaders alsowanted a teacher and a student from different countries to participate. Itwas decided, that in that program will participate the Turkish teacher andme, Rauno – a student from Estonia. Our teachers’ first choice was Kevin,but he caught a cold and he couldn’t go. So, we agreed to meet at 6.30 in themorning, but we didn’t agree the place of meeting (or I was a bit nervousand I didn’t remember). So I woke up and had a quick breakfast and thenstarted to wait for our local coordinator, Juliana who had to take us to theTV station. Nobody was there – it was strange, so I went outside and Istarted to walk in front of the hotel. Still nobody. In the same time, myteachers tried to find me – our teacher Tiina looked in my room, then in thebreakfast room, all corridors ... It was already 7 o’clock and then finally wefound each other. In the studio I couldn’t hear much and I prepared possible answersabout what I might be asked. Then the presenter asked me: „What do youknow about Ion Creangă?“ I understood that they asked me about pretzelwhat we had a day before. (in Estonian pretzel is kringel – sounded mesimilar). So I answered, that we ate that, it was tasty. I saw how they startedlaughing – and I got all red. That moment was terrible – I was humiliated bymyself. But, the presenter explained again and then I understood thequestion. But it is funny to remember that story now. Rauno Palk 11 grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia 17
  18. 18. *** Our first project meeting was in Bulgaria. It was already the secondhalf of October. In Estonia that time of the year is quite rainy and cold. Sowe had like a second end of summer – the weather was sunny and warm.And for us the most exciting moment was when our hosts offered us grapesfrom their own gardens. We ate a lot of grapes and in the end of the daythey gave us also a half of a plastic bag full with grapes to have with us inthe hotel. We ate them all and we thought that now was enough. We werefull. But it was strange that the next day we again ate them in same amount.And also in the third and fourth and fifth day... The grapes were so tasty. Istill wonder how many grapes people from northern countries can eat...  Kaarel Kuurmann 12 grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia 18
  19. 19. *** In Turkey´s project meeting we had 4 students, our history teacherTiina and headmaster, Heidi. We liked warm weather, the interestingprogramme, the different culture and the warm welcome at school. Once we had dinner and we were in good mood, waited in the diningroom for our partners and local coordinators. Suddenly, something made uslaugh and we couldn’t stop. Then started to laugh our teachers and afterseveral moments all the Estonian group laughed. If we tried to find what welaughed, we couldn’t – Kadri laughed how teacher Tiina laughed, teacherTiina laughed how Kadri laughed and the others laughed how they laughed.But as we started once, we couldn’t stop... and we laughed at least 10minutes. I’m sure that the others didn’t understand the reason of our laugh,but there wasn’t any reason at all. Just the good mood. Kadri Lahtmaa 12 grade Kiviõli 1 Secondary School, Estonia 19
  20. 20. TURKISH FUNNY STORIES A funny story happened at the airport It is a short story about our English teacher, Isman Atay. It was thetime to meet the Bulgarian group at the airport in the morning. I and mycolleague Isman waited the plane to land. Not much later, the plane landedand our guests started to get out of the airport hall. They didn’t know us butwe could guess them because they looked different from local passengersSo we directly went and tried to help them by approaching to theirluggages. They all looked very tired. The Bulgarian history teachermisunderstood the help and thought that Isman was trying to steal herluggages and clenched the luggages and also saying something in Bulgarian,perhaps asking for help from her colleagues. Sooner, she understood thesituation and calmed down. Alaadin İNAN English Teacher Vatan Primary School, Kiziltepe, Turkey 20
  21. 21. Traditional stories1 ~ Delicious Stew ~ One day Nasreddin Hodja bought 2 kilograms of meat from theneighbourhood butcher. He brought the meat home and asked his wife tocook a real nice stew for dinner. Thus secured the evening meal, he happily headed off to his field towork. Hodjas wife did cook the stew but about lunch time a few of herfriends and relatives came over for a visit. Having nothing else to serve toher guests, she served the stew. They all ate heartily and finished it all. Hodja came home after a long days work and asked his wife if thestew was ready. `Ahh, ahh! You have no idea what befell the stew. his wife said, `Thecat ate it all. Nasreddin Hodja, suspicious, looked around and saw the scrawnylittle cat in one corner, looking as hungry as himself. Hodja grabbed the catand weighed him on his pair of scales. The poor thing weighed exactly twokilos. `Woman, said the Hodja, `if this is the cat, where is the stew? If this isthe stew, then where is the cat? 1 21
