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  2. 2. I am a creative and disciplined young professional with two passions in my life: sport and design. I am eagerly pursuing a role, which willallow me to develop my skills as a designer and leverage my passion, my sports knowledge and my previous studies inTextile Design. My principal objectives are to learn, grow professionally, and add value to the company in my work. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 3
  3. 3. PASTBefore coming to TU/e I had a past. When the year was over I had to make a sport clothing and shoes. During all thatAfter finishing high school I heard that to de- decision of which speciality to choose. Dur- amount of time we had a coach. He had nosign shoes you had to study industrial design. ing that year I figured that accessories design idea about sports clothing or footwear. I triedThat same year I started Industrial Design in was only focus on hats, jewellery and high to get some help from other coaches but no-a very expensive University in my city. After heels. I did not want to study any of those body; NOBODY in the faculty could help me.7 months I decided to quit because I was all things, so I decided to go for Textile design. I did the thesis with any help. My coach onlydaylong studying physics, maths, even chem- At least it had more graphic design related to explained me what was expected from me inistry. I believed that to design shoes that patterns and also getting to know better the terms of deliverables.place was not the best to study. materials and how they behave. After 8 months of hard work, my thesis wasAfter a couple of months without knowing named one of the ten best thesis of thewhat to study, I decided to visit a fashion fac- Seriously, by the end of the second year of whole faculty in that year. The day of my finalulty. They told me that the best for me was the bachelor I could not be less motivated. presentation, me and the other 9 studentsto course a bachelor there (1st year Fashion, My projects where always rusty and dirty, presented in from of assessors from big fash-then the next two years specialise on acces- and my presentations were usually one of the ion brands from Italy and France. My coachsories, in which shoes were included). They worsts of the class. The coaches had very low tried to bring somebody from NIKE or ADIDASconvinced me. expectations on me. but he could not. In the graduation day, I re-It was very expensive, my family could not What kept me there was the idea of having ceived a Honourable Mention diploma fromafford it so they paid half, and the other half I one last year to finish this. the faculty.paid it myself with all the money I was earn-ing as a tennis coach. The third year I was highly surprised. Espe- This is my past. This is what made me have aWhat was I doing studying fashion? This was cially the last 8 months, in which I developed goal and come to study here.the most common question I asked myself my thesis: here is where my motivationthat first year. changed. I did what I really wanted: design SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 4
  7. 7. COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT IDEAS I chose Ideas and Concepts because I do not a very abstract project and was hard to get feel familiarized with any of those words. a clear idea, to understand the topic and and I am a visual and corporeal thinker. This work with it. Having learned many ways of means that the way I have been working for idea generation was one of the things that CONCEPTS many years is with images, objects or some- thing visual on the table. helped me in this project. As a group, we used brainstorming, mood boards, body storming, and observation as idea genera- I strongly believed that this competence tors to get to the final concept. After that,Ideas and concepts is a competency that I would help me make a better progress in my I used sketching to work on the visuals andchose in order to help me on my project and project, especially in the conceptual part. branding of the project.help myself as a designer.I have a lot of 2D designs I have made before We had several lectures with the expert. In After these lectures I feel that I know a bitcoming to the TU/e. Most of them come just my opinion they were not very interactive, better about idea generation and conceptby improvisation. I thought this competence but they were efficient. In the lectures all development but I also feel that I still needcould help me canalize all those ideas and the students sat down around the expert. to work a lot more in this area, which is lessget to know how they come and get to know He started talking and we were taking notes unknown but not familiar enough.other ways of creating ideas. My expecta- on all he was saying. He talked about ideations in this competency were to be able generation and all the subdivisions. Learn- I can still say that this competence is one ofto maximize my ability of idea generation, ing about concept development was also an my weaknesses and will work hard in theand try to understand what a concept is, important part in this competence. future to change this.deal with it in order to make designs with acertain concept. Basically work on my con- Learning about ideas and concepts helpedceptual part of my brain, which I have not me a lot in my project.developed very much yet. Cultural Interventions was in my opinion, SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 8
