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Diva Presentation

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Diva Presentation

  1. 1. Introducing the Flexible Video World of DIVA®<br />
  2. 2. Welcome to the Flexible IP Video Security World of DIVA® <br />About VDG-Security<br /><ul><li>Founded in 1996
  3. 3. HQ in the Netherlands
  4. 4. Manufacture of Video Security product</li></ul>DIVA® Video Management system offers:<br /><ul><li>ANPR
  5. 5. Video Content Analysis
  6. 6. Face Recognition
  7. 7. Video Management
  8. 8. Third party hardware support
  9. 9. Hardware solutions ( Video Encoders, Storage, Cameras etc...)</li></li></ul><li>The Power of DIVA® <br /><ul><li> Open Platform and Flexibility
  10. 10. The only all in one complete technology including Video Management, Storage,</li></ul> Video Content Analysis, Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition.<br /><ul><li> Both Embedded and Server Based Solutions.
  11. 11. DIVA® is the only Complete Solution that supports every famous IP cameras and</li></ul> other third Party hardware solutions like: Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, JVC, Sony, <br />Arecont Vision and many more… <br />
  12. 12. DIVA®’s ANPR<br />DIVA® ANPR offers:<br /><ul><li> Certified Real Time detection up to 80km/h
  13. 13. License Plate recognition for Security Applications.
  14. 14. License Plate Detection, Comparison
  15. 15. Unlimited License Plate Database Integration by customer </li></ul> requirements.<br /><ul><li> The only ANPR solution that recognize Afghan and Libyan and other </li></ul> Arabic License Plates and makes a difference during detection.<br /><ul><li> Integration with any access control systems to open Barriers, Doors etc…</li></li></ul><li>DIVA®’s Video Content Analysis<br />DIVA®’s Video Content Analysis Offers: <br /><ul><li> Real Time Detection and recording.
  16. 16. Video Content Analysis with Unlimited Analytic Capabilities.
  17. 17. Video Mining ( Search and find events in the past from both recorded and from</li></ul> integrated AVI file) Video Mining aloud you to change the rules whenever and<br /> however you prefer.<br /><ul><li> Different Embedded Solutions of 1, 4 (Indoor and Outdoor) and 16 cameras
  18. 18. Own Patented Embedded technology (Xtract II)giving 4 times faster detection capabilities, Using less electricity.
  19. 19. Capability to Connect to Analogue, IP cameras and all together.</li></li></ul><li>DIVA®’s VCA Detection Rules<br /><ul><li>Virtual Fencing: Generate a video alarm if a vehicle or individual crosses a virtual line. The systems is capable of categorizing objects and able to determine the direction of objects
  20. 20. Stopped Car Detection: Generate alarm of a stopped vehicle
  21. 21. Left Object Detection: Generate an alarm if an object, a bag for example, is located in a public area for a prolonged period without any person being present.
  22. 22. Loitering: detect persons that loiter for a long period in a pre-defined area, in the vicinity of a cash dispenser or a car park.</li></li></ul><li>DIVA®’s VCA Detection Rules<br /><ul><li>Close Up Tracking: Automatically monitors moving object on screen. An intelligent camera detects all moving objects on screen, which are then portrayed up close by means of a PTZ camera.
  23. 23. Real Time Video Stabilization: Is used to digitally stabilize video images, This makes it possible to correct shaky and blurred images caused by vibrating camera masts.
  24. 24. VideoMiner: Is an intelligent search application in which 3000x real time objects are searched for an existing digital video files on the basis of various search templates. As a result, a high level of efficiency and great gaining of time is achieved in the field of video criminal investigation.</li></li></ul><li>DIVA®’s Face Recognition<br /> DIVA®’s Face Recognition offers:<br /><ul><li> Real time face recognition
  25. 25. Real time face comparison
  26. 26. Unlimited face recognition image database Integration by customer </li></ul> requirements.<br /><ul><li> Integration with any access control systems to open doors, barriers or just send an alarm to the security control center by dry contact.
  27. 27. Unlimited IP camera support to most used IP cameras in the security market.</li></li></ul><li>DIVA®’s Video Management<br />DIVA®’s Video Management System offers:<br /><ul><li> The only Video Management solutions that manage unlimited number of cameras, (Analogue, IP or Hybrid solutions) and offers real time detection of Face , Video Content Analysis, ANPR solutions
  28. 28. DIVA® Able to manage recording, storage size and time, calendar, maps, access control systems, User groups with different access levels, Statistics, Face recognition, Video Content Analysis, License plate recognition and detects any devices automatically.
  29. 29. User-friendly and simple configuration for every cameras connected to the system</li></li></ul><li>DIVA®’s IP camera supports<br />
  30. 30. VDG References<br /><ul><li>United Arab Emirates: Formula 1 circuit and Abu Dhabi Airport
  31. 31. Dhl
  32. 32. KPN( Netherlands Largest Telco and mobile operator)
  33. 33. Media Markt
  34. 34. ADO-Den Haag Football Stadium ( Dutch first division)
  35. 35. AZ-Alkmar Football Stadium ( Dutch first division)
  36. 36. Metro Charleroi
  37. 37. Vienna lines (Subway)
  38. 38. Dutch Government
  39. 39. Confreight
  40. 40. Oceanographic Museum Monaco
  41. 41. HSBC Bank
  42. 42. ABN-Amro Bank
  43. 43. A lot more references provided upon request.</li></li></ul><li>Thanks for your time<br />