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The Getty, Los Angeles, California


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Photos and factoids about The Getty Center in Los Angeles, California.

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The Getty, Los Angeles, California

  2. 2. A visit to the Getty begins with a ride on the cabled hovertrain funicular.
  3. 3. The destination? A world class museum and research facility…
  4. 4. …stunning in its unique curvilinear design elements…
  5. 5. …outside…
  6. 6. …and in.
  7. 7. This design element carries over into the gardens…
  8. 8. …and compliments panoramic views of the City of Los Angeles.
  9. 9. Inviting spaces encourage visitors to linger.
  10. 10. And we haven’t even mentioned the art!
  11. 11. These attractions draw over 1 million visitors annually.
  12. 12. The Architect?
  13. 13. The Landscape Artist?
  14. 14. ROBERT IRWIN
  15. 15. The Vertical Transportation Consultant?
  16. 16. Are you kidding?