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Digital Signage is all around us from the office workplace to cinemas, hotels, restaurants, airports, gas stations, health
clubs, retail stores, schools, hospitals, in public transportation areas and more.
Digital Signage is being used in many ways, from simple advertising to creative and complex systems that are built
on a network that can be connected to the endless world of social media. Many Digital Signage integrations derrive
from the need to communicate with the targetgroup, thus used as a marketing tool to reach a broader audience,
improving the brand identity/awareness and to push sales.

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AOpen Digital Signage Market, Trends & Case Studies

  1. 1. AOpen Computer BV EuropeTel: +31(0)73-646-6400E-mail:
  2. 2. The No.1 Small Form Factor Components & Platform ProviderAOpen, Inc. has more than 15 years of IT hardwaremanufacturing experience along with keen insights into ITindustry trends that help drive the continuous developmentof high-end products specifically designed for the digitalsignage industry.The AOpen business structure allows value addeddistributors, resellers and system integrators to profit fromefficient co-operation in the market. Due to the closerelationship with alliance vendors, AOpen can help youreach the ideal custom-made total digital signage solution. Company Profile Established Dec 21, 1996 # of Employees 558 (Global) Branches Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, USA Core Product Digital Engine® TW Stock Traded Aug 26, 2002 AOpen Culture The "Open" of AOpen reveals a spirit that derives directly from the union of customers and products. The realization of this has been the drive towards “Open” architecture products, “Open” minded innovation, and “Open” business partnerships with both customers, distributors, resellers, system integrators and alliance partners. AOpen company profile
  3. 3. Digital Signage Markets Digital Signage is all around us from the office workplace to cinemas, hotels, restaurants, airports, gas stations, health clubs, retail stores, schools, hospitals, in public transportation areas and more. Digital Signage is being used in many ways, from simple advertising to creative and complex systems that are built on a network that can be connected to the endless world of social media. Many Digital Signage integrations derrive from the need to communicate with the targetgroup, thus used as a marketing tool to reach a broader audience, improving the brand identity/awareness and to push sales. In 2011 the Digital Signage industry has seen an enormous growth even in lesser economic times. AOpen even doubled its sales compared to 2010. This is a strong signal to the industry and the outlook for the coming years stays positive. The industry is recognized as an emerging market and sees a continues growth in 2012. Static advertising is replaced by digital advertising and companies are starting to see the benefits of an interactive system that allows to communicate to the targetgroup in an effective way.THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE
  4. 4. Case StudyEnriched Multimedia Signage in Art Museum“A striking concept which has created numerous benefits for the visitors whose experience is notably improved.”Display Evolution KlocktornetThe museum of contemporary art MACBA in Barcelona is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. The MACBACollection, which started in roughly 1950, consists of many works from Catalonian, Spanish and International artists.Though not an anthology, it is a thorough overview of the fundamental aspects of Contemporary Art which hopesto promote both exercises and education in critical memory.The museum is not only up-to-date with history but also invests in current times. The museum makes use of today’sgrowing digital world with endless possibilities. The new concept strengthens the aesthetics of the museum. Visitorsreaction is positive and the sales of the museum have gone up since the implementation of digital signage.The implementationAt the information desk at the entrance of the museum, informative displays have been implemented. The displaysare powered by DISE software running on AOpen Digital Engine media players offering optimal playback andfunctionality. Besides substantially improving the museum’s image, the concept also allows visitors to access allinformation quickly, avoiding unnecessary queues. The content can be managed from a single remote locationmaking it easy to change information on-demand, keeping everything up-to-date.Next to the information desk, MACBA also installed a 6 screen video wall in the entry hall of the museum. The screensare powered by AOpen Digital Engine. All players are synchronized on the network by means of exclusive featuresoffered by DISE software such as the ability to incorporate any type of format or file. Options are endless. A totalresolution of 2751 x 2342 pixels would be impossible to manage on any other type of system, but runs perfectlythanks to the strong media player hardware from AOpen.
  5. 5. The No.1 Small Form Factor Components & Platform ProviderBenefitsThe complete system allows content to be updated in real time. Content can be scheduled to appear at a certaintime hourly, daily or whatever time schedule you want. Thanks to the extensive features of DISE all players can bemanaged in a centralized and automated way. Features ranging from the ability to switch players on and off froma distance, to the ability to generate reports and playback statistics, are all of great benefit to the IT and marketingdepartment. Saving time on installation, management, content creation, and power consumption are just a few ofthe advantages of this highly powerful digital signage installation.The ConceptThe concept is based on two control stations, which have two distinctive functions. They automatically manage andcontrol all hardware associated with the system (screens and players). Secondly these stations are used for contentcreation and publication. All content is distributed through a dedicated server, so that all players are able to presentcontent simultaneously on all screens throughout the museum, whether they have the same content or not.The implementation project was led by Euroservicios a system integrator specialized in IT audiovisual digital signagesoftware and hardware. They picked the AOpen Digital Engine and DISE software as the hardware and softwarecombination of choice. Euroservicios is located in Spain and is a valuable AOpen partner.
  6. 6. Case StudyInteractive Navigation and Signage in Retail“We have chosen AOpen players because we had the highest demand from our client in terms of robustness and reliability.With the superior experience we had from other projects in the past, it was an easy decision.”Klaus Trox, CEO friendlywaySporthaus Schuster is a sport shop in Germany with its headquarters in Munich. It is famous for its competenceand authentic look and feel. Today shopping at the renovated company’s headquarters with 500 square metersof shopping ground turns into an actual sporting event. With a steep footpath, 25 meters in total height, and itsunique architecture: the sports store is built up like a genuine mountain – the valley below, the peak above.With the renovations Sporthaus Schuster decided to integrate Digital Signage into its retail concept. DigitalSignage in retail is becoming a real trend nowadays, because retailers understand the benefits of interactive signageas opposed to static signage. Digital Signage can attract a customer’s attention and have a direct influence on thebuying behavior and in-store experience. Content on the screens can be easily changed and maintained from onecentral point, keeping the promotions up to date without spending any money on printing. It all comes down toone thing and that is to increase sales. A store can be very successful with the correct Digital Signage investment.
  7. 7. The No.1 Small Form Factor Components & Platform Provider The Challenge Finding your way in a large store like Schuster becomes a real challenge when it is not displayed correctly. Customers trying to find something will ask store employees for directions. Often the customer has to walk around the building trying to understand the paper signage and will gradually lose interest in the product or service he needs. As a result, he may walk out without making a purchase. In order to service its customers better and increase sales, the Sporthaus Schuster decided to provide the customer with interactive information points allowing them to quickly search through the long list of products, brands, and services, and find their way around the store.Friendlyway introduced two interactive friendlyway impress touch terminals with vertical 52 inch displays forinteractive store navigation. A customer can start the search by clicking on any button on the screen. For example, byclicking the Brands button, he or she will see the list of all available brands displayed in alphabetical order. Now thecustomer can select the brand, and the application will display the list of products of that brand including directions. Thesystem also enables the customer to enter keywords in the Search section by using a virtual keyboard. The applicationallows the customer to switch between English and German. When the touch screen is not in use, the applicationautomatically returns to the homepage. Additionally twenty-one 42 inch Philips displays were installed powered byAOpen Digital Engine DE45-PRO and friendlyway software. The displays show route descriptions, promotions as wel asadvertising loops. All systems are managed from one central point, therefore easy to maintain and control, savingprecious time.The ResultThe kiosks have proven to be very helpful for its customers, because the application is intuitive and simple to use.Customers don’t seem to have any difficulties in getting the necessary directions and truly enjoy using thetouch-screen technology. Employees at Schuster also notice that customers don’t ask for directions that much.Customers spend less time looking for products or services and are better informed. Customer satisfaction isgrowing and reinforcing the positive image of Schuster as innovative, forward looking, and customer needs driven.
  8. 8. Case StudyWendy’s Restaurants in Moscow value Power and Reliability”Wendy’s core value - “Quality is our Recipe” is a timeless guideline for Wendy’s employees and franchises. It is also the guidelinefor choosing the right in-store design and solutions.”Tatyana Meksicheva, Marketing Director at Wenrus Restaurant Group (Wendy’s)Wendy’s is an international fast food chain restaurant with over 6,600 restaurants worldwide, with its mainestablishments across the US. Wendy’s menu consists primarily of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, Frenchfries and beverages. Burgers are made to order, from high-quality ingredients.Wendy’s in MoscowOn 23 June, 2011, Wendy’s celebrated the openingof its flagship restaurant located in Moscow’s historicArbat District. In 2011 a total of 6 restaurants will beopened in Moscow, 16 more will follow by the end of2012. Wenrus Restaurant Group, a Wendy’s franchisee,plans to develop 180 restaurants in the country overthe next 10 years.The ChallengeThe company was willing to use innovative technologies managing contents on digital menu screens. They neededa system that would allow them to display information at the right place and the right time, controlled from a singlepoint of contact in order to have overall and easy control to manage the content on the displays, with the possibilityto run different content per display. In 2010 Wendy’s hired the company Dismart, a Russian System Integrator, to leadthe project for the digital signage menu boards. Dismart is an AOpen Certified Partner that specializes in deliveringdigital signage solutions to companies and public institutions using only the latest achievements in display andnetworking technology, Dismart offers full service to clients. Dismart is responsible for the complete project at theWendy’s restaurants across Russia: from project development, installation, content management to technicalsupport to on-site service.
