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Build and Activate a Dynamite Development Plan


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One of the most important tools for an organization is its development plan. But building an effective plan can be a difficult challenge. And once you have the perfect plan, how can you secure buy-in and activate the fundraising team?

You need a Dynamite Strategic Development Plan.

In this session you will discover five steps that guarantee your organization stays on track to reach its fundraising goals and what you need to do to get all members of your fundraising team actively producing effective results. Whether you are heading up a multi-year effort, setting your annual development plan, or building your first fundraising project, this session will clear the clutter, focus your efforts, get and keep everyone oriented towards your goals.

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Build and Activate a Dynamite Development Plan

  1. 1. Build and Activate a Dynamite Development Plan
  2. 2. Who we are Heidi Hancock, CFRE Jonathan Spinner
  3. 3. What do you want to get out of today? How can we help you with your fundraising?
  4. 4. Dynamite Development Plans Rod Waddington
  5. 5. Dynamite Development Plans
  6. 6. Dynamite Development Plans
  7. 7. Identify Real Opportunities ● History is a great predictor... to a point ● It’s all about the activities ● Who’s providing the funds ○ no really... exactly who? ● How much for each Who or What ● Build the list Get started right
  8. 8. What’s the Deal?
  9. 9. All about the Balance ● Acquisition ● Retention ● Renewal ● Upgrade
  10. 10. Try this at Home
  11. 11. Pick the right Fundraising
  12. 12. Set Your Methods ● Figure your cost-per-dollar raised Program name total time ___________________ _________(hrs) total expenses/total $ received Cp$R ______________/______________ = ___________
  13. 13. Get me the money... FAST!
  14. 14. Calendar it! ● Schedule fundraising activities on the calendar ○ events ○ campaigns ○ thematic messages ■ everything from large events like an annual gala to individual phone calls to set a meeting can go on the calendar ● Note benchmarks (¼, monthly, daily to-dos?) ● Share the calendar ● Use dates to motivate and keep yourself and others on track
  15. 15. Get your Board on Board
  16. 16. Set specific benchmarks and goals 1) Fill in the scary gaps with a preview ★ You’re the tour guide ■ Build an itinerary ■ Be sure to include financial benchmarks in your itinerary 2) Prepare an equipment list ★ What do they need to bring on the trip 3) Sum it up with numbers
  17. 17. DYN - O - MITE!!! ★ Step 1 – Identify Opportunities ★ Step 2 – Balance Acquisition, Retention, Renewal and Upgrade ★ Step 3 – Set your Methods ★ Step 4 – Calendar it! ★ Step 5 – Set Specific Benchmarks and Goals
  18. 18. And…. ACTIVATE!
  19. 19. Everyone Loves a Good Story
  20. 20. Just Add Narrative ✓ Many Stories in a Campaign, used at different times ✓ Not only the Case Statement ✓ Remember to Listen Harder, Pay Attention! ✓ The more you listen, the more you can “personalize” the Campaign ✓ Don’t Assume, Don’t Allude
  21. 21. What did you say to ME?
  22. 22. Everyone has Something Special to Say
  23. 23. The Key - Individual Narratives 1. Give each stakeholder the chance to create their own narrative 2. Provide guidelines and key phrases as “hooks” 3. Listen to their responses and reinvent the Case Statement and your own narrative
  24. 24. Getting Buy-In
  25. 25. Narratives Come in Many Forms: ✓ The Development Director’s Gift Matrix ✓ The CEO’s Program Plans ✓ Each Volunteer’s Own Story of Why They’ re Involved ✓ The Program Staff’s Goals Getting Buy-In
  26. 26. Listening and Telling
  27. 27. Say What? 55%of information is gathered from body language
  28. 28. Say What? 30%of information is gathered from tone of voice
  29. 29. Say What? 15%of information is gathered from actual words
  30. 30. Interactive Exercise!
  31. 31. Intensive Listening Exercise ✓ Tell your story of “how you got here” in five minutes ✓ Your partner will give “just the facts” back to you in two minutes ✓ Reverse roles ✓ Did they get your story right – did you get theirs?
  32. 32. Results!
  33. 33. DYN - O - MITE!!! ★ Step 1 – Identify Opportunities ★ Step 2 – Balance Acquisition, Retention, Renewal and Upgrade ★ Step 3 – Set your Methods ★ Step 4 – Calendar it! ★ Step 5 – Set Specific Benchmarks and Goals
  34. 34. All Together Now! ✓ Personal Narrative ✓ Who’s your Audience ✓ Get the Buy-in ✓ Listen and Tell
  35. 35. Fire Up a Flare! Need Help With a Creating or Activating a Dynamite Plan? Take Advantage of Our AFP-RI Conference Discount! Save $!!
  36. 36. More ways to ramp it up
  37. 37. More ways to ramp it up Use Coupon Code AFPRI2014
  38. 38. Any questions?
  39. 39. Reach Out and Touch Someone Heidi Hancock, CFRE Toll Free 1-800-485-0742 email: Jonathan Spinner, PhD. 1-860-674-9528 email: