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  3. 3. MOODBOARDFor the first deliverable, we had to do an individual mood board representing ONE word, we both had to represent SUFFICIENT. 3
  4. 4. KIM SAUVÉFor the individual mood board I got them together in what I thought was mood board was expressing exces-the word ‘sufficient’ to express. At a mood board. siveness. Other remarks were to befirst I didn’t understand this word so FEEDBACK careful with metaphors and to viewI made a mind map to make it more What the assignor liked about my the mood board from a distance toclear for myself. After that I started mood board was the well presenta- look at it as a whole. After discussingsearching images of all the factors tion of it. Though, the mood boards in the group sessionthat could please people (such as I used way too much pictures, which I realized my misunderstanding of thewealth, beauty and nature) and put made the other students think the meaning of the word sufficient. 4
  5. 5. MANUEL SUAREZI had to make a mood board representing SUFFICIENT. in that aspect. Also the colours I used where not theThe work was very enjoyable. Looking back at old maga- most suitable for the word which it was supposed to bezines was a very nice feeling and what I found most dif- representing. I learned that also was very important theficult was choosing the right composition for the mood shape and outline of the mood board as a whole. Know-board after having chosen a lot of pictures. ing that there is a big range of improvement is somethingMy mood board was a little bit metaphoric, not as much that motivates me a lot for the future mood some other mood boards, but still needed some work 5
  6. 6. After the individual mood board, theassignor divided us into groups of twoand gave every group four words to beexpressed in a mood board. The fourwords the assignor gave us where:“slow”, “fast”, “repulsive”, and “ appro-priate”.The mood board making was not bad.As a group of two, we have very differ-ent ways of thinking so it was not easyto come up with a mood board that wasapproved by both of us. Each one of usbrought several images from our ownmagazines and mixed them together.FEEDBACKThe assignor’s feedback was that we hadto make it a lot simpler. More than halfof the pictures had to be removed inorder to have a more clear composition.On the other hand, there were someaspects that he liked.The excessive amount of information didnot transmit a clear message. We had in-dividual pictures representing the words,but as a whole they did not give the rightfeeling. We were a bit more metaphoricin terms of choosing the images. 6
  7. 7. When making the mood board for W3 we had in mind good as expected. Another important remark was thatthe assignor´s feedback. Firstly, we removed all the pic- there was something missing in the “repulsive” part oftures and started placing them again in a less excessive the mood board. The last remark was that the connec-way. Secondly, we tried to highlight the words that previ- tion between the words was not there yet.ously where not very well expressed in a more intuitiveway. The more we advance in the mood board, the more specific feedback we get. This makes us think that weFEEDBACK are doing the things in the right direction and each weekThe assignor had a couple of remarks. The first remark we are approaching a little bit more to what the assignorwas that we had some flaws in representing the “ap- expects from us.propriate” word: the alignment of the images was not as 7
  8. 8. FEEDBACKThe third version of the mood board had to be edited First of all we would like to remark that we did not expectdigitally. This gave us a much better range of edition and that much negative feedback on the composition. We didunlimited possibilities. Having in mind the feedback from not realise the mismatch between the top half and thethe previous version, we placed the images with a per- bottom half of the composition. They found that the topfect alignment and spacing between each other. We also part was a bit disturbing and did not belong to the whole.worked on making a better balance between the four After this feedback session, we felt like we had to go onewords. step further in order to feel that we have accomplished the goal of making a proper mood board. 8
  9. 9. This is the end result of the mood board, which we areproud of. We think that the composition expresses the four words in a balanced way. 9
  10. 10. SKETCHES The sketches during the first week we had to sketcha piece of cutlery representing the word SUFFICIENT. This work was individual. 10
  11. 11. KIM SAUVÉAt first, I only used the mood board as an inspira- below you can see the ideas that came from thetion for my sketches, but then I remembered what gesture for having enough, or for being satisfied.the assignor had told us. He said that you could use This way of idea generating is not something whatmovements to express your ideas. So I started to I am used to, but being able to move helped me toexplore movements that could represent the word gain a more intuitive view on the subject.sufficient and drew them after that. In the sketch 11
  12. 12. MANUEL SUAREZ In these sketches, I thought of a normal piece of cutlery. The word I had to represent was “sufficient”. I divided the sketches by parts. Firstly, I started with the part in contact with the food. Secondly, Iexplored with the long part of the cutlery, and to finish up I explored the small details. 12
  13. 13. SCRAP MODELS 13
