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MobiU2012 Summit: Mobile Everything - Opening Address


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Hugh Jedwill, Executive Director, Heartland Mobile Council, opens the 3rd Annual Mobile University Summit

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MobiU2012 Summit: Mobile Everything - Opening Address

  1. 1. Welcome Session Hugh Jedwill CEO, Mobile Anthem @mobilebrandingExecutive Director, Heartland Mobile Council @heartlandmobile #MobiU2012 Presented by the Heartland Mobile Council
  2. 2. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileWhy the HMC Exists• Know marketing • Know technology• Can throw a good party • Can throw a good hackathon• Branding, awareness, loyalty • Downloads, pageviews, scansMarketing conferences cover the best brand case studies, Mobileconferences covers the latest technology potential
  3. 3. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile TM The Heartland Mobile Council is a Chicago-based non-profit whose mission isto educate brands on how to use mobile effectively The confluence of retailers,Our Belief researchers and agencies CPG brands, – combined with the presence of the “average consumer” – The HMC is the Trusted Partner to Educate Brands make Chicago and the Heartland the ideal location to learn how on how to use Mobile to utilize mobile technologies to reach the average consumer
  4. 4. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileAbout The Heartland Mobile Council• Our Mobile UniversityTM programs have SOLD OUT Seminars: SOLD OUT. Mobile Couponing, 4/25; Mobile & Moms, 6/21 Summit: SOLD OUT.
  5. 5. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Mobile University Promise• Safe Learning Environment • HMC is a non-profit • 100% volunteers • Brand Speakers have nothing to sell• Comprehensive Curriculum • Purposeful selection of topics • Topics determine who speaks (typically vice versa) • Broad education covers core subjects• Experiential Learning • Lifestyle Technologies, Charities & Arts/Entertainment • Insights into everyday use • Learning by doing
  6. 6. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Mobile University Theme: Mobile Everything“So what used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket,what fits in your pocket now willfit inside a blood cell in 25 years”- Ray Kurzwell, Futurist
  7. 7. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Mobile University Theme: Mobile Everything• 2000 Mobile Marketing was…a 12 city event tour• 2004 Mobile Marketing was…premium text messages• 2008 Mobile Marketing was…mobile ads• 2010 Mobile Marketing was…mobile apps• 2012 Mobile Marketing is…mCommerce, LBS, mWeb, mSearch, mCoupons, mApps, SMS, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, SoLoMo, mVideo, mGames
  8. 8. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Mobile University Theme: Mobile Everything2014 Mobile Marketing will be…Mobile Everything.• Helping with the little things:• And the big things:• With you all the time:• On you all the time:• In you all the time: QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed QuickTime™ and a to see this picture. decompressor “…what fits in your are needed to see this picture. pocket now will fitinside a blood cell…”
  9. 9. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileHousekeeping Notes• Keep your Phones on! Check-in• Stay connected with WiFi o Look for the Microsoft guest network on your WiFi list. Then use login & Password provided at check-in• Tweet your conference experience o Twitter hashtag: #MobiU2012 o Presentations will have the hashtag and twitter handle of speakers• Microsoft Innovation Center Information o Restrooms are past MPR3 o Summit area: Registration tables through MPR3• Register for Shortlist, our program/networking guide o o Login through LinkedIn, FB or Twitter o MobiU2012 Summit program at your fingertips o Network with your fellow attendees
  10. 10. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileHousekeeping Notes• Two Contests 1. Most tweets wins an Xbox! Must use hashtag #MobiU2012 2. Best SparkReel mVideo wins $100 Best Buy giftcard! • Join the MobiU group on SparkReel ( • Capture the best 30s video here at the Summit on your smartphone (cool, funny, pithy, memorable, etc.) • Email it to • Subject line = video title • Body text = video description• Join us for the MobiU Reception/Experience Hall, 6-9pm o Networking, Free Food & Drinks o Experience Hall exhibits open for demos and discussion
  11. 11. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Curriculum: 10am -3pm10:15 Opening Marketing Trumps Mobile Keynote11:00 Content MPR1/2 MPR3 Millennials1:00 SoLoMo MPR1/2 MPR3 New Parents2:00 Compliance MPR1/2 MPR3 Bus.Traveler
  12. 12. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Curriculum: 3pm - 6pm3:00 Young Males MPR1/2 MPR3 X-Channel4:00 Moms MPR1/2 MPR3 Showrooming4:50 Closing Mobile vs. Stationary Behaviors Keynote5:20 Closing Mobile & Passion Marketing Keynote
  13. 13. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileMobiU2012 Experience Hall• Microsoft Mobile Products • Crowdsourced video content• Mobile Couponing • Low-income job placement• QuickPrint 1hr Photos • Conference networking & program• Levi’s Case Study • Mobile Payments• Event planning for Millennials • Mobile Moms• Interactive Marketing Association • QR Contact Cards • QR Creative Gallery• Secure videoconferencing
  14. 14. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileMobiU2012 Experience Hall• Charities • Recycle to Eradicate Poverty QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. • Tees at Risk QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  15. 15. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileMobiU2012 Attendee: Geography
  16. 16. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobileMobiU2012 Attendee: Backgrounds 5%19% 35% Mktr/ProdMgt Agency/Consultant Tech/Mobile Other 41%
  17. 17. #MobiU2012 @mobilebranding @heartlandmobile Thank you to our Sponsors!And our Partners/Contributors!