Woo Preschool Math


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Woo Preschool Math

  1. 1. WOO, Keziah Valerie July 27, 2009 S11 Ms. Estefanie Ulit Individual Instructional CD Review “Preschool Math” From what my partner and I could conclude from the CD, it was inclined to be more educational than entertaining. It makes effective use of various media to garner the attention of the targeted audience, who are preschoolers. The instructional method used, if I were to lower myself to their levels, isn’t so hard to follow and is a general method to use when dealing with early learners. Parental guidance could also be implemented to further make the child learn. There is an ample amount, fortunately, of entertaining media that would be able to hold the attention of the child and to encourage him/her to explore more of the CD’s contents. If we were to have a localized version of the CD, I don’t think much of the content would be changed. It is unlike Geography or any of those other school subjects that need a lot of adjustment to suit the needs and circumstances of a particular region of the world. Math is basically a subject that all children across the world learn at the same pace at the start. However, if the child was taught to understand a certain language, perhaps more linguistic in Filipino, then the audio of the CD should be adjusted to the child’s comprehension. If in English, then the audio must be English. Other than that, I think the instructional CD is of satisfactory levels.