  8. 8. COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT INTEGRATING rest and I was having trouble to catch up with the programing of the prototype that we was brighter than the green, so I calibrated the three of them in order to get the same TECHNOLOGY were building. I started making some research to learn the amount of brightness. I feel really good with the result of the final basics of programming and being able to prototype. I didn’t expect it to look so good, build something myself, because I was not and I thought I would not be able to accom-Integrating Technology is a competency in learning that much watching my colleague plish this task.which I am expected to learn how to use work. I spoke to the expert about it, and hesome types of technology and apply it to my gave me some homework for the SDL weeks. Unfortunately I could not link this to the pro-project. The expert’s feedback was really helpful and ject. The topic and the idea developed hadI was expecting the expert to explain which he was always willing to help me. It was one nothing to do with the prototype I have built.options we had in order to make most of the of my SLD week’s purposes. I really am inter-ideas work. In the first meeting the expert ested in this type on platforms because of my I felt I could have gone a little bit further ifgave us some homework using Arduino (elec- weak technical background. I have decided to start working on my owntronic prototype platform). We were working prototype in the first week. I lost two or threein the same groups that in the project. I was It took me some time to understand the weeks, since my fellow student was doing allworking with all my project mates. Since we language of programming but after the SDL the work of the group by himself.were all working with that type of platform, I weeks I was able to build a box, which has On one hand, I am happy and satisfied withexpected it to be a class teaching us language three LED lights, and they fade in and out in my progress. On the other hand, I can alwaysand applications of the Arduino platform. order to get every colour of the spectrum. do better and will try my best to see how far I This was a result of making research on how can go.The procedure is that he gives us some tasks to fade in and out 3 LED lights at the sameand we solve them. So how it works is; he time. I had red, green and blue LED lights. After all was finished, I asked the expert fortells us the next step to do, but we have to some feedback.find the way ourselves. The problem is that I had some trouble calibrating the brightnessin my group there was somebody that had of the blue light, which was much brightermuch more advanced knowledge than the that the other two colours. Also the red SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 9
  10. 10. COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT FEEDBACK Manuel participated in his B11 semester in the DG000 mini assign- ment ‘Integrating Technology’. He was part of a group of four students who chose a quite ambitious project to work on during the assignment. Manuel told me that he tried but could not follow the progress of his group colleagues who had prior experience with Arduino technology and electronics in general. Before the midterm, Ma- nuel took initiative and tried learning all the concepts on his own, doing his own Arduino sketches and over the rest of the semester developing a good idea and feeling for integrating technology. I appreciate this extra effort, and his motivation and self-drive to learn about technology without being formally required to. He is also eager to seek feedback and he knows how to get help in case of problems he cannot solve himself. Mathias Funk, Assignor DG000 ITSHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 11
  11. 11. COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT SELF DIRECTED were taught is a little bit different than here. Maybe that is why I and expect some more explicit information and more concrete things to CONTINUOUS LEARNING do, things to follow. I am putting a lot of effort on getting used to this learning system. The main reason why I want to get familiar with this way of thinking is because I really believe that is a better system that in my country.This competency I think it doesn’t need any explanation about its I just think I can build myself more as a person and as a professionalcontent. It is finding the way to make the best development of your this way, and I will go for it.skills and learn new ones by technics that are practiced by yourself. After this first semester, I can say I have learned many things withThe importance of this is to know which technics work for me and this system. In my opinion, self directed and continuous learning didwhich technics don’t work that well. That way I can maximize my not start in the TU/e. I have been working in one way or anotherresult and get more quality on the product/prototype etc. The time with this for many years. The difference is that now I am consciousand the psychical effort I spend when things don’t work so well, I can about it and more motivated. I will never stop learning in a self di-spend it on making sure my product gets the quality and good result rected way. I hope to keep this going all these upcoming years ofit is expected. study.I come from a Mediterranean country and the learning process we SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 12
