Original vs Adaptation


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Original vs Adaptation

  1. 1. By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. Exposition Original Adaptation Once upon a time in the middle of a Once upon a time at the end of a dark thick forest stood a small cottage, the woods lived a young girl who loved patties home of a pretty little girl known to in a beautiful household named (think of a everyone as Little Red Riding Hood. name).
  3. 3. Development Original Adaptation . One day, her Mummy waved One day, (name) Caribbean mother told (name) to her goodbye at the garden “Bring round a basket of patties to your Grandma gate, saying: "Grandma is ill. Josephine’s,” however (name) tried to defy her mother Take her this basket of cakes, saying “No mum I got a motive today” because she but be very careful. Keep to never wanted to go. the path through the wood and Sooooo…. dont ever stop. That way, you Her mother beat her. SMACK!! will come to no harm." Now that she had changed her mind, her mother gave Little Red Riding Hood her a set of rules to get to her grandmother’s safely. kissed her mother and ran off. “Stay towards the path in the woods” (name) replied "Dont worry," she said, "Ill run “Yes mum,” whilst rolling her eyes. She then picked up all the way to Grandmas the basket full of patties and headed on her way out with without stopping." a sly grin on her face, till she heard her mother shout “Don’t even think about eating any of those patties ya’kna!!”
  4. 4. Complication Original Adaptation Full of good intentions, the little girl made her Huffing and puffing, the teenage girl went on way through the wood, but she was soon to with her journey through the woods, but forget her mothers wise words. "What lovely everything her mother had told her went in strawberries! And so red." one ear and straight out the other. Before she knew it the tasty patties began to Laying her basket on the ground, Little Red give out a delicious aroma, which flowed Riding Hood bent over the strawberry plants. directly to her nose. “What a nice smell” said "Theyre nice and ripe, and so big! Yummy! (name), “It must be the patties mum made.” Delicious! Just another one. And one more. Looking down at the basket full of patties little This is the last. Well, this one Mmmm." red riding hood whilst looking left to right, opened up the top of the basket gently and The red fruit peeped invitingly through the took a giant sniff. “Ahhh they smell sooo leaves in the grassy glade, and Little Red good.” So the young girl grabbed a beef pattie Riding Hood ran back and forth popping from the basket and looked at it with desire. strawberries into her mouth. Suddenly she “My precious” and then she ate one of the remembered her mother, her promise, patties with a joyful face. She then froze and Grandma and the basket and hurried back remembered what her mother said, and what towards the path. The basket was still in the she did to her when she disobeyed her. grass and, humming to herself, Little Red Riding Hood walked on.
  5. 5. Complication Part 2 Original Adaptions The wood became thicker and thicker. Suddenly a Suddenly the woods and (name) was in the yellow butterfly fluttered down through the trees. Little presence of a dark shadow that seemed like it was Red Riding Hood started to chase the butterfly. following the young girl. But this did not stop (name) from glancing at the basket full of patties "Ill catch you! Ill catch you!" she called. Suddenly she once again she couldn’t help herself and just saw some large daisies in the grass. gobbled up all of her Grandma Josephine’s patties leaving only one left. “Mmmmm… These are so "Oh, how sweet!" she exclaimed and, thinking of delicious!” Grandma, she picked a large bunch of flowers. She began to wipe some of the crumbs on her face, when she saw two wolf like pair of hands in In the meantime, two wicked eyes were spying on her the distance. (name) began to pace through the from behind a tree a strange rustling in the woods made woods frightened. As she looked ahead she had Little Red Riding Hoods heart thump. realised she had gone onto another path in the woods. “I need to find that path,” she exclaimed. Now quite afraid she said to herself. "I must find the path and run away from here!" Finally, she had found her original path but just then her heart skipped a beat as she heard a dark At last she reached the path again but her heart leapt voice which said: “Where you off too darling, you into her mouth at the sound of a gruff voice which said: shouldn’t be out here by yourself and are those the "Where are you going, my pretty girl, all alone in the smell of patties Im sensing.” woods?"
