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Discovering Honolulu Data


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Data Discovery Day
Ken Schmidt
City and County of Honolulu

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Discovering Honolulu Data

  1. 1. Mufi Hannemann, Mayor Discovering Honolulu Data Ken Schmidt, Administrator Honolulu Land Information System Department of Planning and Permiting
  2. 2. Information is a Critical Asset
  3. 3. A Critical Business Process
  4. 4. Mr. Know-It-All
  5. 5. Strategic Plan Linking the Goals and Tactical objectives to the Individual Projects with ability to define performance measures. Increase Productivity Easier Work Processes Eliminate Time Consuming Data Entry Enhance Internet Permit Application Program IBPA Update Phase 1 to 3
  6. 6. Information Business Components Products and Services Data $ Financial ` Personnel Hardware/Software
  7. 7. GeoSpatial Data Geometric and Cartographic Features 107’ 107’ Vectors Topology Dimensions Surveys ABC Networks Images Annotation CAD Drawings 27 Main St. 3D Objects Attributes Addresses Terrain
  8. 8. Geo-Spatial Data Everything is located somewhere! GIS is a visualization of information at a location.
  9. 9. Holis FY07 Product and Services Statistics New Parcel Geo-database (new data delivered and installed) 2,800 plat maps converted + 310 insets 180,095 lots 649,381 parcel dimension annotation 46,638 easement 15,501 land title lines Storm Drain Update 32,864 new features added Maps Produced 802 maps – 56.6% increase Batch data update processing 4000 property owner updates a month Aerial Imagery – 500 GB of digital aerial and satellite imagery installed NGA USI-Hawaii Other – Ikonos, Digital Globe New GIS Interfaces City View Professional (ArcMap 9) 200 GIS Users throughout the City CityView Web - beta
  10. 10. Holis FY07 Product and Services Statistics POSSE Jobs Created POSSE Data Created 68,328 – FY06 3.390 M – FY06 62,770 – FY05 3.115 M – FY05 66,139 - FY04 3.282 M – FY04 67,910- FY03 3.370 M – FY03 55,675 – FY02 2.762 M – FY02 50,485 – FY01 2.505 M – FY01 Total = 371,307 jobs Total = 18,426,803 records
  11. 11. Honolulu Geo-Spatial Data Geographic Categories, Themes, and Layers Subdivision/Cadastral Base Maps Tax Assessment Designations & Values Land Ownership Building Facilities and Addresses Master Planning Designations Regulatory Land Use Designations Land Use & Activities Socio-Economic & Demographic Data Infrastructure & Utilities Public Recreational Facilities Health and Human Service Facilities Topographic contours Surface terrain models Transportation Corridors/Address Ranges Flood and Natural Hazards Natural and Environmental Resources
  12. 12. Honolulu Geo-Spatial Data Key New Features Parcel Views Parcel History Building Structures Easements Storm Drains Hi-Resolution Imagery NAD83 HARN
  13. 13. Business Products and Services OMB - GeoSpatial technologies is Line of Business (LOB)
  14. 14. Geo-Data Maintenance and Updates Reengineering Base Map maintenance operations. Base Map needed for all City agencies and operations.
  15. 15. Critical Business Processes Map Production Essential to policy decision making. Report, Presentation, Location maps. Visualization of geographic information.
  16. 16. Business Products and Services Geo-Project Development and Support Geospatial Analysis Spatial Analysis and Model Building Geo-Statistics Vital for good policy formulation and issue analysis
  17. 17. Project Plan Federal and State Data Sharing Utility and Private and Infrastructure Public Cooperatives Partnerships City GIS Aerial Imagery Steering GIS Coordination and Elevation Flood Committee Data Enterprise Zones Parcel and Architecture Basemap Integration Maintenance Regulatory and ArcGIS Land Use Upgrades and Technology GeoData Management Infrastructure and Maintenance Street Installs Addressing Public Safety and Critical GIS Server Facilites Upgrades and Storm Drain System Updates Administration GeoProducts and Services Tax Plat Building and E911 Automation Facility Data Emergency Map Response Production Interface CityView 9 CIP ArcIMS City GIS Web interface Site
  18. 18. Holis FY08 Product and Services Statistics POSSE Products HonLINE 18% of Building Permits issued on-line (over Number of On-Line Building 200) Permits Issued by Month $21,767 revenue/month 300 147 manhours saved in 1 month Web Site Enhancements 250 1.8 M hits per month ALL of Building Permit applications submitted 200 on-line #of OBP's Over $16M revenues from permits. 150 S GISWRs 100 Work Requests - 450 Data Maintenance – 341 Completed 50 Map Production - 802 Other Projects Completed 0 Jan-07 Feb-07 Mar-07 Apr-07 May-07 Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct-07 Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08
  19. 19. Tao of Pooh Plans Change. Things work out in the end. Small efforts working together make large contributions. Realize sometimes you make mistakes. Wu Wei
  20. 20. Geospatial Data Availability Go to Various data freely available for download Nightly updates for parcel, zoning, streets, and sewer data files. Key layers have been converted to NAD83 HARN (finally!)
  21. 21. Face Page Interactive Display Data Downloads
  22. 22. Face Page Interactive Display Data Downloads
  23. 23. readme contents
  24. 24. Cadastral Data Tables Updated Weekly Asmtgis – Land/building assessed value and exemption (summary) Asmtpitt - Land/Building assessed value and exemption (sub-totaled by land use classification ‘splits’) Ownmlt – Ownership records (multiple) Owndat – Ownership records Legdat – Parcel legal area and unit number Siteaddress – situs address assigned at time of permit
  25. 25. Table Details ASMTGIS This table downloaded from BFS Real Property Assessment on a weekly schedule. Real Property Assessment Value/Exemption Table. This table contains the total (summary) values for assessment and exemption. ASMTPITT Real Property Assessment Tax Class (Pitt) Code Table. May contain more than 1 record on a parcel where a parcel has 2 or more distinct Tax class codes. In this case, the assessed values and areas will not be the total value but a sub value determined for that particular tax code area. See ASMTGIS for total (summary) values for assessment and area on a parcel. OWNDAT This table downloaded from BFS weekly. It contains the first recorded owner on the parcel. There should be one record for every parid. See ownmlt table for other owners. OWNMLT This table downloaded from BFS Real Property Assessment on a weekly schedule. It contains additional owners where more than one is listed in the deed for the parcel. Does not contain first recorded owner. See OWNDAT for first recorded owner. LEGDAT This table downloaded from BFS Real Property Assessment on a weekly schedule. Legal Data Table. This table contains the unit number and total legal area for the Parcel. SITEADDRESS This table is composed of building addresses maintained by CCH DPP. It is downloaded from the Posse Permit system on a weekly schedule.
  26. 26. It takes people to create knowledge