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Science Tools


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Science Tools

  1. 1. Thermometer : a tool that measures temperature. Balance : used to measure the mass of an object to a know unit of mass. Compass : a tool that uses a magnetized pointer to show magnetic north. Barometer : a weather instrument that measures air pressure. Graduated Cylinder : used to measure the volume of liquids. Science Tools and Equipment
  2. 2. Spring Scale : a tool that measures the pull of gravity on an object. Magnifier : a toll that lets you see things you cannot see with just your eyes. Microscope : a tool that lets you see objects that are too small to see with a magnifier. Petri dish : small, flat, clear dish used to grow mold or bacteria. Safety goggles : for eye protection when working with liquids or other materials that might get into eyes.
  3. 3. Collection net : useful for gathering leaves and other materials needed for investigations. Test tube : a small, narrow glass tube used in an investigation. First aid : band-aids and bandages for safety. Stop watch : a tool used to measure elapsed time. Apron : protective covering for clothes. Bunsen burner : an open-flame heat source used to heat substances in an investigation.
  4. 4. Journal : a record of your science investigation. Hot plate : a warming surface used to heat a substance in an investigation. Flask : a container with a large flat base and narrow spout used to hold liquids. Meter stick : a tool used to measure length or distance in metric units. Telescope : used to observe and study objects in space.
  5. 5. Anemometer : a tool used to measure wind speed or velocity. Eyedropper : used to measure liquids by the drop. Gloves : protective covering for hands. Magnet : an object that attracts iron or steel. Do yo u know your science tools?