Objective Setting - MANAGEMENT PROCESS


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Next topic on Management Process. Objective setting is critical in the management process. If the objective set is practically feasible, it is good and can be met.

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Objective Setting - MANAGEMENT PROCESS

  1. 1. MANAGEMENT PROCESS H Ramasubramanian Objective setting
  2. 2. Presentation by Objective setting . 2UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS
  3. 3. Presentation by Objective setting . 3UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS
  4. 4. Presentation by Objective setting . 4UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS
  5. 5. Presentation by Objective setting . 5UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS
  6. 6. Presentation by Objective setting . 6UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS
  7. 7. Presentation by Objective setting . 7UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS Networking of Objectives • Objectives and planning programs are co-existential and co-relational. • They support one another to form a network of expected outcomes and results. • If the objectives are not linked with each other and if they do not support one another, • It is possible that individuals may carryout their plans, keeping in mind only their individual or departmental goals. • This may be harmful for the organisation.
  8. 8. Presentation by Objective setting MBO was introduced in the 1950s by Drucker. Objective setting is necessary and important Participative goal setting, self control and self evaluation are important. 8UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS
  9. 9. Presentation by Objective setting . 9UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS Step 1: Set Goals Take Corrective Action Review Progress Step 3: Review Progress Appraise Performance Step 4: Appraise Overall Performance Action Plans Step 2: Develop Action Plans • Corporate Strategic Goals • Departmental Goals • Individual Goals
  10. 10. Presentation by Objective setting . 10UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS Benefits of MBO Problems with MBO 1. Manager and employee efforts are focused on activities that will lead to goal attainment. 1. Constant change prevents MBO from taking hold. 2. Performance can be improved at all company levels. 2. An environment of poor employer- employee relations reduces MBO effectiveness. 3. Employees are motivated. 3. Strategic goals may be displaced by operational goals. 4. Departmental and individual goals are aligned with company goals. 4. Mechanistic organizations and values that discourage participation can harm the MBO process. 5. Too much paperwork saps MBO energy.
  11. 11. Presentation by Objective setting . 11UNIT–4 Objective setting - MANGEMENT PROCESS