New Success Mantra


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New Success Mantra

  1. 1. NEW SUCCESS MANTRA-RPCD Amit Sethi ‘Success is a matter of attitude. If you think you can, you are right. Just be passionate about what you think’ - Arindum Chaudhari (Management Guru) There is general saying that you cannot measure success. But first question is what success is. Is it name, fame, money or recognition? The next question arises how can we measure and get success? Everyone in this World is carving for success, but only some of them are actually working for getting it. Success is never same for everyone. It is always positive realization of worthy goal. The first thing to get what you want is to know what you want. So, firstly you have to define success in your own terms. You have to carefully look at what you want to achieve whether it is personal or professional. Goals of the one person can’t be same that of other. So, after deciding what you want then you have to make a plan for achieving the goals by applying these four parameters RPCD which I am going to talk below so that you will get what you want. If it has been already decided then just apply these parameters. All the parameters are interlinked and every one is important for success.
  2. 2. The first parameter is Responsibility. It means you have to be completely responsible for all your actions, behaviors and decisions. You have to take responsibility for your inner values, prioritizing the time and happiness. Whatever the goals you have decided, you have to take responsibility for achieving it. Responsibility does not only mean that you have to take it for yourself but you have to take it for your moods, relationships, friends and treating with others. A person who is not responsible cannot achieve success. So, you have to make others know that you are responsible person. People trust only those who are responsible. Getting the trust and help of others is also pre-requisite for success. The second parameter is Passion towards your goals. There is general saying that ‘If you love your work and you are passionate towards it then it is easy to get it done. Passion comes only when we are responsible and committed for our goals. The most have of successful person in the World succeed because they have burning desire to achieve the success and by this passion comes into their life. So, be passionate whatever you think and whatever you do. Let other people feel that you have lot of energy to do something and by your actions show them your passion. The third parameter is Commitment. Commitment is kind of word which has its great value. In this World, people very easily broke their commitment when they give it to others as well as to themselves. First commitment is towards the GOD and then it comes to you and after it comes to all others. Be committed towards firstly towards yourself and whatever you have decided just do it. You goals must be dealt with full commitment. To others, whenever you give commitment do your best and try not to lose it at any cost. If you think that you will not be able to fulfill commitment then don’t give to others. The fourth and last parameter is Discipline. It is the most important parameters than all above three. All above parameters like responsibility, commitment and passion comes only we are disciplined. You have to be well discipline inner as well as outer towards the goals what you want to achieve. Discipline is a parameter which is most encouraging as well as most difficult to get. You have to win over your mind and lot of effort to inculcate it. But you inculcate it in yourself, and then you can achieve anything.
  3. 3. The other writers have written wrote a lot about the other parameters. But according to me, these are the most important parameters for getting success, Success is only consistency regarding the fundamentals but the important thing is fundamental must be cleared. So, decide firstly what you want to achieve and then apply these RPCD parameters for getting what you want. These principles are not only applicable to business only it is also applicable for your person life and relationships. Apply these parameters in your life and you will be successful. Amit Sethi You can send feedback at and your suggestion are welcomed. This is first article in my life and these are based on my personal experiences. Some others may contradict on the issue but these are totally my personal views. .