  22. 22. ~ On the Roof ~ Nasreddin Hodjas old house had a leaking roof. One day the Hodjadecided to fix it. He borrowed a ladder and with great difficulty climbed upto the roof. Just as he was setting off to work, he heard a knock on the door.He looked down from the edge of the roof and saw a stranger in front of hisdoor. `I am up here. Hodja shouted. When the man looked up, `What is itthat you want? he asked him. `Please come down, replied the man, `I have something to say to you. Hodja precariously descended down the old ladder. Once on theground he again asked the man what he wanted. `Alms, said the man, `could you spare some alms. Hodja thought for a second and then told the man to come up to theroof with him. Hodja in front, the beggar behind him, both running short onbreath, climbed up the ladder. Once on the roof top, Hodja turned to theman and said: `I dont have any. ~ Intermingled ~ The children of the neighbourhood were in the mood for a littlemischief. They sat by the stream and put their feet in the water. WhenNasreddin Hodja was passing by, they cried for help. `Hodja, Hodja! Please help us. They were screaming all at once. `Our feet are all mixed up, we dont know which is which. `We cannot go home if we dont find our feet. `Come help us figure out which foot belongs to whom! Nasreddin Hodja was not going to be outwitted by children. `Yes, I understand. he said amiably, `That happens sometimes. Butdont worry, I know a solution. Then he grabbed a fallen branch and gotinto the water himself. He started to lash the kids about the legs. Each childthat felt the brusque touch of the twig, jumped out of the water with ashriek and ran away. `A-ha! The Hodja said, `You see, now you have all found yourrespective feet! 22
  23. 23. ~ First Sermon ~ On his first day as the villages imam, Nasreddin Hodja was seated onthe raised bench, preparing to give his sermon. The congregation was quiteanxious to hear what he had to say. But The Hodja didnt really have asermon ready. `Do you know what I am about to tell you today? he asked. `No, Hodja Effendi, we dont. they replied. `If you dont know what I am going to talk about, the Hodja said, `thenI have nothing to tell you. And with that, he got up and left the mosque,leaving the puzzled people behind him. The next day, when it was the time of the sermon, Hodja was back onhis seat and the congregation curiously waiting. `Do you know what I am about to tell you today? Hodja asked again.Having learned from the previous day, the people were not about to say `nothis time. `Yes, Hodja Effendi, they all shouted, `we know. `Well, said the Hodja, `if you already know what I am going to tell you,then I dont need to tell it to you! He got up and left. The people gathered inthe mosque were at a loss. The third day Hodja came and sat down, and asked his question. `Do you know what I am about to tell you today? The congregationwas not going to let Hodja get away this time without giving a sermon.Some of them replied with `yes, we do and some of them replied with `no,we dont. `In that case, said the Hodja, `Those who do know should tell the oneswho do not know. and slipped out of the mosque. ~ Difficult Case ~ Nasreddin Hodja was named the kadi of Aksehir. One day, two menwith a dispute came to him and asked him to resolve their conflict. TheHodja listened to the plaintiff first. `You are right! he said when the plaintiff completed his account.Then, the Hodja listened to the defendant. `You are right! he said to the defendant as well. Everyone in the roomwas perplexed. One of the observers dared to protest. `Kadi effendi, he said, `You agreed with both of the parties. Thedispute cant be settled if you say "you are right" to both of them.Nasreddin Hodja considered for a moment, then he said: `You are right too! 23
  24. 24. ~ Parrot ~ One day The Hodja was walking around in the market place. He saw abright-coloured bird for sale for 12 gold coins. Hodja was amazed. Heapproached the crowd gathered around the bird and its seller. `How can a bird be so expensive? he asked the people watching thebird. `This is a special bird, they explained, `it can talk like a human being!This gave Hodja an idea. He went straight to his home, grabbed his turkeyand brought him to the market place. He stood near the man selling theparrot. `Turkey, for sale, ten gold coins! he yelled. `Hodja Effendi, how can a turkey be worth ten gold coins? theshoppers protested. `There is a bird there for 12 gold. insisted the adamant Hodja. `But Hodja Effendi, that bird can talk like a human being. the peopletried to reason. But Hodja was unbending. `And this turkey can think like a human being. he countered. 24
  25. 25. ~ Caught in a Lie ~ One day a neighbour asked Nasreddin Hodja if he could borrowHodjas donkey. `Hodja Effendi, we need a donkey for a few hours. Could I take yours? `I would gladly lend you my donkey, my neighbour, the Hodja startedhis excuse, `but he is not here. Just at that moment the donkeys loud and long bray is heard from theshed. `Shame on you Hodja Effendi, said the neighbour, `you are caught in alie, your donkey is braying in the shed. `My dear fellow, Nasreddin Hodja was unrepentant, `are you going tobelieve the word of a Hodja or are you going to believe a donkey? 25
  26. 26. ROMANIAN COMICS The Literature class By Radu Burlacu, 8th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România At the Physics lesson By Cosmin Liţă, 8th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 26
  27. 27. “I speak English”By Costel Stiharu, 7th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 27
  28. 28. At the Biology class By Cosmin Liţă, 8th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, RomâniaAt the Chemistry lesson By Costel Stiharu, 7th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 28
  29. 29. Conjugate By Radu Burlacu, 8th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, RomâniaThe Alphabet By Radu Burlacu, 8th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 29
  30. 30. Tradition By Mihail Irimia, 6th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, RomâniaAt the confectionery By Alexandra Chiraculea, 6th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 30
  31. 31. Test paper By Cosmin Borş, 6th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, RomâniaAt the Maths lesson By Cosmin Borş, 6th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 31
  32. 32. The Geography lesson By Georgiana Gândac 6th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, RomâniaThe Grammar lesson By Radu Burlacu, 8th grade, Ion Creangă School, Iaşi, România 32
  33. 33. TURKISH COMICS Caricatures 33
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