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RFID in Health Care


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RFID helps in improving the patient safety and nursing efficiency and therefore decrease the always notable healthcare expenditure.

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RFID in Health Care

  1. 1. WHITE PAPER Ver 1.0 (March 2013) RFID in HEALTH-CARE © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved
  2. 2.   02 ---- 09 Radio frequency identification is gaining a foothold in the health-care sector, with a growing number of hospitals, medical centers and health- care companies using the technology for asset tracking, patient monitoring and other applications. --Feb.22, 2010 Dallas Report (RF ID Journal) Issues faced by Hospitals Ø Medication Errors • A 2002 study of medication errors at 14 acute care hospitals in Ontario counted over 4,000 errors, only 800 of which were counted as adverse drug effects. • A study conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario published in 2003 counted over 800 medication errors during a six-year period. • It is estimated that 98,000 people die in the U.S. each Year because of medical errors. Ø Operational inefficiencies • Inability to rapidly find and track medical equipment, doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors in times of emergencies. • Lost Revenue (It has been estimated that the theft of equipment and supplies costs hospitals $4,000 per bed each year and with over 975,000 staffed beds in the U.S., this represents a potential loss of $3.9 billion annually.) • Medicines that need to be given to the right patients, in the right amount, at the right time, and from the right packages. © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved The Healthcare Industry has undergone a wide range of regulatory changes, patient safety challenges to improve identifying patients, medications and procedures. Due to the vulnerability of treatment processes, it is lucrative to use IT applications for preventing errors and mistakes that humans can easily make. A large benefit of using IT in different operations is that it can improve the patient safety and nursing efficiency and therefore decrease the always notable healthcare expenditure. It is not always easy to integrate new technologies into healthcare, because of its criticality and vulnerability. In hospitals, medical equipment and applications may encounter interference or compatibility problems between current and new technologies. If this happens, lives of patients can be endangered. To streamline, automate, and improve accuracy within the healthcare market, regulatory personnel turned to the automatic identification industry for help. However, for successful implementation of any such tracking strategy, real-time data and item visibility is imperative – which is where Radio Frequency Identification or RFiD comes in.
  3. 3. Figure 1: Number of Doctors accused due to medication errors RFID Based Solution in Hospital Figure 2: RFID usage Framework 03 ---- 09 © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved Right Equipment ! At Right Place !! At Right Time !!! In Right Condition !!!! RFID is used in wide verity of application in healthcare Industry as shown in Figure 2.Using the technology we can leverage several direct and indirect advantages. Direct Benefits using RFID • Equipment Inventory Management • Real-time visibility to equipment inventory and location • Inventory positioning and replenishment based on demand • Real-time inventory alerts • Centralized Asset Database • Integrated Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance • Integrated Workflow Management and Asset Security • Capita Spending Flexibility • Reduction of excess inventory • Reduction of obsolete inventory • Reduction of excessive vendor access to OR • Reduction of product duplication • Reduced clinical frustration • Better access to products when needed Smart Operation Theatre Ø Wrong Patient or patients wrong body part Ø Wrong surgical procedure People Tracking Ø Patients Ø Doctor, Nurse, Ø Medical Staff. Ø Visitors Ø P a t i e n t s Asset Tracking Ø Medical Instruments, Surgical Tools Ø Wheel Chairs Ø Bedsheets,Stretch ers Ø Medical Assets Miscellaneous Items Tracking Ø Specimen bags, slides and test tubes Ø Blood bank Ø Medical WastesS Ø
  4. 4. Pain Areas Ø Costly medical equipments are lost, misplaced or stolen • Orthopedic, Cardiovascular supplies, Surgical implants • Reagents • Class II pharmaceuticals • Bio-samples Ø Security • Chain-of-custody • Secure storage • Government regulations Ø Waste of time in search of equipment Ø Inventory is larger than Necessary Ø Maintenance is hampered by unknown location IAITO Asset Management Solution Ø Mobile/Semi Mobile assets can be attached with a passive/active tags with considering its applicability and usage. Ø Different varieties of readers are used to track its transit position and locations. Ø With MIS report efficient hospital asset management can be done. Direct & In-direct Benefits Ø Real-time tracking of expensive and critical instruments and also can be located very easily at the time of emergencies Ø Time saving Ø Pro-Active alerts in case of theft i.e. access control for accessing the equipments Ø Asset Visibility i.e. efficient & accurate inventory system Ø Easy Maintenance & access of the medical records RFID based Asset Tracking 04 ---- 09 © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved
  5. 5. Pain Areas Ø Location of the doctors in case of emergency is difficult Ø In & out timing are not registered accurately Ø Uneven distribution of Nurses Ø Death of patients due to medical errors & difficult to track patients Ø Visitors wander away into the restricted area or from close proximity of the patients IAITO People Tracking & Management Solution Ø People inside the Hospital can be attached with a passive/active tags with considering its applicability and usage. Ø Different varieties of readers are used to track its transit position and locations. Ø With MIS report efficient hospital People management can be done. Direct & In-direct Benefits Ø Accurate registration of location and time that provide full visibility of patient flow(identification of right patient) Ø Patient Information such as Name,DOB,Visitors history, medical history can be obtained Ø Continual real-time tracking of all people inside the hospital. Improving work flow of doctors & Nurses by keeping track of doctors & Nurses in case of emergency Ø Manage nurses, duty staffs shift & shift planning Ø Absent report, late coming, work hour Ø Staff attendance management Ø Accurate & automatic reports on In/out time Ø Patient attendees/visitor management solution Ø Monitor and track unauthorized people wandering into restricted areas or wander away from patients by giving auto alerts Ø Allow/block visitor in predetermined time RFID based People Tracking 05 ---- 09 © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved
  6. 6. Pain Areas Ø Wrong patient identification Ø Retained surgical items, sponges Ø Detection is difficult Ø Manual counts Ø Waste of time Ø Liability, CMS reimbursement rules IAITO OT Management Solution Ø Mobile/Semi Mobile assets can be attached with a passive/active tags with considering its applicability and usage. Ø Different varieties of readers are used to track its transit position and locations. Ø With MIS report efficient hospital OT management can be done. Direct & In-direct Benefits Ø Easy confirmation of the right patients & performance of correct procedure Ø Safe Operating Theatre (OT) & more efficient Ø Significant reduction of cost & risk of litigation resulting Ø from surgery mistakes Ø Time saving Ø Enable the doctor to track each and every piece of equipment being left sewn-up inside the patient’s body and eliminate Ø This fear from the doctor’s mind. RFID based Smart Operation Theatre 06 ---- 09 © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved
  7. 7. Pain Areas Ø Mistransfusion errors (i.e. blood transfusion of the incorrect type or blood given to the wrong patient) Ø Inaccurate matching of the blood sample Ø Medication misidentification Ø Difficult to fulfill the EC directive for ‘traceability’ of blood product Ø Paper based intra-hospital registration is not 100% waterproof Ø Difficult to manage medical wastes IAITO Miscellaneous Item tracking & Management Solution Ø Mobile/Semi Mobile items can be attached with a passive/active tags with considering its applicability and usage. Ø Different varieties of readers are used to track its transit position and locations. Ø With MIS report efficient hospital Miscellaneous item management can be done. Direct & In-direct Benefits Ø Easy to track bags of blood to record transfusions and ensure that correct blood is given to each patient. Ø Process of managing blood bag is eased i.e. automatic registration of all history & quality of the blood product Ø Less Time consuming Ø Minimized risk of patients receiving the wrong type of blood Ø Easy availability and location of a certain blood group can be had right from the patients bed side Ø Easy detection of presence of medical wastes in surroundings Ø Reduces biohazard exposure RFID based Miscellaneous Items Tracking © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved 07 ---- 09
  8. 8. What IAITO can Provide Why you should select IAITO Infotech as your partner • We understand the RFID Technology, Solution and have knowledge of the Industry with the top Notch IIT Kanpur R&D engineers who are having more than 5+ years experience in the same domain. • Our understanding about the RFID Business Values & ROI Realization is with 15+ years experience business people in team. • We provide High Quality Product & Testing process (ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company). • We Have High Techno Commercial viability – ROI. • Indigenous Setup (Design, Developed & Tested in world class RFID lab of IIT Kanpur). • We have Local Support & Strong Partner Network Framework to ensure better support. 1. Defining the software and hardware requirement study (SRS & HRS). 2. Integration of hardware and software in lab environment. 1. Understanding the requirement with end customer/partner. 2. Visiting the end customer/partner site and studying the system & IT Infrastructure with demo. 1. Justifying the business value of RFID in Health- Care Industry. 2. Calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) 1. Full telephonic & Email support. 2. Preventive Measurement Support. 3. AMC & Warranty Support. 1. Fully fledged training conducted by IAITO people to Site operation person. 2. Training will be conducted to the management & Admin. 1. Customer site deployment of the hardware & software. 2. Testing the System. 3.Commissioning the system. © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved 08 ---- 09Business Case DevelopmentSite Analysis Design & System Integration TrainingImplementation Customer Support
  9. 9. Conclusion Healthcare is predicted to be one o the major growth areas for RFID. Over the years, RFID technology had proved its ability in many applications. Patient safety and product tracking requirements will necessitate the adoption of RFID technology. Hospitals already have strong RFID applications which include asset and medical device tracking to promote patient safety and increase operational efficiency. In addition, some hospitals that have not yet adopted barcode technology can use RFID technology to leapfrog their competition in maintaining better asset visibility while reducing inventory levels. Health care providers (e.g., hospitals) have a chance to track fast and accurate patient identification, improve patient’s safety by capturing basic data (such as patient unique ID, name, blood group, drug allergies, drugs that the patient is on today), prevent/reduce medical errors, increases efficiency and productivity, and cost savings through wireless communication. It also helps hospitals to build a better, more collaborative environment between different departments, such as the wards, medication, examination, and payment. Though it is a costly technology, RFID has become indispensable for a wide range of automated data collection and identification applications that would not be possible otherwise. About IAITO INFOTECH PVT LTD (ISO 9001:2008 certified) an incubate company of IIT Kanpur provides state of the art integrated traceability, identification and authentication solution. It provides software as well as integrated turnkey solution of both(hardware, software & services) in various technologies like RFID, NFC, GPS, Mobile technologies etc. With the knowledge of experienced professional, we are able to help you to deploy right combination of technology that will maximize your ROI right from start and ensure its expandability as the application grow through the evolution of the technology. With our R & D experienced team, we have developed different integrated solutions for various industries and carry one of the most comprehensive product/solutions. IAITO’s turnkey solutions model covers industries like Aviation, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Government, Renewable Energy, BFSI and Mining. For more Information kindly visit our website IAITO INFOTECH (P) Ltd. LIG 124, Maharshi Dayanand Vihar, Phase 2, Kalyanpur, Kanpur- 208017 Phone: +91-5122570357 E-Mail: Web: © IAITO INFOTECH | All Right Reserved 09 ---- 09