Human Nature Brand & Advocacy Orientation


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  • To be easily understood, fair trade is about buying the raw materials at fair costs (higher trading price) to uplift social and environmental standards of the farmers. This will ensure sustainability of their industry.
  • Also emphasize: Last June, we changed our catalogue to a more exciting version – the magalogue. It is now more entertaining and engaging to read because not only is it a sales catalog, but it is also a magazine! You can give your friends copies of this, and they might want to order products from you.
  • Human Nature is a social enterprise – it does not aim to maximize profits, but instead, it aims to OPTIMIZE profits. It is good for the consumers because they are able to enjoy quality and safe products, whilst paying for an affordable price.It also helps several farming communities by making them suppliers of raw materials and buying them at fair trade prices. The social enterprise also ensures sustainability to secure the growth of the company and eventually help more communities, help themselves.
  • Organic means that ingredients are produced and processed without the use of harmful and toxic pesticides, artificial fertilizers or synthetic chemicals.
  • To still ensure the quality of produce, natural farming methods are alternatively used.
  • The use of the word “Natural” in commercial products, is not regulated by the government, and may therefore be misused.In the market today, you may see that some products have on their labels, the word “Natural”, just because they used a natural ingredient – say papaya extract. Still, the rest of the ingredients are chemical. Many consumers are deceived that the products are healthy and safe to use because of this, without knowing they have been deceived.Also, some harmful ingredients are not even listed on the ingredients list. Some are under a different alias, and the general consumer is misinformed.
  • For a product to be TRULY NATURAL, 95% of the ingredients used should be existing in nature and not artificially caused, synthesized or produced
  • There are a lot of harmful ingredients in your chemical product that you should avoid. Here are only to mention a few.
  • Be wary of these ingredients in your chemical “BEAUTY” products. They can do more harm than good.
  • Despite being already regulated by FDAs across many nations, a lot of products still contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to pose risks of cancer, tumors, reproductive damage, hormone disruption, infertility, allergies, and other health risks. The common excuse is that the concentration levels present in products is low. However, this does not make the product safe to use – considering that we use them with regularity. A woman uses 10 to 12 products in a day, and the harmful ingredients in different products can accumulate in the body. Human Nature is encouraging all brands to better serve society by exercising conscience in choosing the ingredients that they use in the products. Besides, there are many alternative ingredients that are available for use which are so much safer.
  • Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product that is so cheap – in fact it is just an extraction contaminant. It is more expensive to dispose it, than to reuse it.However – it is bioaccumulative (the body absorbs it easier, than it can expel it.) It also has low biodegradability - so it’s much like putting plastic on your skin.
  • In line with our being Pro-Philippines emphasize that we are moving towards localizing our supplies already. Some of our raw materials are even bought from our partner communities.Our Citronella is sourced from Brgy. Kanapawan, Labo, CamarinesNorteOur lemongrass is sourced from Brgy. Bigo, Cauayan, Negros Occidental Soon also: our Sunflower and Passion Fruit oil will be from GK Pueblo Antonio in Catigan, Toril District, Davao CityThis 2012, we are looking to several partner communities to empower.
  • Human Nature Brand & Advocacy Orientation

    1. 1. BASIC ORIENTATION Brand and Advocacy
    2. 2. WHO WE ARE
    3. 3. MISSION STATEMENTBeing faithful stewards of our God-given talents and natural resources,we will give the best of ourselves tourgently and sustainably build a globalcompany which will showcase thebest of the Philippines and uplift allour people, especially the poorthrough providing safe, affordable,quality natural products.
    4. 4. OUR VISIONWe will be the gold standard of aglobally successful enterprise witha heart that will embolden allbusinesses to better serve society.
    5. 5. OUR VALUESPro- Philippines - we work with the best interest of our countryPro-Poor - we prioritize the needs of those who need them mostPro-Environment - we act responsibly towards the planetHeart of a Hero – self sacrifice and committed to the causeStewardship – we develop our gifts, people and environmentPersonal Integrity – we uphold the truth and honor our commitmentsBayanihan – we promote a culture of collaboration and mutual supportConstant Innovation – we keep moving forwardWorld Class Excellence – we strive to be the bestQuality of Life for All – we work well, we live wellCompassion - we care
    6. 6. Company History It started with Gawad Kalinga volunteers: Anna Meloto-Wilk, Dylan Wilk, Camille Meloto In the U.S., the average American could afford safe, natural & organic products. But in the Philippines, only the elite could afford them Gandang Kalikasan Inc., though its Human Nature brand, is guided by the principles of: PRO Philippines, PRO Poor, Pro Environment
    7. 7. PRO Philippines Currently, 100% made in the Philippines Envisions 100% sourced in the Philippines – We formulate only with ingredients that can be grown locally – We import only if there is no local availability
    8. 8. PRO PoorGoal: Provide livelihood to Gawad Kalingaresidents and poor farming communitiesFair Trade: Buy at fair prices fromcommunity-based suppliers, even above-market prices to support communitydevelopment100% of profits from our #1 product go to thepoor. Substantial part of all other profits isalso donated to GK and to developcommunity farms nationwide
    9. 9. In line with our vision of becoming100% sourced locally and mission ofhelping partner communities: Our Citronella is sourced from Brgy. Kanapawan, Labo, Camarines Norte Our lemongrass is sourced from Brgy. Bigo, Cauayan, Negros Occidental Soon: our Sunflower and Passion Fruit oil will be from GK Pueblo Antonio in Catigan, Toril District, Davao City
    10. 10. PRO EnvironmentUsing natural, organic ingredientsinstead of toxic chemicalsPromoting organic farming andshowing it can work for farmers
    11. 11. Human Nature is a SocialEnterprise Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro- Environment Safe, natural and organic products….. … AFFORDABLE pa!
