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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy That Works

  1. Intro to Content Marketing Dale Bertrand, President Chimaera Labs
  2. About Me - Started my career working as an Electrical Engineer - Founded a marketing company for wedding vendors (working evenings) - Transitioned to full-time digital marketing consulting - Founded my current agency Chimaera Labs
  3. About Chimaera Labs • 6 people, based in Kendall Square • Search Marketing – SEO, AdWords Management, PPC • Content Marketing – Content Strategy, Development, and Promotion • Forensic SEO – SEO Audits, Link Audits, Content Audits
  4. Outline 1. Content Marketing Research 2. Content Strategies 1. Content Development 2. Content Promotion
  5. 5 Marcus Sheridan Pool guy turned content marketing guru Why is Content Marketing Important?
  6. Meet Emily: A Mother Searching for the Perfect Preschool
  7. Content Marketing Research
  8. Interview Your Customers
  9. Find Potential Customers in the Wild Where to look: • Niche Blogs • Forums • Social Media • Competitors websites
  10. Keyword Research Make educated guesses about the intent behind the keywords people use to find your product or service.
  11. Talk to Your Sales Team
  12. Customer Analysis Mine existing customer data for information about them.
  13. Content Strategies
  14. Having a blog does NOT mean you’re blogging. – Build relationships – Write engaging content – Aggressively promote your blog 14 Blog For Real
  15. • Cheap, High-quality content • Borrow the expert’s credibility • Experts can help with promotion 15 Interview Awesome People
  16. Why is downloadable content important?: • Acquire valuable email addresses – Lead nurturing and drip campaigns • Demonstrate expertise • Build brand awareness 16 Downloadable Content
  17. How to Create Great Content: 17 Generate Topic Develop Outline Hiring Research/ Writing Publish Track Downloadable Content
  18. Webinars
  19. It’s all about the longform. 19 Host a Webinar Series
  20. 20 Choose Topic Guest Speakers? Scheduling Promotion, Awareness Execution, Feedback Host A Webinar Series
  21. Google Analytics
  22. Content Development
  23. Market Segmentation • Grouping customers with common needs and characteristics • Marketing directly to each segment • Speak directly to customers’ needs and increase conversion rates
  24. When you try to target everyone you target no one
  25. Editorial Process
  26. Targeted Content
  27. Content Marketing at Scale Process, process, process.
  28. Search Engine Optimization
  29. Algorithmic Ranking Factors
  30. 100 Billion Searches Each Month!
  31. Organic vs. Paid Search
  32. Click-Through Rates Why such a substantial CTR drop off? • Refined search rather than scrolling • Searchers are satisfiers not optimizers • People assume the best results are first
  33. Content Promotion
  34. WHY?: •Gain exposure •Gain credibility •Get links •Increase traffic •Build relationships 35 Targeted Content Syndication
  35. Outreach and Promotion Where else do your visitors spend time online?
  36. Social Media
  37. Authorship may become more important than links 38 Pay Attention to Google Authorship
  38. Link Building • Build personas for your link targets • What content would they link to?
  39. Dale Bertrand President, Chimaera Labs