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Tree project christina and ifrah


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tree project about trees

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Tree project christina and ifrah

  1. 1. The tree project christina and ifrah
  2. 2. the ash tree There are over 60 ash tree species the white ash being the largest of the family. The ash tree is a medium to very large tree. Ash tree leaves are green, turning yellow or purple in the fall.
  3. 3. Butternut tree Juglans ! They are slow growing and seldom live more than 75 years. Butternut trees are being killed off by Butternut canker. In addition, the Butternut is very susceptible to fire damage and intolerant to shade. !
  4. 4. SugarMaple - Acer saccharum The sugar maple (hard maple, rock maple) is the largest and finest forest trees, growing to a height of 80 feet with a diameter of two or more feet. In the fall the yellow, red and crimson colors of the leaves form a very showy and beautiful part of the landscape.
  5. 5. Ohio Buckeye Aesculus The name "Buckeye" comes from local usage in the early days of settlement of Ohio. An early botanist found it on the banks of the Ohio River, and added "Ohio" to the common name in order to distinguish this species from the related Yellow Buckeye.
  6. 6. serviceberry tree Amelanchier arborea serviceberry, Juneberry, and shadbush. . It is usually only shrub-like. The tree has flowers in the early spring, and has beautiful, delicate white flowers.
  7. 7. hope you enjoyed!!