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Voice thread

  1. 1. VOICETHREAD Participation is not optional!
  2. 2. WHY VOICETHREAD VoiceThread offers a natural online interaction that lends itself to students presenting and defending their work before experts and peers.  Educause Learning Initiative Reflect on your experience with the Discussion Board…  Thoughts? What are the limitations? Easy integration of voice and other types of media for commenting on an original artifact.
  3. 3. WEB 2.0 AND CLOUD Web 2.0  Collaborating and Creating – not Consuming  “Utilizing and developing content is no longer about being experimental; it has become the mark of a world-class institution,” NMC 2011 Horizon Report. Cloud computing  Delivery of computing as a service – not a product  Shared resources, software, and information provided over a network (cloud) – typically the Internet  You don’t need to be concerned about where the service is or how it is configured  Benefits… empowerment, agility, reliability, performance, security, scalability, maintenance
  4. 4. VOICETHREAD STRATEGIES Conversations around almost any type of file  Images (jpg, gif, png, bmp, svg)  VoiceThread allows zooming – 1280 x 960 is ideal size  Videos (QT, WMV, AVI)  QuickTime alone can be encoded by some 40 codecs – VoiceThread will play most – but test to be sure  Upload videos that precisely match the native size of a VoiceThread – 600 x 450 pixels  Documents (doc, docx, pdf, odt, xls, xlsx, ods)  A simple right click on any page of the document allows download for print of the entire document  Presentation (ppt, pptx, odp, pdf)  Original file stored, VoiceThread breaks into individual pages
  5. 5. ADDING VIDEO TO VOICETHREAD To include YouTube or TeacherTube videos in your VoiceThread, download to your computer first  KeepVID is probably the easiest way to save these types of videos to your desktop To include a TED Talk…  Choose the TED Talk  Choose the Download link  Follow the directions in the Download this talk! Dialog box  This may take a bit of time!
  6. 6. VOICETHREAD IMPLEMENTATIONS ePortfolios Online Lectures Debates! Professional Development Tutoring Language Practice Project-Based Learning Collaboration
  7. 7. VOICETHREAD COMPONENTSMyVoice Course Groups  From Garth & Bev Kind of like your  Creating and Using  email inbox Coursehttp://blog.garthandbev.tv Groups Holds all the  Copy the Group’s link /2010/09/is-the-pencil- VoiceThread magic/ and share it via email, conversations you create, participate in, web, or print or subscribe to  You can drag and drop Represented by members between thumbnails groups Tutorials
  8. 8. FIRST STEPS Create your new Group Click the New+ icon – give the group a name and optionally add a description for the group in the Describe your Group dialog box Add your group members  Add to Contacts first, then drag to Group Copy the link and send via email, add to a website, course materials, etc. After the Group is created, click on a VoiceThread and drag it onto the Group’s name on the left – your VoiceThread is instantly shared with everyone in your Group!
  9. 9. CREATE YOUR VOICETHREAD AddingUpload Resources Narration/Comments Upload from  Choose the slide you  Your computer want to add comments  Media sources to  Click the Comment (includes My VoiceThreads, Flickr, button Facebook, and The  Click the Comment New York Public button on the slide Library) and choose Record,  URL (of a file to add) Type, or Upload a  My Webcam comment from a file, webcam or phone
  10. 10. CREATE YOUR VOICETHREADText Option Share  Get a Link to share or Type your comment / select your group or narrative individual contacts set Notice the color wheel at up earlier the right of the slide Choose a color if you want to draw an arrow, underline text in the document, etc. Click Save
  11. 11. PLAYBACK OPTIONS Wait 4 seconds before turning the slide – you can set the number of seconds Check Options  Start playing when opened?  Show fullscreen when opened?  Allow others to download original images and documents?  Hide final share slide?  Allow others to Export?  Allow others to Make a Copy?
  12. 12. VOICETHREAD OPTIONSExport Embed  Embed codes for Export an Archival Facebook, Twitter, Movie version of this Yahoo, Blogger, VoiceThread to save, iGoogle, Netvibes, and share, and view offline others on your computer, TV,  Make your choice, iDevice. choose the red Copy There is a cost for button for the embed some of these code
  13. 13. PUBLISHING OPTIONS Check list options  Allow anyone to View?  Allow anyone to Comment?  Moderate Comments?  Show on Browse page? You’llsee that your VoiceThread is currently private, and no one else can see it. You are the only person who can edit this VoiceThread.
  14. 14. EDITING AN EXISTINGVOICETHREAD Go to MyVoice Notice that your VoiceThreads each have a menu option in the lower right hand corner Click on the menu option – you’ll see Delete, Make a Copy, Share, and Edit as your options Choose Edit
  15. 15. VOICETHREAD ACCOUNTSProducts Decisions… Free  Free – limited K-12  Single Educator K-12  Educators, Schools, - $60.00/year, Districts, States $15.00/month Higher Ed  Single Instructor  Professors, Departments, Higher Ed - $99/year Universities  Business – negotiated Business  Pro - $59.95/year Pro
  16. 16. WHY VOICETHREAD? Meaningful technology integration has been defined as curricula utilizing authentic tasks that intentionally and actively help learners to construct their own meanings from thinking about experiences and allows for more multidisciplinary project approaches (Jonassen, et. al. 1999). Integration has been defined not by the amount or type of technology used, but by how and why it is used (Earle, 2002).
  17. 17. Questions ?