  13. 13. LEARNING ACTIVITIES S.D.L. WEEKS The other purpose of the SDL weeks was to initiate myself in any type of 3D program and be able to work with it. I knew it demanded a lot of time. Usually to learn how to use these types of programs during normal study is difficult to follow, so that is why I found out that the perfect moment was during the SDL weeks. I have a Mac-In this first semester we had three SDL weeks. They were right after Book Pro so I chose Cinema 4D.the mid term exhibition. Following a lot of YouTube videos and tutorials and blogs I got the most amount of knowledge I could in that certain amount of time.I used them for two purposes. The first one was to work on my ownprototype for “integration technology” competence. Right before After the SDL weeks I was surprised with myself. I did not expect tostart of the mid term exhibition, I spoke to the expert to make a learn that much. I was expecting to learn something, but not spend-plan those weeks. The final class of this competence was right after ing that much time on it. I thought I would get bored easily and gothe SDL weeks, so I had three weeks to show the expert that I have to do sports or something else. For me, these SDL weeks were likelearned enough about how to integrate technology in design. normal class weeks. The only difference was that I worked home. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 14
  15. 15. LEARNING ACTIVITIES SKETCHING had to hand in the final deliverable the week after, but I still joined the workshop. It was an opportunity I could not miss. WORKSHOP As a future industrial designer, sketching is very important in terms of idea generation. It will be a very important tool for me in the fu- ture. Now, I know the basics of sketching, a perfect starting point toSketching workshop was a small workshop coached by Lucian Reindl develop any idea that will come in future projects or assignments.in a Thursday afternoon. He wanted to explain and teach the basicsof sketching and make us start to use perspective in the drawing.Me and 4 other students showed up that afternoon. With a briefslide show presentation he showed us sketches, types of sketchesand how they can improve us as designers. After that, we go to thedrawing part where he shows us how the start point. After a fewtries with perspective we start with shading. To end, he has broughtsome saw handles for us to see and use them to draw the outline tostart a sketch with that. That way we can make sketches of handles.I am quite skilled at drawing, but I never had a chance to learn howto sketch properly. I really find these types of workshops helpful.I had a lot of work to do that day with my assignment because we SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 16
  16. 16. LEARNING ACTIVITIES CARDBOARD most of the peoples attention will be the prototype. In my opinion, without a good prototype the project looses all its magic, and is not attractive any more. MODELING My expectations of this assignment were to add this prototyping skill to what I already have. In the first class we just learned the basic forms; cube, cylinder, cone, etc. I was surprised how we were able to manipulate foam board. We usually had a lot of homework with thisCardboard Modeling is an assignment of form and senses compe- assignment, but that was also one of my expectations.tence. It is a very practical and very technical assignment. I had sometrouble registering to the assignment because accidently I registered The day that I was more shocked was the class where he showed usin the wrong quartile. I contacted the coach and he said I could join some pictures of an old fashioned camera. He said that he wantedin. I am very interested in prototyping assignments because I think it done by next class. I did not expect to finish it even in two weeks,that a prototype is the most visual result of a project. I can have an because I am very perfectionist and always get into too much detail.amazing research, good report but on the exhibition what will get Spending many hours everyday, I finally made it in one week. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 17
  18. 18. LEARNING ACTIVITIESAfter the camera came the final deliver-able. We had one week of research ex-perimentation, and one week for buildingthe final model. We had to do a portablemedia player. I did the media player sup-ported by its headphones.The final deliverable also consisted onmaking 2 A3 posters explaining the build-ing process and photos of the final prod-uct itself.In the exhibition day, each student had hisdeliverables on a table and explained ourmodel to the coach one by one. After theexplanation came the coach`s feedback;first on the process, then on the model.His feedback was very extended and veryuseful.We had to make a box containing all themodels we have made through the assign-ment. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 19
