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PowerPoint: Choosing a Career


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Choosing a Career
assembled: S Kolber
layout: A. Ballas

PowerPoint: Choosing a Career

  1. 3. What is Biomedical Engineering? It's one of the youngest fields of engineering, in which traditional engineering expertise is blended with medical knowledge to analyze and solve problems in biology and medicine, providing an overall enhancement of healthcare. As such, biomedical engineers need to obtain a fundamental education in areas of both medicine and engineering. For more information Click here.
  2. 4. What does an Aesthetician do? AESTHETICIANS (sometimes spelled ESTHETICIANS) are licensed Skin Care Specialists who treat the facial skin to maintain and improve its appearance. For more information; click here!
  3. 5. What does a network systems and data communications analyst do? Analyze, design, test, and evaluate network systems, such as local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), Internet, intranet, and other data communications systems. Perform network modeling, analysis, and planning. Research and recommend network and data communications hardware and software. Includes telecommunications specialists who deal with the interfacing of computer and communications equipment. May supervise computer programmers. For more information; click here!
  4. 6. What is Biochemist and Biophysicist? Biochemists and biophysicists are biological scientists, professionals who study living organisms and their relationship to the environment. A biochemist studies the chemical composition of living things, while a biophysicist studies how physics, such as electrical and mechanical energy, relates to living cells and organisms. For more information Click here.
  5. 7. What does a Financial Examiner do? Enforces or ensures compliance with laws and regulations governing financial and securities institutions and financial and real estate transactions. May examine, verify correctness of, or establish authenticity of records. For more information Click here.
  6. 8. What does an Athletic Trainer do? Sports or athletic trainers are part of the allied health profession, and work in a variety of ways to either help athletes heal from injuries or to help prevent injuries from occurring while athletes practice or compete. In the US, in order to be an athletic trainer you must complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. Many people in this field also hold master’s degrees and PhDs. For more information Click here.
  7. 9. What does a Medical Scientist do? Medical science is an important health discipline that focuses on maintaining good health and preventing illness and disease. Medical scientists are trained professionals that research a variety of human conditions and diseases to improve health and create new treatment and prevention methods. Medical scientists study human biological systems to develop an understanding of the causes of illnesses, diseases, and other health conditions For more information Click here.
  8. 10. What does a Physical Therapist Aide do? Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) perform a variety of tasks under the direction and supervision of physical therapists. Physical therapist aides, sometimes called physical therapy aides, help make therapy sessions productive. They are supervised by physical therapists or physical therapist assistants. For more information Click here.
  9. 11. What does a Physician’s Assistant do? The role of a physician assistant varies by state, because the way they are able to practice depends on the state laws in which they practice. Physician assistants (P.A.s) are sometimes confused with medical assistants, or nurses. However, physician assistants are much more educationally and clinically advanced than medical assistants, and they don't attend nursing school for their degree. For more information Click here.
  10. 12. What does a Dental Hygienist do? Along with the dentist, the dental hygienist is a healthcare professional that is able to offer services after obtaining the proper licensing or credentials from the appropriate jurisdiction. In most cases, dental hygienists will work as part of a team located at a dentist’s office, performing certain tasks that involve direct patient care. Here are some examples of the types of duties that may be performed by a licensed dental hygienist. For more information Click here.