Objectives of the study


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Objectives of the study

  1. 1. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY <br />Following are the objectives of the study: <br />1.    To know the most effective  media of advertisement<br />2.    To find out the reasons for liking the advertisement of cold drinks.<br />3.    To find out the most popular slogan of advertisement regarding cold drinks. <br /> <br />Research Methodology<br />Research is voyage from known to unknown<br />Research is a procedure of logical and systematic application of the fundamentals of science to the general and overall questions of a study and scientific technique which provide precise tools, specific procedure and technical rather than philosophical means for getting and ordering the data prior to their logical analysis and manipulation. Different type of research designs is available depending upon the nature of research project, availability of able manpower and circumstances.<br />Methodology<br />1.          Research Design: The research design is the blueprint for the fulfillment of objectives and answering questions. It is a master plan specifying the method and procedures for collecting and analyzing needed information.<br />o   Descriptive Research is used in this study as the main aim is to describe characteristics of the phenomenon or a situation.<br />2.  Data Collection Methods: The source of data includes primary and secondary data sources.<br />Primary Sources: Primary data has been collected directly from sample respondents through questionnaire and with the help of interview.<br />Secondary Sources: Secondary data has been collected from standard textbooks, Newspapers, Magazines & Internet.<br />3. Research Instrument: Research instrument used for the primary data collection is Questionnaire.<br />4. Sample Design: Sample design is definite plan determine before any data is actually obtaining for a sample from a given population. The researcher must decide the way of selecting a sample. Samples can be either probability samples or non-probability samples.<br />Sampling Technique:  Convenience<br />Sample Size: 50 Respondents.<br />Area of Study: Yamuna Nagar.<br /> MARKET PROFILE<br /> (Coca Cola)<br />Brands of Coca- Cola <br />i)           Coca Cola <br />ii)          Thums-up <br />iii)         Limca<br />iv)         Fanta<br />v)          Maaza<br />vi)         Maaza Tetra<br />vii)        Sprite<br />Flavours of the brand  :<br />i)           Cola<br />ii)          Lemon<br />iii)         Soda<br />iv)         Orange<br />v)          Mango<br />vi)         Clear Lemon<br /> <br />Size of the Coca Cola cold drinks available in market<br />i)         200 ml Bottles (RGB Glasses)<br />ii)        300 ml Bottles (RGB Glasses)<br />iii)       500 ml Bottles (RGB Glasses)<br />iv)       1 Litre (PVC Bottles)<br />v)        1.5 Litre (PVC Bottles)<br />vi)       2 Litre (PVC Bottles)<br /> <br />Sales of Coca Cola  Cold drinks<br />Coca ColaCold drinksWeekly (in carets)Monthly(in carets)Yearly(in carets)Coca Cola 520184022400Fanta 250103012900Thums-up350135018500Limca380121016300Maaza Tetra803806200Sprite 702805000Maaza12069010000<br />(Primary data)<br />There is more consumption of Coca Cola and has 70%  market  share in the Yamunanagar city and  Coca Cola is having maximum consumption and after that Thumps-up and after it Limca cold drink in the market and all the products has good sale but less than these.<br />Brands of Pepsi<br />i)                   Pepsi Cola <br />ii)                 Mirinda Lemon<br />iii)               Mirinda Orange<br />iv)               Pepsi Soda <br />v)                 Pepsi Apple<br />Flavours of the brand  :<br />i)                   Cola<br />ii)                 Lemon<br />iii)               Orange <br />iv)               Soda<br />v)                 Apple <br /> <br />Size of the Pepsi cold drinks available in market<br />vi)               200 ml Bottles (RGB Glasses)<br />vii)             300 ml Bottles (RGB Glasses)<br />viii)           500 ml Bottles (500 pt. Bottles)<br />ix)               1 Litre (PVC Bottles)<br />x)                 1.5 Litre (PVC Bottles)<br />xi)               2 Litre (PVC Bottles)<br /> <br />Sales of Pepsi Cold drinks<br />Pepsi Cold drinksWeekly (in carets)Monthly(in carets)Yearly(in carets)Pepsi430175021600Mirinda Lemon 390118015400Mirinda Orange245100013600Pepsi Soda1264706000Pepsi Apple1204005000    <br />(Primary Data)<br />The consumption of Pepsi cola, after this sale of Mirinda Lemon is there and after it Mirinda Orange is there and the market share is  less of Pepsi in comparison of Coca Cola.<br />TABLE 4.1<br />RESPONDENT'S CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO AGE<br />Age (in years)No. of respondentsPercentage11-20224421-40255041-6036Total50100<br />          Table 4.1 shows that 44% of the respondents are in the age group of 11-20, 50% are in the age group of 21-40 and  6% are in the age group of 41-60. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />TABLE 4.2<br />RESPONDENT'S CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO SEX<br />SexNo. of respondentsPercentageMale 3060Female2040Total50100<br />           Table 4.2 shows that 60% of the respondents are males and 40% of them are females <br />TABLE 4.3 <br />RESPONDENT'S CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION<br />QualificationNo. of respondentsPercentageIlliterate --Below Matric--Matric510Graduate 2958Post graduate1632Total50100<br />          Table 4.3 reveals that out of 50 respondents 5 are matriculate and 29 are Graduate and rest of them 16 are post graduate. <br />TABLE 4.4 <br />DRINKING OF COLD DRINK<br />Do you take cold drinks No. of respondentsPercentageYes 50100No--Total50100<br />          Table 4.4  reveals that all the respondents are drinking cold drinks. <br />TABLE 4.5<br />FREQUENCY OF TAKING COLD DRINKS <br />HOW FREQUENTLY YOU DRINKNo. of respondentsPercentageOnce a day1530Twice a day24More than twice12Not regular drunker3264Total50100<br />          Table 4.5  reveals that 30% of the respondents drink it once a day, 4% twice a day, 2% more than twice and 32% drink it no regularly.<br />TABLE 4.6<br />NAME OF THE COLD DRINKS AVAILABLE IN MARKET<br />Name of cold drinksNo. of respondentsPercentageCoca cola--Pepsi--Fanta--Limca--Mirinda--Thums-up--Canada dry--Maaza--Dew--All of above 50100Total50100<br />          Table 4.6  reveals that all of the respondents are of the view that all the above mentioned cold drinks are available in the market.<br /> TABLE 4.7<br />PREFERENCE OF COLD DRINK<br />Which cold drink you like mostNo. of respondentsPercentageCoca cola1224Pepsi1224Fanta12Limca714Mirinda12Thums-up1020Canada dry48Maaza36Dew--Total50100<br /> <br />          Table 4.7  indicate that out of 50 respondents 12 like  Coca cola, 12 like Pepsi, 7 like  Limca, 1 like Fanta, 1 like  Mirinda, 10 like Thums-up, 4 like Canada dry and 3 like Maaza.<br />TABLE 4.8 <br />FLAVOURS OF COLD DRINKS<br />Flavours No. of respondentsPercentageCola3060Lemon714Orange714Mango24Others 48Total50100<br />          Table 4.8  shows that out of 60% of the respondents like the cola flavour of cold drink, 14% like the Lemon flavour and same percentage of respondents like the orange flavour of cold drink. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />TABLE 4.9<br />ADVERTISEMENT OF COLD DRINK <br />Do you think advertisement of cold drink is requiredNo. of respondentsPercentageYes 4896No24Total50100<br />          Table 4.9  indicate that 96% of the respondents are of the view that they have been the advertisement of the cold drink they like most while 4% shows that they don’t have seen the advertisement they like most .<br />TABLE 4.10 <br />MEDIA OF ADVERTISEMENT<br />THROUGH WHICH MEDIA YOU HAVE SEEN IT?No. of respondentsPercentageTV4692Newspaper24Magazine 12Other12Total50100<br />          Table 4.10  reveals that 92% of the respondents are of opinion that they have seen the advertisement on TV while 4% are of the opinion that they have seen the advertisement through newspaper. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />TABLE 4.11<br />NO. OF ADVERTISEMENT <br />How many advertisements you seen are of the most likely cold drink by youNo. of respondentsPercentage11122214283112241428Total50100<br />          Table 4.11  shows that out of the 50 respondents 11 are of view that there is 1 type of advertisement and other says that there are more than one type. <br />TABLE 4.12<br />SLOGAN OF COLD DRINK <br />Slogan of cold drink which you likeNo. of respondentsPercentageTaste the thunder1224Yara Da tashan1428Yeh dil mange more1632Jo chahe ho jaye, coca cola enjoy816Total50100<br />          Table 4.12 shows that out of 50 respondents 12 like the slogan 'taste the thunder' ,14 like 'Yara da tashan', 16 like 'yeh dil mange more' and 8 like the slogan 'Jo chahe ho jaye coca cola enjoy'. <br />TABLE 4.13<br />REASON FOR LIKING THE ADVERTISEMENT<br />Why you like advertisementNo. of respondentsPercentageIts theme and making is appealable3060It has film stars714Because of good music714Other reasons612Total50100<br />Table 4.13 shows that majority of the respondents like the advertisement due to its theme while majority of the respondents like the advertisement due to its film stars and good music. <br />TABLE 4.14<br />EFFECT OF ADVERTISEMENT ON CONSUMPTION OF COLD DRINK <br />Do you think ads. Effect the consumption of cold drinkNo. of respondentsPercentageYes 2346No17354Cann't say1020Total50100<br />          Table 4.14 shows that 46% of the respondents are of the view that advertisement forced them to consume product more 34% of them has  view that advertisement don’t force them to consume the product while 20% of them cannot say anything about it. <br />TABLE 4.15<br />BEST MEDIA OF ADVERTISEMENT <br />Which Media Presently Is More EffectivelyNo. of respondentsPercentageTV50100Newspaper --Magazine--Others --Total50100<br /> <br />          Table 4.15 reveals that 100% of the respondents are of the view that presently the TV is most effective media of advertisement.<br />TABLE 4.16 <br />NECESSITY OF ADVERTISEMENT <br />DO YOU THINK THE ADVERTISEMENT IS NECESSARY FOR COLD DRINKS?No. of respondentsPercentageNecessary1428Very necessary3468Can’t say24Total50100<br />          Table 4.16 shows that highest number of respondents are of the view that advertisement is very necessary for cold drinks while few respondents are of the view that advertisement is necessary. <br />TABLE 4.17 <br />EFFECTIVENESS OF EXPENDITURE INCURRED ON ADVERTISEMENT <br />Does expenditure should be incurred on advertisementNo. of respondentsPercentageYes 4386No24Can’t say510Total50100<br /> <br />          Table 4.17 shows that 86% of the respondents are of the view that the expenditure incurred on advertisement is effective in adding the profit while 4% denied the same and 10% did not reply.<br />TABLE 4.18 <br />REASONS FOR DIFFERENCE OF ADVERTISEMENT EFFECTIVENESS<br />WHICH REASON YOU FIND FOR THE DIFFERENCE OF ADVERTISEMENT EFFECTIVENESSNo. of respondentsPercentageEducation2040Liking1020Standard of Living1020Level of Development1020Total50100<br />          Table 4.18 shows that  40% of the respondents say education is one of the main reason of Advertisement effectiveness while equal % of the respondents are in the favour of likings, standars of living and level of development<br />TABLE 4.19 <br />ADD EFFECTIVENESS AND IMPROVEMENT IN ADVERTISEMENT <br />WILL THE STUDY OF EFFECTIVENESS WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO IMPROVEMENT OF PRESENT ADVERTISEMENTNo. of respondentsPercentageYes 4590No12Cannot say410Total50100<br />Table 4.19 shows that the majority of the respondents are of the view that the study of effectiveness contributes the improvement in present advertisement. <br />TABLE 4.20 <br />NECESSITY OF ADVERTISEMENT EFFECTIVENESS<br />IS ADVERTISEMENT EFFECTIVENESS IS NECESSARY FOR COMPANY?No. of respondentsPercentageYes 4896No12Can’t say12Total50100<br />          Table 4.20 reveals that majority of the respondents say that the advertisement effectiveness is necessary while same did not replied. <br />TABLE 4.21 <br />USERS OF ADVERTISEMENT EFFECTIVENESS<br />THE USE STUDY OF EFFECTIVENESS IS FOR WHOM?No. of respondentsPercentageFor company3468For employees12For customers 1530None of these --Total50100<br />Table 4.21 indicates that 68% of the respondents are of the view that the study of effectiveness is meant for company while 30% say that it is meant for customers.<br />