  6. 6. Complication Part 3 Original Adaptation "Im taking Grandma some cakes. She lives “ I’ve got to take my Grandma Josephine some freshly at the end of the path," said Little Riding Hood baked patties.” said (name) in a joyful voice. in a faint voice. When the wolf like man heard this he began to grin When he heard this, the wolf (for it was the thinking that he will be able to steal the basket full of big bad wolf himself) politely asked: "Does patties from (name). “Will you let me have one,” the man Grandma live by herself?" said politely. "Oh, yes," replied Little Red Riding Hood, “I can’t let you have any Mr I’m sorry they are for my "and she never opens the door to strangers!" grandma.” "Goodbye. Perhaps well meet again," Then the man suddenly began to look quite vicious when replied the wolf. Then he loped away thinking he exclaimed “If they are for your Grandma Josephine to himself "Ill gobble the grandmother first, then why are there all crumbs from the patties around then lie in wait for the grandchild!" At last, the your mouth…? Hmmm??” cottage came in sight. Knock! Knock! The wolf rapped on the door. The girl began to process what had just been said and was left in a sticky situation. So she ran for it, throwing every object that she could find at the animalistic man which only slowed him down for a short period of time.
  7. 7. Climax Original Adaptation "What a deep voice you have," said the little (name) decided that she was going to run girl in surprise. toward her Grandma Josephines house near the other end of the woods to try and escape. "The better to greet you with," said the wolf. However, once the man realised that (name) "Goodness, what big eyes you have." is running towards her Grandmother’s he instantly thought that there would be more "The better to see you with." patties which made his hunger even more incredible. "And what big hands you have!" exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, stepping over to the bed. Her Grandmother had left the latch on the door so (name) ran straight in with the man "The better to hug you with," said the wolf. not far behind and ran upstairs to where she "What a big mouth you have," the little girl saw her grandmother sleeping. murmured in a weak voice. “Grandma wake up Im in trouble!!” "The better to eat you with!" growled the wolf, and jumping out of bed, he swallowed her up too. Then, with a fat full tummy, he fell She could hear the man sneaking up the fast asleep. stairs gently which frightened her so she rested the last patty beside her grandmother so that if the wolf was to grab the basket nothing would be in it.
  8. 8. Resolution Original Adaptation The wolf came bursting through the door only to find Grandma Josephine In the meantime, a hunter had emerged from the wood, and on standing in front of him with a rage filled facial expression on her face. noticing the cottage, he decided to stop and ask for a drink. He had “Gulp,” the wolf said with absolute fear. spent a lot of time trying to catch a large wolf that had been terrorizing the neighbourhood, but had lost its “Grandma how did you wake up so fast.” said (name) gently. tracks. The hunter could hear a strange whistling sound; it seemed “You know I love patties grandchild the delicious smell will always wake to be coming from inside the me right up.” Said Grandma Josephine in a joyful voice. cottage. He peered through the window and saw the large wolf As the two were conversing the man tried to grab the last patty quietly himself, with a fat full tummy, until the Grandmother’s stern eyes looked at him with disappointment snoring away in Grandmas bed. which lead to…. SMACK, CRASH and BANG!! The Grandmother gave the man a good old fashioned beating causing the "The wolf! He wont get away this time!" wolf like character to flee. Without making a sound, the (name) jumped for joy as he left without his pride and gave her hunter carefully loaded his gun and grandmother the tightest hug. gently opened the window. He pointed the barrel straight at the wolfs head and BANG! The wolf However, (name) happy attitude came to a vast end as her Grandmother was dead. asked her “Where are the rest of my patties,” as she looked deep into the basket and a quick glance at the crumbs on (name) mouth. (name) face looked blank as Grandma Josephine shut the door leaving only them two in the room so that (name) could get her so called reward for eating the majority of the patties.