  19. 19. LEARNING ACTIVITIESAfter this assignment I feel surprised with myself. The result of ration field. Now, after I see my work and I have got the coach´sthe models was something that I expected. What I did not expect feedback I can find an answer to this problem. I did not adven-to do it in such a short amount of time. This was the only way ture myself in a deep exploration because I was afraid to spendto get to the quality I wanted; working more that 10 hours a day too much time on it. I knew I had little time to do exploration andwith the cardboard. I did not know I was able to work that many build. I thought if I have made a proper exploration I would nothours in the same thing. spend enough time to reach the levels of quality that I was aim- ing for. I did not take the risk. Maybe I would of made it on time.Not everything is positive. In a way I feel happy and proud of my Now that I know to work a little bit faster than before, the nextwork, but on the opportunity that comes I will take the risk.other hand I was not able to dig a little bit deeper in the explo- SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 20
  20. 20. LEARNING ACTIVITIESFEEDBACKQuality of deliverables: PROCESS You also like that there is no volume control in the main device, only on the headphonesSkills part Obviously I have struggled on the process. because they both work as a single device You asked us to step away from our comfort and makes it simpler. The last thing you want[Cube, Cylinder, Topped cone, Cube-cylinder combina- zone but I could not find other solution rather to highlight is the form change between thetion, Sliding mechanism, Rotating mechanism, Beam than sketches. audio mode and the video mode.with four mechanisms, Camera copy] How I develop my ideas has to do with the What you do not like in first instance are the material at hand and my skills with it. icons I could have done a bit more of explo-You have delivered a complete set of mod- You see my skill, but I am here to learn new ration about it. You also recommend usingels of good to very good quality. You show skills and add them into my “portfolio of the university facilities, which are very rich inprogress in the quality of the models from skills”. terms of possibilities of creation.the start to the end of the assignment. If you I have a highly skilled prototype in a way. But To end the feedback you say that the high-want to grow further try to work even more you get very little insights about if the explo- light of the device is the headphones, whichclean and precise. Your camera copy is very ration was broad and deep. My way of focus- are interesting mainly because I played withefficiently made and captures the essence of ing this prototype was on “how do I build” the form. The other device is only though tothe real camera very well. First time I saw a and it should have been “how do I interact”. fit inside the pocket.vvworking lens mechanism that can turn andmove. Very good job. DESIGNDesign part There are a couple of thing that you want to highlight from my prototype and a couple of[Grip explorations, Phone explorations, Explorations things you are critic with:for a portable multimedia player, A design proposal incardboard of a portable multimedia player] First of all you appreciate the building quality. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 21
  21. 21. LEARNING ACTIVITIESCompetence development: Advice:The goal of this assignment is two fold. First it is to provide you with The thing with cardboard modelling is that it takes time to learn. Youskills to plan and build 3D physical models out of cardboard and foam show models that are of good quality. If you want to grow furthercore. Second it is to provide you with a new set of skill sand tools to work even more clean and precise. You can improve in how you useexplore design challenges; particularly design challenges that involve the technique as a tool for exploration. Give more attention to howthe design of interactive products and product/service systems. You you explore and integrate form, interaction and function. Make sureshow that you can build models of (very) good quality. You keep up this to underpin your decision making process by giving insight throughbuild quality in your exploration and in your final design proposal. I feel design variations and good documentation. Let the search for meaning-that you can grow in how you use the technique for exploration pur- ful interaction lead the exploration. Practice this and become a goodposes. Do try to leave your comfort-zone and build on your portfolio of designer.skills it makes you a more versatile designer with a richer access to the  solution domain of a design challenge. For the exploration of the rela-tions between form, interaction and function an experiential approachis crucial. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 22
