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How to Do Social Media by Dougal Perman (Inner Ear)


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Socially Adept or Socially Inept?

How to Do, Use and Learn from Social Media for business

Part 2. How to Do Social Media by Dougal Perman (Inner Ear)

A Social Media Week Glasgow event by Interactive Scotland ( and Creative Clyde (

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How to Do Social Media by Dougal Perman (Inner Ear)

  1. 1. Socially Adept or Socially Inept? How to Do, Use and Learn from Social Media for businessPart 2: How to do Social Media by Dougal Perman (Inner Ear) A Social Media Week Glasgow event by Interactive Scotland and Creative Clyde
  2. 2. Inner Ear• Creative content communications ‣ Digital media production (create content) ‣ Social media engagement (communicate content) ‣ Training and consultancy
  3. 3. Inner Ear• Produce audio, video, text (blog) and image content• Setup, manage and advise on publication and distribution of blogs, podcasts, videos and live streams• Seed content through social media• Consult on campaign planning, strategy, operations and tactics
  4. 4. Inner Ear• Extensive content management experience ‣ Radio Magnetic ( ‣ Began online broadcast in March 2001 ‣ UK’s longest running independent internet radio station ‣ Credibility with music and media ‣ “Shop window” proof of concept
  5. 5. Social Media• Social media is about talking to people ‣ Social media is like being at a party or business networking event ‣ Ask Questions ‣ Provide useful advice ‣ Introduce yourself to people you can collaborate with ‣ Not about the hard sell ‣ Content is a good conversation starter
  6. 6. Find Your Audience• Niche specialist interest... ‣ ‣ ‣• And look for the right people in big networks ‣ ‣ Facebook Search ‣ LinkedIn Search
  7. 7. Join in Conversation• Find your audience, then engage ‣ Using a similar #hashtag ‣ Look for questions that you can answer ‣ Find prospects ‣ Establish yourself as a voice of authority ‣ Sell tickets or products
  8. 8. Define your customer avatar• Do you have a specific person in mind? ‣ Think about who your audience is ‣ What kind of language, or voice should you adopt? ‣ What kind of content is most popular?
  9. 9. Assemble your assetsQuestion: what assets do you have to promote yourself with? Audio Video Text Image
  10. 10. Assemble your assets• Text ‣ Blogs, newsletters, press releases, brochures• Video ‣ Reportage, interviews, live streams• Audio ‣ Podcasts, live recordings, AudioBoo soundbites• Images ‣ Flyers, photos, programmes
  11. 11. Choose your channels• Setup a profile in each channel you want to use• Ensure your brand is represented in each channel• Use social networking functions in platforms• Connect your channels
  12. 12. Define your objectives Objectives can start out as dreams...... that become visions and turn into goals from which you can set targets
  13. 13. Choose your channels Twitter Facebook LinkedInYouTube Mixcloud FlickrSlideshare Livestream Issuu
  14. 14. Choose your channelsQuestion: which channels are right for you? And why?
  15. 15. Schedule your updates Once you have assembled your assets... ... and chosen your can schedule your updates to be published over the duration of the campaign
  16. 16. Activate and engage Social media is not about’s about real people having real conversations treat people like you would in the real world and interact with them in a human manner
  17. 17. Activate and engage• Monitor and listen: ‣ Before, during and after• Seed your content ‣ Upload it to platforms ‣ Position it on networks• Engage your audience ‣ Involve them throughout the campaign
  18. 18. Blogging Platforms• Wordpress ‣• Posterous •• Tumblr •
  19. 19. Schedule Posts• Schedule updates ‣ Blog, tweets, content, video, audio• Remember to check for reactions ‣ Set aside time to check for comments and questions• Be human ‣ Use automation to help save time but don’t forget why you’re using social media
  20. 20. Measure and evaluate• Measure against initial targets ‣ If the campaign is ongoing, adjust accordingly• Benchmark yourself against peers ‣ How are you competitors doing?• Evaluate, adapt and evolve ‣ How can you do better next time?
  21. 21. Stimulate conversation• Use content to get people talking about your project• Encourage conversation about issues and events ‣ Be provocative but be responsive too ‣ Be a thought leader on industry/sector topics• Observe conversations in social networks ‣ Emulate good ideas to get people talking
  22. 22. Content Curation• Content creation is time consuming• Find existing audio and video clips• Three core elements of social media are: ‣ Embeddable media ‣ Use of tags ‣ RSS
  23. 23. Measure and evaluate• Quantitative analysis includes number of: ‣ Twitter followers, mentions and retweets ‣ Facebook likes and fans ‣ Blog comments ‣ Website visitors ‣ Media plays
  24. 24. Measure and evaluate Social Mention Klout TweetReachFacebook Insights Quantcast Google Analytics
  25. 25. Reference and resources•••••• LinkedIn: Creative Content Communications• Twitter: @innerearuk
  26. 26. Contact• Inner Ear Ltd.• 16 Argyle Court, 1103 Argyle Street, G3 8ND• 0141 226 8808• ‣ ‣ ‣
  27. 27. Socially Adept or Socially Inept? How to Do, Use and Learn from Social Media for business To find out more about why the Creative Clyde business hub is a natural home for media, technology and creatively-minded businesses, visit To watch a summary video from the event, listen to audio recordings, view more slidecasts, and find out how Interactive Scotland can help your digital media business, visit:, video and slidecast production by Creative Clyde and Interactive Scotland by creative content communications company Inner Ear: