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Plant Project. JYS


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I created a project of plants.

Published in: Education
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Plant Project. JYS

  1. 1. Plant Project
  2. 2. Plant Project By: Judith Gonzalez
  3. 3. Roots • They absorb nutrients and water. • Roots provide support for the stem. • Usually below ground and lack nodes and shoots leaves
  4. 4. Stems • It is the trunk part of the plant. • They also provide support. • Stems can also store food.
  5. 5. Leaves • They outgrowth from the stem. • There job is to absorb sunlight and turn it into food • Reduces the exchange of water and gases and prevent some diseases-causing organism from entering.
  6. 6. Buds. • They are undeveloped shoots and flowers. • They are classified by terminal or lateral. • They create a new leaves or a stem when it has cuttings.
  7. 7. Flower. • They are the seed producing part of a plant. • Flowers that have only male or female are called imperfection • It makes pollen for pollinators.
  8. 8. Fruits. • Its comes from a single pistil • Multiply fruits form from a cluster of flowers
  9. 9. Citation • botany.htm • • Botany/pla01/00pla01.htm