  9. 9. The No.1 Small Form Factor Components & Platform ProviderThe SolutionEach Wendy’s restaurant has five to six LG4225CCBA 42” displays and three AOpen Digital Engine DE7000 mediaplayers including Dismart’s own software and content management system showing Wendy’s custom-mademenu for every region, special offers of the day and promotional movies. Dismart has chosen the hardware thatoffered the best quality and functionality, keeping in mind the wishes of the customer. Wendy’s needed a systemthat could be managed from a single location to control all the content in the different restaurants across Russia.“Reliability and durability of the hardware played a key role in the decision making process, therefore Dismartchose to use only the best for 24/7 continious operation”, according to Denis Savelyev, Director at Dismart.The AOpen Digital Engine DE7000 is a reliable and powerful media player, designed for 24/7 operation time. Therestaurant space is used effectively, therefore there is only limited space for the total solution. The Digital Engine hasa standard unique Small Form Factor and can be hidden behind the display using no extra space between the walland display. The Digital Engine is unique for its total package: small in size, extremely powerful and 24/7 reliability.Because of the semi-industrial design it is perfect for integration in different environments, like at Wendy’s in thekitchen for instance.ContentThe content is made for easy on-demand access and control. Wendy’s can change the menu depending on theseason of the year or even depending on the time of the day. They control prices, advertisements and products thatare displayed from a single location and can easily update all the information at the establishments across Russiasimultaneously or per restaurant.FutureFor now Dismart has succesfully finished the work at the first 6 restaurants in Russia, with 16 more locations on the listfor 2012 and a total of 180 by 2020. Dismart is the project leader at all the restaurants for the future.
  10. 10. Case StudyReal Time Informative Signage on the Trade Floor“This was one of the most demanding and innovative projects in the advanced digital signage landscape.”According to Display Evolution KlocktornetBolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) is the largest of Spain’s four stock exchanges, it operates internationallyand is at the heart of all organizational aspects. Bolsa de Madrid is owned by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles hencethe abbreviation BME. The BME Group is formed by the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges, MFMercados Financieros and Iberclear. The stock exchange floor is housed in an impressive building constructed in thelate 1800’s.When it comes to the trading of stocks and bonds, nothing is more important than real-time information. This flowof information can’t be disrupted, because that could cost people large sums of money, therefore a new and moresophisticated system was built and implemented. The newly implemented digital signage concept meets the highdemand for up to date information on the trading floor, offering different types of content regarding the conditionof distinctive markets at any given moment in time.The ImplementationIt was time for a change, so BME decided to upgrade their IT information system to cater to the traders needs andhired Telefónica as project owner. At the most prominent and central position is a central LED screen, displayingall crucial information for the traders. The entire perimeter arc of the trade floor has been fitted with MitsubishiMDT521S 52 inch displays which are powered by the reliable AOpen Digital Engine DE7000 media players and DISEsoftware for content management.The advanced ”No Border system” provided byDISE software and the powerful AOpen DigitalEngine make it possible to run an entire systemconsisting of multiple displays from one singlepoint. Even on a set of displays with differentand very specific resolutions to ensurecomplete integration. The system allowsseamless integration of content predefinedby the user with different signals of Television(DTT) using capture systems of televisionsignals and the built-in DTV tuner.
  11. 11. The No.1 Small Form Factor Components & Platform ProviderThis makes it possible to control and integrate theprogramming of TV channels and programs toshow at any given time. Thanks to the small size ofthe Digital Engine media player, the media player ishidden from visibility. The possibilities this systemoffers on a creative and technical level arespectacular and can allow BME to generateinformation and graphical elements that transitionacross all 30 displays that comprise the perimeterof the trade floor, whilst not deterring from thebeauty of the impressive historical building.BenefitsThe major benefits for BME are that the system allows content to be updated in real time. It is possible toupdate all data presented in the entire system in less than 10 seconds. Thanks to the market informationsystems managed by Infobolsa (BME Group); the system is continuously updated, even between datatransitions across different display areas. The system contains a new module that allows a ticker with allrelevant market information, based on the opening and closing of markets, to run across all 30 screens.The synchronized system makes it possible for the values in the ticker to change in real-time while passingthrough the screens. The complete solution including displays, media players and software look professionaland tidy. And most importantly the system is reliable, which is key for a Stock Exchange trade floor.The ConceptThe concept is based on a single control station, to manage and control all hardware associated with thesystem. The control station sends a feed to the 31 players that are all connected by a network. This stationcan also be used for content creation. One of the most interesting applications of the system is the ability tolaunch content or even entire channels by the click of a mouse.The implementation of the project was led by Euroservicios. They picked the AOpen Digital Engine and DISEsoftware as the hardware and software combination of choice because of its great compatability and previoussuccess cases. Euroservicios is a valuable AOpen partner with its primary business in Spain.
  12. 12. Implementations in Different IndustriesFitness studio Hotel lounge MuseumAirport Telecom LibraryRestaurant Transportation ExhibitionsHealthcare Shopping centre Touch KioskRetail Education Theatre