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Kurt Tricia Discovery Learning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Kurt Tricia Discovery Learning

  1. 1. Kurt Phoenix Astrande<br />Tricia Castillo<br />S21<br />Topic: GeoLOCKa Challenge<br />Description of the Activity<br />This activity is an educational game show that will focus on discovering new things that would prove to be helpful in enhancing the memory system of the participants. Learning through the connectionism theory of trial and error would be use throughout the game as each team tries to unlock the combination. It will cater questions, facts and trivia regarding Geography which will the increase their vocabulary in terms of the said category.<br />Activity Objectives<br />The following are the objective of the said activity:<br />To enhance the critical thinking skills of one’s person<br />To discover new things by themselves<br />To exhibit a person’s cooperation<br />To increase one’s vocabulary about Geography<br />Estimated Duration: 10-15 minutes<br />Materials needed<br />Laptop or PC<br />Projector<br />Provided by the school / lab <br />Prize<br />Team Flags (3-4)<br />Provided by the group<br />Steps<br />Brief Introduction<br />Name of the Game<br />Intro of the Hosts<br />Mechanics of the Game<br />Group Mechanics<br />4 Groups with 5 members each<br />1 Team Flag per Group<br />Game Play<br />Questions will be asked regarding geography.<br />Questions are either in a form of asking or through visual analysis.<br />As each team gets a correct answer, a clue or hint would be given to them as a guide into unlocking the code/s.<br />As the clues were given to them, they have a chance to solve the code or choose another category for another hint.<br />Maximum of 3-5 questions, meaning 3-5 hints, will only be used to unlock each code.<br /> Actual Game<br />References used<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />