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Nick james fresh content


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Nick james fresh content

  1. 1. The moment you launch a website, an emailcampaign a mobile application or content ofany kind you’re a publisher, shouldnt you startacting as one? – Kristina Halvorson, Author, Content Strategy for the Web
  2. 2. Content is why people visit your website. You need to act and behave more like a publisher trying to attract and engage with your audience than a marketing person trying to sell product.
  3. 3. What is content?
  4. 4. Why is fresh content important?  Give search engine crawlers new information to index.  Gain attention of spiders and robots.  Demonstrate authority.  Old content undermines credibility of site.  Each new page is a new entry point.  Each new page (with good content) provides a new page that other sites can link to.  Improve user experience.
  5. 5. What do Search Engines do?
  6. 6. Why is content important? Content is important because it’s what your visitors engage with. It’s also important becausecontent is what the searchengines are interested in aswell. Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions.
  7. 7. Content Strategy Decide who your audience is. Understand what they want. Decide what to communicate. Figure out your tone of voice. Work out where the content is going to come from. Give someone ownership.
  8. 8. UGC
  9. 9. Where can content come from? Image: graur codrin /
  10. 10. Where can content come from?
  11. 11. Where can content come from?
  12. 12. Where can content come from?
  13. 13. Where can content come from?
  14. 14. Where can content come from?
  15. 15. Where can content come from?
  16. 16. Where can content come from? Image: koratmember /
  17. 17. Where can content come from?
  18. 18. Where can content come from?
  19. 19. Where can content come from? Fresh Business Thinking is an association of talented professionals who have a deep understanding of UK small and medium businesses’ considerations and expectations. They thus constantly deliver highly relevant content, both online and offline, for business owners who want to keep an edge over their competition. It is always a pleasure for Microsoft to collaborate with Fresh Business Thinking in events, editorial content, social media, etc. as it is the assurance of highly receptive and demanding audience which forces you to excel at your own contribution. – Cedric Chambaz, EMEA Marketing Lead - SMB Advertising, Microsoft
  20. 20. Where can content come from?
  21. 21. Where can content come from?
  22. 22. Why do people use the Internet? Source: Global Web Index, Oct 2010 Graph:
  23. 23. N The Long TailU Popular and Specific Search TermsMBEROFRESULTS More generic More specific
  24. 24. How important is the Internet to your business?  1.7 billion people online  1/13th of all humans  625 million are ‘active’  That’s a lot of prospects!
  25. 25. Organisations invest tremendous resources ondeveloping the framework for a greater user experience– fabulous design, robust content managementinfrastructure.Yet when it comes to the content itself, there’s often agap. The end result is that the value proposition forcustomers can’t be delivered because the content isinsufficient, inadequate, and inappropriate. – Rahel Bailie, Content Strategist
  26. 26. Search engines are tweaking their algorithms to identify content farmsand sites that consist primarily of spammy or low-quality content. As with everything else in life – if you do it well you’ll be fine – if youtry to cheat or cut corners you’ll be caught and penalised.
  27. 27. Content Is KingContent is where I expect much of thereal money will be made on theInternet, just as it was in broadcasting. – Bill Gates