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Marketing in the Moment – NYU Guest Lecture with Rob Garner – iCrossing


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"Marketing in the Moment" presented by Rob Garner, Senior Strategy Director, iCrossing, as part of the Master of Science Program in Integrated Marketing at New York University (NYU) on Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Marketing in the Moment – NYU Guest Lecture with Rob Garner – iCrossing

  1. MARKETING IN THE MOMENT June 24, 2010 Rob Garner Guest lecture at NYU 1
  2. Consider this: Much of what we do “right now” shapes who and what we are for the long-term
  3. The web is evolving into a real-time, networked, and synaptic environment
  4. One that is acting more like a digital organism, rather than a mere set of connected nodes
  5. And yet many marketers and brands are still resigned to a passive, rather than active and agile approach to marketing
  6. While they may be connected, they are not fully alive and present
  7. The current state of this evolution is not so much about “social networks”… …as it is about hitting a tipping point with a society that is networked
  8. …exclusion from the network is tantamount to digital non-existence
  9. And that “people” aren't just “searching”… …real people with complex intentions and problems are searching and finding something right now
  10. …through active and passive publishing, there is a profoundly meaningful opportunity to connect
  11. Published content is disseminated instantaneously The fundamental principles of search and network marketing apply
  12. Networks/Social Traditional (Earned & paid media) Externally & socially owned network presence Search Proprietary web site(s) or apps 12
  13. Being “in the moment” is the new nature of marketing
  14. The quality of marketing efforts can be judged on what you are doing “right now”
  15. A few simple truths about the new nature of MARKETING IN THE MOMENT AND CONNECTEDNESS 15
  16. A brand’s identity must embody the spirit of its audience
  17. Brands are now publishers “Publishing” is words, thoughts, status, images, feeds, video, applications, conversation, and more
  18. As a brand, you are what is published about you That means both, “what you say about yourself,” and “what other people say about you.”
  19. Market research will also help you know your audience better
  20. It is a brand’s obligation to listen and act on the data that is provided and available
  21. Brands must engage with their audience and networks
  22. Your organization and audience are your primary networks
  23. It takes a lot of preparation and strategic vision to act in this marketing environment And quite possibly even a core change in marketing philosophy and practice
  24. This is more than just search, social, or internet strategy. Being present and “in the moment” is about marketing strategy
  25. THANK YOU Rob Garner Sr. Strategy Director @robgarner 214.676.2089 25