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Social Media for Law


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An introductory seminar by creative content communications company Inner Ear on how to get the most out of social media for law.

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Social Media for Law

  1. 1. Social Media for LawAn introductory workshop by Inner Ear
  2. 2. Social Media for Law This session will explore how to find potential clientsand engage with them by communicating content through social media channels
  3. 3. Inner Ear• Creative content communications: ‣ Digital media production (create content) ‣ Social media engagement (communicate content) ‣ Training and consultancy (advice and recommend)
  4. 4. Inner Ear• Our strategic consultancy work includes: ‣ Social Media Week Glasgow (streaming partner) ‣ RCS (formerly RSAMD, student recruitment) ‣ Hebrides Ensemble (digital development) ‣ Scottish Jazz Federation (digital development) ‣ Radio Magnetic and Walking Heads (our projects) ‣ Advisory board director positions (SMIA & CDS)
  5. 5. Your ExperienceHow do you use social media at the moment? Which services do you use the most?
  6. 6. 3 Core Elements of Web 2.0• Feeds ‣ Powers blogs, podcasts, video and photo streams ‣ Enables following and status updates• Widgets ‣ Embeddable media (video, audio, presentations, etc.)• Tags ‣ User-defined, non-hierarchical taxonomy system ‣ Label and find content
  7. 7. Define your objectives What are you trying to achieve?What do you want to get out of using social media? What’s your message and who will it appeal to?
  8. 8. Who are your clients?Please give us three examples of target clientsWhat’s their role, job title and area of interest?
  9. 9. Where to find your clients• Blogs, fora and social networks ‣ Setup searches in Google Alerts ‣ Subscribe to blogs in Google Reader ‣ Comment on popular blogs ★ Be constructive ★ Ensure you link to your blog, profile or company website
  10. 10. Where to find your clients• Twitter ‣ Search Twitter for people ‣ Use WeFollow to identify users to follow ‣ Browse your contacts’ and competitors’ followers ★ Look for questions to answer ★ Add key influencers to lists
  11. 11. Where to find your clients• Facebook ‣ Search Facebook for pages ‣ “Like” relevant pages and observe conversation ‣ Comment ★ As yourself ★ As a business page
  12. 12. Where to find your clients• Linkedin ‣ Search Linkedin for groups ‣ Join relevant groups and observe conversation ‣ Comment ★ Be helpful ★ Give (just enough) useful advice
  13. 13. Information Inspires Communication Content can be used to communicate ideas and information to prospective clients YouTube Mixcloud Livestream Slideshare Issuu iTunes
  14. 14. Using Your Content to Communicate• Issuu ‣ Use your own documents, published as PDFs ‣ Create a library of documents on Issuu ‣ Describe each document with metadata ★ Title, description and links ‣ Network with the Issuu user community
  15. 15. Using Your Content to Communicate• Slideshare ‣ Create presentation versions of your documents ‣ Upload PPT or PDF documents to Slideshare ‣ Build a collection and use it to network ‣ Presentations can also be used as the basis for webinars using Zipcast
  16. 16. Using Your Content to Communicate• Blogs ‣ Draw inspiration from your documents ‣ Write snappy headlines ★ Numbers are eye-catching ★ Provocative statements encourage clicks ‣ Post blogs to social networks
  17. 17. Using Your Content to Communicate• Audio and Video ‣ What does your audience want to watch or listen to? ‣ Consider style, content and format ★ Series or stand alone?
  18. 18. Tracking and EngagementTrack specific terms, influence and behaviour in Twitter and use the data to target your tweets TweetReach Klout Crowdbooster
  19. 19. Tracking and Engagement• Interactive ‣ Create polls and surveys ★•Archive ‣ Storify ★
  20. 20. Tracking and Engagement• Dashboards ‣ GoogleReader ‣ TweetDeck ‣ HootSuite ‣ CoTweet ‣ NetVibes
  21. 21. Reference and resources•••••• LinkedIn: Creative Content Communications• Twitter: @innerearuk
  22. 22. Contact• Inner Ear Ltd.• 0141 226 8808• ‣ ‣ ‣