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Reaction paper


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Published in: Environment
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Reaction paper

  1. 1. KATRIN B. LUTAO BSEd 4-N1 LETTER WRITTEN IN 2070 (A Reaction Paper) 2070 is quite still a long time to foretell. We would not really know what will happen yet upon watching the video, I realized time is not the main issue here. What the video is emphasizing is the kind of life the present would probably give the future mankind. The advocacy of nurturing our only Earth is in each person’s mouth. Many things had been done to make people aware, but what I can observe is that a large number of the world’s population is still untouched when it comes to education on how to sustain the life we have. What I am trying to say here is that aside from giving information about how nature is in danger, I think the goal should be to make people act. And even though you give them ways on how to mitigate the scenarios, if these will affect their source of living, then they will do nothing. At present, I am happy that here in the province we have the No Plastic in Albay program. This lessens the manufacturing of plastics, and our problem on the growing plastics that cause floods is addressed. This gives us the idea that our leaders have the power to make people act if only they would spend the people’s money on these things than in projects that commercially beautify the surroundings instead of restoring its natural beauty. There is too much modernization in our lifestyle today that is why people always seek for convenience instead of aiming for a more healthy living. Our carbon footprints grow in number because of industrialization and technology. I am not saying that people at present should totally discard everything that contributes to the problems. If only every citizen of the present is responsible and reminded of his duties as just occupants of this Earth; and if only everyone knows how to conserve water and other resources, then I believe the future generation will not suffer. Even the present will gain longer life duration and I am one of those who will wake up each day inhaling the clean air and enjoying the enough radiance of the sun. This I also hope for the future generation to have—a healthy life. 
  2. 2. KATRIN B. LUTAO BSEd 4-N1 SONG ANALYSIS All the four songs presented about our planet Earth share common features that make them effective in affecting the listeners and expressing the message they aim to convey. To have an analysis, let us look at the aspects such as style of delivery, choice of words, symbolisms, themes, and message. Giving attention to the style of delivery and choice of words in the songs, I could say that in a way they are like sermons. A sermon is like serious talk about an issue and tells about how people should behave. This can be supported by the voices in the songs which have urgent, appealing, and suggestive tones. They work for creating an impact to the listeners so as to make them take actions regarding the scenario of our Earth. In addition, the words used in the songs are meant to tap the emotions and inculcate awareness. The songs, especially “Our Only One Earth” presents ways for people to examine what is happening to our nature. It gives symbolisms/representations: the past(cause), present(symptoms), and future(effects). Among the three, the only time we could somehow manage to control or affect is the present. Just like a disease, we are experiencing the symptoms which when not treated, shall lead to a massive destruction of our natural system. Essentially, we are being given the idea that we should take of our Earth the way we do to our body. If we, humans, need rest and nourishment for living; so does Mother Earth. In the Climate Change Song: The Shadows, shadow is used to symbolize the factors that darken nature. It wants to tell us that most of the time, we are the creators of these shadows causing the change that badly affects our Earthly living. The songs posed a challenge to us. They create a picture of the innocence of the planet before, and how our modernity eventually robbed it. It all goes down to the realization that we do not want to compromise the great civilization that we already used to live with.
  3. 3. BICOL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 1st Semester, 2014-2015 Song Analysis and Reaction Paper KATRIN B. LUTAO BSEd 4-N1 DR. NESTOR MIŃA Subject Professor