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Healthcare Solutions Company Saves from PPC Spending with HubSpot

MediPurpose, a healthcare aolutions company, uses HubSpot to save money from spending on paid search and achieve company-wide engagement in content creation.

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Healthcare Solutions Company Saves from PPC Spending with HubSpot

  1. 1. MediPurpose! Case study!
  2. 2. MediPurpose!  KEY  RESULTS   •  Increased organic traffic by 420% •  Accumulated over 210 leads in the past 6 months •  Achieved a 14% total conversion rate for 7 landing pages •  Saved from spending on paid search ABOUT:   MediPurpose  is  a  provider  of  innovative  healthcare  solutions  with  of5ices  in  the  U.S.,   Europe  and  Singapore.    
  3. 3. MediPurpose! Challenge: Combining Product Expertise with SEO Best Practices MediPurpose’s challenge is common for many companies—a growing separation between product experts and website experts. Derek Rudnak, the inbound marketing and communications specialist at MediPurpose, didn’t want his business to suffer from such a division. That is why he sought to get the industry experts involved in content creation. “What we were looking to achieve with HubSpot was to get a company-wide involvement with website design and SEO,” he said.
  4. 4. MediPurpose! Solution: Leverage Team Expertise through CMS, Blogging & Landing Pages HubSpot attracted MediPurpose with its easy-to-use CMS platform enabling everyone at the company to “interact with the website” and add their expertise. People with no SEO experience could create SEO-friendly content and see positive results. “We can constantly improve our website as we gain more intelligence about what it is that we want and what our customers want,” Derek said. “Our philosophy at MediPurpose is that it takes the experience and knowledge of everyone at the company to make this website work,” Derek said. His team members can use HubSpot’s Keyword Grader to perform keyword research and optimize web pages for long-tail keywords.
  5. 5. MediPurpose! Solution: Using Lead Intelligence to Capture Data & Convert More Visitors into Leads The simplicity of the HubSpot blogging platform has also enabled different members at MediPurpose to get involved in writing and understanding the value of each blog post. As direct participants in the content creation process, more MediPurpose employees are now interested in blogging, joining social media and doing inbound marketing. “Information gathering is extremely important to us,” Derek said referring to the different forms featured on the MediPurpose site. He captures and analyzes this information using HubSpot’s lead intelligence and landing pages. Again, the entire company can get involved in this process, which makes their marketing efforts much more effective.
  6. 6. MediPurpose! Results: Tremendous Growth in Organic Traffic In the last six months with HubSpot, MediPurpose has increased organic traffic by 420%, from 160 visits in December to 840 in May. This trend discourages them from investing in Pay-Per-Click. “As we continue to use the HubSpot product to develop organic leads and find out what keywords are attracting people, it just keeps delaying the need to invest in PPC,” Derek said. “The HubSpot product is saving us money, even though it is a product we pay for,” he added.
  7. 7. MediPurpose! Results: Rapid Generation of New Leads Yet the visitor-to-lead conversion rate at MediPurpose keeps growing. “The real metric that matters is conversions and leads, and so far we have also had a lot of success in that respect,” Derek observed. MediPurpose has accumulated over 210 leads just in the past six months.
  8. 8. More about MediPurpose:!! Sign up for a HubSpot demo:!!