scope of reuse of sewage for baroda city stc risk analysis solar photovoltaics renewable energy sources incineration biomedicalwaste department profile unit operation treatment of industrial waste water biological rem treatment & disposal of waste wate routine analysis of wastewaters quality parameters recent advances in new separation technology r e a c t o r s & its kinetics biological treatment processes biological wastewater treatment processes ceia cdm workshop comparative study of cyclic activated sludge and c concept of cetp ecological sanitation udd toilet microbial removal during sewage treatment need of tertiary treatment for anaerobic wastewate phytoremediation an option for tertiary treatment of sewage volatile organic compounds (vocs) and its removal recent trends in environmental management strategi petrochemical and f roorkee battery waste and it 222 s management mercury pollution hazardous waste mangement in pulp and paper indust site selection and environmental aspects of hazard electronic waste management incineration of hazardous wastes bioremediation for hazardous wastes plastic waste management wet air oxidation of hazardous waste hazardous wastes and its management hazards of industrialisation and urbanisation design of common hazardous waste treatment bio medical waste management & handling overview on hazardous waste management in india cement industries ehs consideration capture of carbondioxide ehs management issues& challenges safety ehs pulp & paper indutry hazard identification & characterization harards of oily waste & its management water quality monitoring environmental acts ehs management concept & realities iit roorkee fire safety in building pinch analysis_a tool for efficient use of energy sustainable development – a critical environmen summarization of environmental impact assessment socio economic impacts risk assesment noise environment impact analysis introduction to water pollution parameters hazardous waste ( management & handling ) rules environmental impact assessment methodology air pollution
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