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Kye Kenneth Cooperative Learning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Kye Kenneth Cooperative Learning

  1. 1.  Topic “Around The World”  Description of the Activity Around The World is an activity which will enhance the thinking and creativity skills of the students. Given a short period of time, each group should come up with a simple brochure that will attract tourists to visit the country assigned to them.  Activity Objectives 1. At the end of the activity, all group members should: • learn that all of them gain from each other's efforts. • recognize that everyone in the group share a common fate. (We all sink or swim together here.) • know that one's performance is mutually caused by oneself and one's team members. (We can not do it without you.) • feel proud and jointly celebrate when a group member is recognized for achievement. (We all congratulate you on your accomplishment!). 2. To establish bond and cooperativeness among the members. 3. To teach the students to become open with the ideas of each other. 4. To maximize the potentials of all the members in the group.  Estimated Duration 10 minutes- brainstorming and brochure making 5 minutes- presentation  Materials Needed (By group) - short bond papers - coloring materials  Steps 1. The facilitators would divide the class into smaller groups. 2. Each group would be assigned to one country that they would be studying and presenting to the class. The facilitators would provide some interesting facts about the countries. 3. Ten minutes will be given to the groups to gather their thoughts and come up with a “brochure” that is attractive to the tourists. EACH member should give his/ her contribution to the group. 4. The last five minutes is allotted for the short presentation. 5. The group with the most creative presentation would get a prize from the facilitators.  References Used