  14. 14. KIM SAUVÉ At first I did not know how to start with this task, but once I started it kept goingbetter and better. I really enjoyed this way of idea generating. The biggest challengefor me was, to leave the desire of making good looking prototypes. Once I left that thought I was able to come up with much more scrap models then before. 14
  15. 15. KIM SAUVÉ For these sketches I used my scrap models as an inspiration. Every time I started with drawing from a model, after which I could start to refine my ideas coming from that model. When I was done with this I selected some ideas to experiment with the marker technique. Using the markers, I experienced that I got way more focused on making nice drawings instead of idea generating.15
  16. 16. MANUEL SUAREZFor the creation of the scrap models, we made rything on the table I started to glue and put to-a lot each one. I was very surprised on the scrap gether with tape. That experience felt very good,modelling design process. At first instance, I could mainly because I did not expect getting somethingnot imagine making some models made out of useful out of that. I got a lot of shapes and a lot oftrash. I collected a lot of rubbish and placing eve- unexpected ways of eating. 16
  17. 17. MANUEL SUAREZ My sketches went very well, I still stick too much with a piece of cutlery as such. I played a little bit more with shapes because of the variety of form with the scrap models. I focused on a knife, changing a little bit the shape trying to make it look fast.17
  18. 18. Looking for the shape of the literally mix our ideas regard-final piece of cutlery, we de- ing the shapes. After decidingcided to compromise our dif- a common shape, we made aferent views in terms of shapes quick prototype with plain pieceand applications. One of us of paper looking for the 3Dthought of a piece of cutlery in perception. When cutting thisa more classic shape and the piece of paper, the result wasother one was playing more not what as planned but thewith irregular shapes. We had outcome was the shape thatsome communication difficul- expressed what we where look-ties when expressing our ideas. ing for.After a while, we decided to 18
  19. 19. With this, we got the final shape. 19
  21. 21. FIMOAfter several sketches, we decided to transform our sketches into fimo.To get to these models, we had to discuss the shapes and spend a lot of time until we agreed on how to do it. The assignor liked the shape and found it interesting. The shape expressed three words well, but there was one missing: repulsive. 21
  22. 22. After the first fimo models, we found a way to add the missing repulsiveness to the next model. A week after the first fimo models, we made another model,but his time we pressed salt crystals in the bottom of the fimo model before thebaking. After the fimo was baked, we removed the crystals by putting the model in water. This way, the texture gave us a repulsive feeling. 22
  23. 23. WOODAfter discussing the shapes with the assignor, we decided that the final pieces of cutlery would be made of bronze. For this, we needed a model with the final shapes for the bronze casting. We decided that balsa wood was the best material for these models. We started by sawing two blocks of this wood and drew the shapes of the models on them. 23
  24. 24. After that we sawed out the outline shape of the models. We defined the basic shape of the cutlery. 24
  25. 25. With a grinder we could scoop out the shapes more.The models were still very rough so we started grindingand smoothing with different machines and sandpapers. 25
  26. 26. Once the final shapes were made we started to thin them out and the models were done. 26
  27. 27. BRONZEThe casting started with an introduction to the materials wewere going to use and with dividing us in groups depending on the size of the models. After that the instructor told us how to place the models in the frame. 27
  28. 28. We made a foundation of oiled sand in this frame in which we could stick our models. The chemical sandneeded to come on top of that, but before we could put this sand in the frame we needed to make it ourselves.We divided the different tasks such as mixing the chem-icals and spreading the sand in the frames to be able towork fast enough before the sand became too hard. Af-ter the harden of the sand we could remove the frames and the result was a massive and two colored tablet: We started to smooth the top layer with doctors sothat the mold would be easier to handle. Once that was done the oiled sand needed to be removed. 28
  29. 29. The instructor started to carve the vent-holes so theimprint would also be visible on the other half of the mold. After that we mixed the chemicals again and put a next layer of the chemical sand in the frames. Once the sand was hardened we opened the mold and started to drill the vent-holes To make the molds fireproof we needed to spray a varnish on them. The instructor set our molds on fire so that the alcohol in the varnish would condense. 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. Once the bronze was hardened they pulled the shaped out of the molds and let themdown in water. After the cooling down of the bronze we were able to clean it. 32
  33. 33. After the casting, we had to wait a couple of days After deleting that thin layer, we had to sandto polish the final prototype. The bronze had the material until the texture was as smooth asa burned layer, so that is why everything was possible. We wanted it to look really shiny andblack. Firs of all, we had to separate the model smooth because we wanted a high contrast be-from the rest of the bronze piece, which would tween the bottom part and the top reused for future castings. Now with the The sanding part took a long time, because thereprototype on hand, we had to take all the black were some areas really difficult to sand becauselayer out of the model. We kept that black layer of the tools. They did not reach very well thein the bottom part of the cutlery piece because inner part of the curved area. Although we man-of the texture we were aiming for. aged to polish the model in the way we wanted 33