  22. 22. LEARNING ACTIVITIES PROJECT ing about this competence. My margin of learning in this field is very big so at the end, I am happy I did this project. The report was made before the final exhibition. During the exhibition in my opinion, we had the best spot of theMy project was “Out of Control – Cultural Interventions”. green space. Everybody that came for the exhibition had to see it.I have to point out that I did not choose this project. The informa- I expected to receive some more interesting feedback. Most of thetion about when or where to sign up for the projects was not clear people said that they liked the visuals, and it was an interesting wayfor me. After the introduction week, I left Eindhoven to finish the to approach the people. They also were wondering if it really wouldsummer season where I was working back in Spain. The previous have worked.days of the registration I was working and I tried to contact or getsome information but it and it was useless. The result of this was The second day of the exhibition I had an interesting conversationthat the project was randomly selected. with a coach, I don not know her name. She asked me to explain her the entire project, then she said that it could have a lot more peopleIf I had the chance to choose a project, I would not have chosen this interested on this system. Tourism would be one, inviting people toone. It sounded too conceptual and very little concrete. In fact, that go to their country by exposing the flag and letting them try theirwas one of the main problems I had during this project, it was not food. Also she was not so sure about the possible success of thisconcrete at all. system, because we used flags; flags in a lot of countries are the reason of wars and miscommunications in politics.The positive thing is, that I had to deal with it and work on a lot on Overall, she liked it and thought it was an original idea.ideas and concepts, which is one of my weaknesses. The process Iexperienced with this project I find it very positive in terms of learn- SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 23
  23. 23. LEARNING ACTIVITIESFEEDBACKOverall comment: topic“ your thing. teamwork + communication: You are a reliable partner in projectYou have developed well throughout the project. In the beginning cooperation and you communicate well. Within the group you haveyou where very critical and sometimes rather passive and slightly played the role of „the speaker“ a lot. In the end you contributed very“destructive” through your comments. But along the project devel- well tho the group result.opment, especially after the midterm exhibition you showed a lot ofambition and energy to design. (in our project, but also in cardboard form + senses: You have a sense for graphic design and illustration.modeling and design related interests). You can be very critical to- Within the project you did not dive deep into 3D design - also be-wards the „others“ which sometimes has a negative influence on the cause it was almost impossible - but you did make some experiencesgroup. On the other hand you can make use of your life experience there.and your temperament to push the design process for all... ideas + concepts: It was sometimes difficult for you to develop a broader range of ideas and concepts because the complexity of theQuality of deliverables: topic was overwhelming. Still you managed to offer different basic concepts and paths to go.You have played an important role in this project in the area of „mak- design + research process: You have explored the field and frame con-ing it concrete“ and creating visuals. The quality of your 2D designs ditions of the design project. There was some research in the begin-has improved because you have learned not to keep the first crea- ning of the project but not much at the end of the project - caused bytion but to develop form and design in a process that needs time and the deficit of time.reflection. business process design: This was not the main focus of your project. socio-cultural awareness: This project supported well your growing understanding of socio-cultural conditions in design developments.Competence development:t user focus perspective: see comment aboveself directed + continuous learning: From the beginning you where descriptive + mathematical modeling: n.a.quite clear in understanding the need for individual initiative in oureducational system. You work very independent and - when you likethe topic - very ambitious. You have difficulties to make an „external SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 24
  24. 24. LEARNING ACTIVITIESProcess: Advice:rom abstract to concrete: You are a quite „hand-on“ designer. It wasnot easy for you to „abstract“ from what you see when you „create Keep communication with experts and experienced partners. Be anand make“. But in the end you have created a good basis for abstract- experienced partner for your fellow students. Trust yourself - in a selfing what a future system to “slightly break down cultural borders” critical way and keep your will to create. (Because that‘s what designcould be. is about).project setting / user definition: Through the abstract project de-scription it was hard to find a clear and straight forward setting. Theuser was defined through the project description.idea generation / concept finding: See comments above: overall itworked well. You could have gone further in exploration and „open-ing up“ a broader range of ideas. But on the other hand it was a clearbasis for decisions.form development: You made important experiences in form givingand design - as commented above.user test: Sadly there was no real user test possible. But you madethe effort to test the perception of the labels and the system in ourfaculty.Attitude:In a project group you can be a leading partner. You can commu-nicate quite well with a client and your partners. You should show Exhibitionmore patience with fellow students and you should transform yourtemperament and ambition in a positive creative flow. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 25