    13. 13. Organic: What does it meanIngredients grownand processedwithout using: toxic & persistent pesticides and fertilizers antibiotics, synthetic hormones, genetic engineering
    14. 14. Organic: What does it meanInstead: Biological pest control Compost & natural fertilizers
    15. 15. Understanding NaturalProducts No government regulation for term “natural” A few natural extracts thrown into a product that is mostly chemical DOES NOT make that product “natural” Manufacturers do not list chemical ingredients they do not want you to see!
    16. 16. Understanding NaturalProducts Human Nature discloses EVERY single ingredient on our labels Human Nature products have: – Ingredients that MUST be biodegradable – At least 95% natural. Many of our products are actually 100% natural. – Ingredients that come from a renewable source without petroleum compounds and that are processed in a way that is not damaging to the environment A non-natural ingredient is only permitted if there is no natural alternative and it meets strict criteria regarding human and environmental safety and biodegradability
    17. 17. Why? UN-Natural Beauty: Top Chemicals to Avoid Moisturizer/Emollient: Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Petrolatum clogs pores; speeds up aging; irritant; worsens acne Fragrance: Phthalates, Surfactant/Foaming Parfum Agent: SLS/SLES damages liver & skin & eye irritantreproductive organs, irritant Preservative: Parabens, Repellents: DEET BHA/BHT, TEA Linked to seizures and (Triethanolamine), DMDM even death in children Hydantoin from overexposure weakens immune system, may cause cancer & tumors
    18. 18. UN-Natural Beauty: 10 Common Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid1. Talc - bulking agent; allergenic; irritant, linked to cancer2. Mineral Oil – binding and moisturizing agent; speeds up ageing, suffocates and clogs pores3. Alcohol – solvent; dries the skin which speeds up ageing4. Silicone – feel modifier; petroleum derived; clogs pores5. Artificial Dye – Pigments such as lake dyes, FD&C dyes; possible carcinogen6. Carmine – Red pigment made from crushed insects7. Lead – in lipstick; highly toxic8. Fragrance – common irritant, linked to reproductive damage9. Glycol – solvent and moisturizing agent; petroleum derived10. Nano particle – minerals refined into extra fine particles that can harm the respiratory system
    19. 19. UN-Natural Beauty: Top Chemicals to Avoid Moisturizer/Emollient: Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Petrolatum clogs pores; speeds up aging; irritant; worsens acneFragrance: Pthalates, Parfum60% of whatSurfactant/Foaming Our skin absorbs we put on it. Thedamages liver & danger is not so much in using chemical- Agent: SLS/SLES laden products once in a skin & eye irritantreproductive organs, irritant while. The danger is in using them regularly, every day. Our bodies are slowly but surely suffering from the damage caused by these Repellents: DEET Preservative: Parabens, BHA/BHT, TEA chemicals. Linked to seizures and (Triethanolamine), DMDM even death in children Hydantoin from overexposure weakens immune system, may cause cancer & tumors
    20. 20. Read the Labels!!!"These ingredients pose risks of cancer, geneticdamage and reproductive toxicity (includinginfertility) to unsuspecting consumers, and theirinfants and children“-- University of Illinois, School of Public Health Professor Emeritus Samuel Epstein MD
    21. 21. Read the Labels!!!PURE AND GENTLE FOR OUR BABIES? Think again.John Hopkins University (a world leader in medicalresearch) named mineral oil in cosmetics andmoisturizers as the #2 cause of ageing.
    22. 22. Natural Alternatives Sunflower Vegetable Oil Chitosan Chamomile Glycerine Citronella Avocado Rosemary Passion Fruit Oil Oils Essential Oil Seed Oil Carrageenan Extra Virgin Cocoa Butter Phytic Acid Coconut Oil
    23. 23. Natural Alternatives All these natural alternatives are Sunflower Vegetable AVAILABLE. But they are more Oil Chitosan Chamomile Glycerine COSTLY than their synthetic counterparts. Before Human Nature, onlyPassionRICH Citronella Oil Avocado Oils Rosemary Essential Oil Fruit the Oil Seedcould afford these. Now, we are making them available to everyone. Carrageenan Extra Virgin Cocoa Butter Phytic Acid Coconut Oil
    24. 24. FOR THE... Philippines... Environment... Poor... YOU!!!