  34. 34. After the polishing and sanding was made, the last step was to give a more repul- sive look to the bottom part. For that, we decided to give a special treatment tothe bronze. We heated up the piece and once it reached a certain temperature, wepoured Cupric Sulfate (CuSO4). This acid in high temperatures leaves a green colour on the bronze making it look old and repulsive 34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. FINAL PRODUCT 36
  37. 37. In order to make the final product, we had to ex- APPROPRIATE: the appropriateness is shown by apress four words in two pieces of cutlery. These curved and polished top surface allowing the user towords are: slow, fast, appropriate, and repulsive. eat the food in an appropriate way.Now we are going explain how we implementedthese words into the final product. REPULSIVE: The repulsive experience comes when the user holds the cutlery. The bottom part has anSLOW AND FAST: the shape mainly expresses these unexpected texture: it is and unpleasant feeling.two words. On one hand, fast is expressed by a thin- Also visually it has a strong repulsive appearance.ner and dynamic shape supported by some sharpedges. On the other hand, slow is visible by a thickershape with a smoother outline. 37
  38. 38. 38
  40. 40. KIM SAUVÉAt the start of this assignment I did your body and mind in the activity final shape we came up with was re-not really know what to expect. I you are doing (brain gym). I thought ally a compromise between our twoassumed to gain some more experi- it was an interesting view, but now different views. It was sometimesence in the competencies Form & I experienced it myself I really do hard to meet because we had bothSenses and Ideas & Concepts, but I believe that it can be an enrichment a full agenda, but we made it till acould not imagine in which way this for your idea generating. I involved good end result.would be going to happen. myself more in what I was doing by Looking back on this assignmentThe most outstanding learning pro- acting out, which was not only an now, I think it gave me much morecess of this assignment was for me advantage for the ideas that came than I was expecting in the begin-how it changed my way of thinking. out, but caused also enjoyable expe- ning. It was a lot of work every weekI went from a metaphoric state of riences. again, but if you work hard you willmind into a more intuitive state. I An example of an experience was the come far. At the end I can really seeexperienced a lot of new ways of casting. I was really looking forward the difference in my approach be-translating my ideas to someone to this, because I would be able to tween now and the start of this as-else. Making the mood board helped make something that came nearby a signment. The biggest challenge forme to think more abstract, but also final product. It was a little shock for now will be, how to implement all Igave me the chance to practice how I me when I heard that we needed to learned in my project. It is not thatcould get these ideas out of my head do everything by ourselves. At first I I do not want to act out, it is that Iso other people could understand felt a bit insecure about getting such sometimes do not dare to. I need tothem as well. a big responsibility, but altogether come out of my comfort zone andThis assignment pushed me more to we managed to come up with nice use my imagination as an advantagetake action instead of having a pas- bronze models. This teamwork was a in my projects.sive way of idea generating behind nice unforeseen circumstance. Eve-my desk. Searching for rubbish in ryone worked on all the molds, notand around my house was not my just on their own one.typical view of tinkering for example. Also Manuel and I worked well asI read once that you implement in- a team. Every mood board evolvedformation better if you include both from discussions we had and the 40
  41. 41. MANUEL SUAREZBefore starting the assignment I was very people is just a battle head to head. In thisinterested. It took my attention the as- way I have to say that the results wheresignment description. It looked very fun much better than expected and the team-to learn and very useful as well. The con- work was more enjoyable also.ceptual part of design is something I donot feel very familiar with, so I decided to Discussing the feedback with the assignorgo for this assignment mainly because of and with the fellow students was alsothat. something to highlight. I learned a lot just by watching the others work and hearingDuring the assignment, what made it so the feedback the assignor was giving tointeresting were the different types of them.activities we had to do each week. First ofall, taking pictures on the street made me This assignment will definitively help merealise the huge amount of possibilities of not just for my project this semester, butinspiration there are. Making the mood also with any future design process. Itboard and also de pieces of cutlery helped helped me to see the things with a littleme to improve my teamwork and com- bit more perspective and knowing whatmunication. For example, in the project expresses subconsciously.we are 4 people and is easier to make anytypes of agreements, when there are 2 41