Friday food 28/05 - Filip Simoens


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Friday food 28/05 - Filip Simoens

  1. 1. Filip Simoens – Business Development Manager
  2. 2. Who? 2004 - 2008 2009 2010 - … • Research IBBT-Uhasselt/EDM IBBT June ‘10: IBBT TinkerTouch Spin-off company • Large display interaction incubationproject (bvba) • Collaborative applications • MULTI-TOUCH
  3. 3. Who? 4 co-founders: Maarten Cardinaels Filip Simoens Karin Coninx Kris Luyten = multi-disciplinary team ! With a lot of help of a lot of friends: IBBT, UHasselt, Androme group
  4. 4. Why, What and How ? Multi-touch interfaces are the new standard From consumer devices to wall-size screens Microsoft (Surface & Win7), Apple (iPhone, iPad,..), Dell, HP,… It´s more fun! Only a handful professional technical partners Often locked-in by hardware (Apple, MS) User interfaces need to be tailored Beyond the demonstration phase We get so many mails…
  5. 5. Why, What and How ? TinkerTouch team has what it takes to meet these demands We know how to build usable, performant interactive software on arbitrary multi-touch hardware We have licensed IP to build the best multi- touch hardware out there for reasonable prices We are passionate in creating interactive User Experiences
  6. 6. Why, What and How ? Software User experience as a key success factor User-centered design and development process Connecting existing applications with a multi- touch device Re-engineering interfaces for multi-touch Largely independent from hardware
  7. 7. Why, What and How ? Custom Hardware Infrared based (FTIR) Horizontal/Vertical & Different dimensions Can be rented / leased (FTIR = Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) Commercial available Hardware Multi-touch LCD Microsoft Surface Multi-touch tablets / laptops
  8. 8. Why, What and How ? FTIR:
  9. 9. Why, What and How ? Total solution chain Hardware Software Services Client needs - Appl Custom-made (FTIR) MT recognition Install Maintenance Client - HW MS Surface (FTIR Cap) Training application - Services LCD / tablets MT handling • Custom-made via Core competence Recurring bizz partnership of TT. Client satisfaction • Appl on MS Surface. • Appl on MT LCD, on MT tablets,... Client satisfaction Different models Product sales + services Product rental + services - Custom-made HW (FTIR) - Custom-made HW (FTIR) - MT LCD / MT tablets - MT LCD / MT tablets - Appl development - Appl development - Project implementation - Project implementation Broad positioning B2B Multi-user multi-touch total solutions provider
  10. 10. Why, What and How ? Targeted B2B segments Sector HW Status Cultural sector FTIR tables = ongoing. (museum / cultural heritage / …) MT LCD Congresses / Events / Exhibitions MT LCD = to start. Graphical design / Architectural FTIR Tables MT LCD Advertisement & communications FTIR Tables MT LCD Real Estate FTIR Tables MT LCD MS Surface Hotel chains FTIR Tables MT LCD MS Surface Gaming sector FTIR Tables MT LCD table MS Surface Education FTIR Tables MT LCD Retail shop chains FTIR Tables MT LCD MS Surface 10
  11. 11. Some results Henri Pirenne Timeline • Timeline application • UGent library exhibition about live and work of a famous 19th century historian • Interactively and intuitively navigating over the timeline, click and move pictures, scan’s of historic papers,...
  12. 12. Some results Business Diagramming tool • Business modeler tool • Business idea brainstorming tool
  13. 13. Some results Multi-touch set-up • Extension on Barco’s dispplays to create multi- touch experiences • Control different input sources directly on the screen by touch interaction
  14. 14. Ongoing project Football VIP lounge experience • Football analysis tool • Developed on Microsoft Surface table • CMS with all possible updated football data • To be placed in Premier League football VIP launches
  15. 15. Ongoing project Football VIP lounge experience
  16. 16. Ongoing project N.BBDO / Saint-Gobain • Interactive presentation tool on international tradeshows • Multi-touch LCD displays • ...Repeat sales..!
  17. 17. You! …..Come, touch and play by yourself…
  18. 18. Contact 0478 23 45 13