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The Four Great Hebrew Leaders


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The Great Hebrew Leaders

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The Four Great Hebrew Leaders

  1. 1. The four leaders of Judaism By Faile Benson pd10
  2. 2. Abraham
  3. 3. Why was Abraham a grate leader?He was going to make a gratesacrifice for GodHe was going to kill his sonHe was going to kill his son forGod but God sent an angel to stophim and tell Abraham he hadpassed the testFor passing the test God said hewould make his descendants asmany as the stars in heaven
  4. 4. AbrahamGod made a Covenant toprotect AbrahamsdescendantsHe agreed that his peoplewould always devotethemselves to GodSo God renamed him fromAbram to Abraham
  5. 5. More about AbrahamAbraham was the first to He took all the relatives asbelieve in only one true he could and moved toGod CanaanGod made a covenant God made him father of abetween him and Abraham grate nation of peopleGod told Abraham to leave He did leave so Godhis house and go to a new protected his descendantsland
  6. 6. Moses
  7. 7. Why was Moses a grate leader?A large number of Hebrews (Jews) where living inEgypt when Moses was bornThe Hebrews where becoming very powerful andthe pharaoh was fearful of there growing strength sohe turned them into slavesGod heard the cries of the HebrewsGod had said a messenger would come soonThe pharaoh wanted to take away their hope so hesent someone to kill the first born boy of everyHebrew family
  8. 8. More about MosesThe pharaoh’s daughter found Moses the Nile riverShe raised him with out her dad knowing he was aJewMoses was the pharaoh’s daughter’s childGod was talking to him trough a burning bush andtold Moses to go and set his people freeMoses went to the pharaoh and told him to let theJews freeWhen the pharaoh refused God sent the ten terrible
  9. 9. How Moses saved the HebrewsWhen the pharaoh refused God sent the ten terribleplaguesThe plagues where the Nile river turned into blood,Frogs, Lice and mosquitoes, Flies, Diseased livestock,Boils, Thunder and burning hail, Locusts, Darkness,The last plague was Death of the first bornThe pharaoh finale let the Hebrews goHe soon changed his mind and sent the Egypt armyto get the Hebrews backMoses split the red sea the Hebrews got away and
  10. 10. More f how Moses saved the JewsMoses split the red sea the Hebrews got away and thesolders drownedThey then started losing hope in God and God wastesting them he gave Moses the Ten CommandmentsWhen Moses got back from talking to God the Jewswhere worshiping a gold cow and God made themthem wonder the desert for 40years
  11. 11. David
  12. 12. Why was David a grate leader?When the Jews got to their land the Philistines whereliving theirThey said they would be their slaves if one of theJews could bet their best warrior GoliathDavid killed Goliath with only one stone and aslingshotGod said to his people tha David would be king andDavids kids and there kids forever
  13. 13. What David did for the Hebrews land.He completed the defeat of the Philistines and otherenemiesHe also united two parts of Hebrew land calledIsrael and JudahHe then called the new land IsraelHe also created a strong central governmentHe gave the new kingdom its own army, courts, andgovernment officials
  14. 14. What else did he give the new country?He oversaw everything in the nation best hecouldHe was the nation’s new chief priestHe chose Jerusalem as the capital
  15. 15. How did Jerusalem became the capital of Israel?The Ark of the Covenant was in JerusalemThe Ark held the Ten CommandmentsTo the Hebrews Jerusalem became known as the holycityDavid also established Jerusalem as a holy city
  16. 16. Solomon
  17. 17. Why was Solomon a grate leader?Solomon was Davids son thatshow he became king but whatdid he do that was so grate?He built the magnificenttemple in Jerusalem to housethe Ark of the CovenantThe temple became the centerof Jewish worshipGod told Solomon that allpeople will know his nameThe building of the templewas a huge undertaking
  18. 18. What did it take to build the temple?He was told by God that all He had to buy gold, cedarpeople would know his wood, copper and othername materialsIt took over 3,000 people to The northern tribes brokejust oversee the project away from IsraelSolomon also taxed hispeople heavily
  19. 19. The four leaders greatestcontribution to the HebrewsBoth Solomon and Abraham is theDavid built father of theJerusalem laid the Hebrews and wasfoundation for going to sacrifice hisJewish people only son for GodMoses led theHebrews fromslavery
  20. 20. Thanks for watching! By Faile Benson