  25. 25. VISION ON DESIGNI believe in hard work. Of course success has a lot to do with wants. I have been practicing several sports since the age oftalent, but without hard work and without an ambitious at- 4.titude does not matter how much talent you have, you willnot succeed. That is why I am here in Holland. Nike has the EMEA head-Tennis has taught me this. I have been playing tennis all my quarters in the east of Amsterdam (Hilversum). This is a firstlife many hours every day. I had no choice, my father was a step to get closer to them and also to other companies likegood tennis player and he wanted his kids to also be good ASICS, HI-TEC etc.in tennis. When my parents stopped paying my trainings Istarted playing because I wanted and with a much better at- During these three years of Bachelor and possibly other twotitude and with better results. more if I decide to do the Masters I want to learn the maxi- mum in order prepare myself for what comes next.I have a goal. I want to be a footwear designer in NIKE. Iwant to see how far I can get, in order to reach that goal.Maybe I reach it, maybe not. But at least I will be happywith myself knowing that I have tried my best.I want to contribute my knowledge and ideas designingsport shoes, and feel that I am making someone else’s lifeeasier when they practice sports. I want to feel useful withmy creativity to people who love sports as much as I do.No one else is better than me to know what a sportsman SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 26
  26. 26. OVERALL ATTITUDELeaving my country, my family andv my friends behind, my only expected too much from them.purpose of being here in Eindhoven is to get the best out of me I have done many projects with many groups in my previousin this Bachelor program. bachelor. I was always the one who did not do anything. NowI think that is the main reason my attitude has changed so the things have changed, and these new feelings are what I ammuch compared to my previous bachelor in Madrid. Here I am trying to control. Next semester, if I get a similar group, I willa much efficient student and I spend most of my time focusing try to be more patient and more apprehensive.on things for Industrial Design. This explains why the project has been a little bit frustrating forTo be honest, I have never been so focused on something; also me. I think that as a group we could have gone a lot farther andhaving a goal is helping me. Getting new habits also comes with results could have been much better. Most of my group mem-getting new reactions and also feelings. bers think that the result is enough and OK. They are happy with that. I am not. I think we were one month behind most ofI think my attitude as a group mate could have been better. the groups. I do not want to be happy with having “enough”, IDuring the whole semester I pushed myself a lot to get to the want to be happy by having “the best we could get”. I think thisquality levels I wanted to reach. I believe that is positive. The semester we did not achieve the best we could get. This is onething is that I also expected my project mates to reach that of the reasons why I am really looking forward for next semes-certain level of quality, and that way we could work the same ter to begin and start working on assignments and projects.direction and speed. That did not happen, maybe because I SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 27
  27. 27. GROWTH AS A DESIGNERHaving in mind all the competences, I still need a long to buildmyself to become a better designer. This semester, I have devel-oped more on self-directed and continuous learning. Also I haveimproved a little bit in Ideas and Concepts, Form and senses. Ihave made important improvements in Integrating Technologyand the most important fact is that I also have made a big stepin Teamwork and Communication. In this area being a foreignerchanges a lot of things but I have learned from my mistakes in this competence area, and still have a lot more to learn.I have learned that I am capable or working under pressure and being a little bit more efficient with my work. SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 28
  28. 28. OVERALL REFLECTIONThis first semester here has been a mixture of emotions. I quit studying industrial design 4 years ago in Madrid. I findFirst of all, I come from a completely different culture. With the this system exciting and motivating, but at the same time veryculture comes behaviour. In those terms I think I am closer to confusing. Maybe because it is my first semester here and thatDutch culture than Spanish culture, but still my adaptation is is how I have to feel. I feel that the information we receive isbeing gradual. not that clear. Hopefully, next semester will be better in those terms.What I am having more trouble is to understand how the edu-cational system works here. Back in my country, the “self direct- I have learned a lot this semester, more than what I expected.ed learning” part it is almost inexistent. We are used to go to Next semester I hope to continue learning the same speed orlectures, take notes and study for the final exam because there faster than this semester.is only one exam. I find that boring, that is one of the reasons SHOWCASE · MANUEL SUAREZ PRAT · ID · B11 29