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You see them everywhere in the past few months. Those funny looking squares printed on signs, flyers, billboards and even the side of trucks. These QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, can be used like a computer macro to deliver a variety of information whether a video, website, contact info or even a phone call. Are QR Codes and their cousins, 2D codes, the new shiny object? What value can they provide to you as a marketer? Learn about how to strategically use QR/2D codes and create real value with them for your brand.

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MobiU2011 Lecture: TECH121 2D Codes - Sun-Times

  1. 1. Mobile Technologies:  2D CodesMatthew Saleski, SVP, Sun-Times Media @saleskim @SunTimes Event hashtag #MobiU2011 Presented by the Heartland Mobile Council
  2. 2. “QR codes demonstrate just one of the ways in which mobile marketing can effectively be integrated into existing media and marketing campaigns to help reach desired consumer segments” --Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile.
  3. 3. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesAGENDA• Introduction• Definitions• Building a plan• Case Studies
  4. 4. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesBackground •Career • VP Mktg/BusDev, Sun Times Media • Strategic AD, Yahoo! • Group Sales Director, Getty Images • Tribune, Kraft Foods & Ford •Education • Booth & University of Michigan •Boards/Clubs • Board Advisor, Chicago Innovation Awards • Board Director, Sun-Times Charity Trust • Member of CMO Club
  5. 5. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesTypes of “QR” CodesWhen is a QR Code really a QR Code? • QR Codes • 2D Codes • Image Recognition
  6. 6. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesCustom Tag examples
  7. 7. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesPop Quiz! How many QR Code Providers are there?*
  8. 8. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesQR Facts• What They Do? • Download videos • Take you to website • Provide contact info • Augmented Reality • Inventory Tracking• The Limitation? • You need a scanner • You need the right scanner• QR Qreativity
  9. 9. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes Other QR Facts• U.S. consumer adoption* • 14 Million mobile users scanned a QR Code in June 2011 (6.2% of mobile phone users) • Users are most likely to scan codes found in newspapers and magazines and on product packaging– while at home or in a store • 58% from home • 39% from retail stores • 60.5% male; 39.5% were female • 36.8% 25-34 • 36.1% HHI > $100,000• Advertiser adoption • Macy’s • Calvin Klein • Porsche * ComScore, Internet Retailer, 8/16/11
  10. 10. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  11. 11. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesImplementing QR Codes in your marketing strategy
  12. 12. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes QR Codes: the opportunity • Connecting offline to online (specifically mobile)• An answer to attribution• Uses • Business Cards • Scavenger Hunts • Labeling • Storefront displays • Promotions, discounts, giveaways • Laptop stickers • T-shirts • Likes/follows • Supplement retail space • Increase e-commerce • Build email subscriber • Get the phone to ring
  13. 13. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes3 Considerations
  14. 14. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes1) Understand Your Target Audience • Need instruction about the use of QR Codes• Specific type of code reader?• What medium will the code be in?
  15. 15. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes2) Outline objectives • Grow email list• Click to call• Likes on Facebook• Increase blog subscribers
  16. 16. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes3) Consider challenges with QR Codes • (Lack of) Standards• Consumer Adoption • Malicious • Poor implementation• Tracking success
  17. 17. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes 4 Strategies to consider:
Making QR Codes work for you (and your customers)
  18. 18. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes1) Decide on your standard • Closed vs. open• Communicate expectations• Deliver • Measure
  19. 19. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes2) Balance your objective with consumer incentive • Enter a contest• Receive a coupon• Take a virtual tour• Demonstrate a product or service with video• Get VIP access
  20. 20. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes3) Create and test • Size• Medium• Placement
  21. 21. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes4) Ensure your site landing page is mobile optimized • Test for multiple smart phone platforms (Apple, Droid, Blackberry)• Tag elements you want to measure• Demand more granular metrics • # of scans • Time of day • Device • # emails • # clicks to call • # FB likes
  22. 22. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesCase Studies
  23. 23. August 2011 #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes Re-invention:
  24. 24. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesCovering the Chicago Region Community by Community
  25. 25. Agnostic to how we connect audiences #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes 40 local publications & over40 local and mobile websitesreaching 54% of the Chicago DMA PlusRelevant content available via Email Social Media Apps > QR Codes represent opportunity to stitch it all together ...
  26. 26. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesExamples
  27. 27. QR Codes: Low hanging fruit #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes#HMCqrcode @kraftfoods @playboy @microsofttag @sypderlynk @suntimes
  28. 28. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesLow hanging fruit • QR codes = opportunity • Consumer adoption • Granular metrics
  29. 29. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesChicago Sun-Times Charity Trust • Support youth in education, art and civic engagement. • The Sun Shine Project for the greater Chicago community to Shine A Light on worthy charities • The project has three phased steps: • Phase 1: Nominate: From 8/22 – 9/18 • Phase 2: Vote:  From 9/19 – Oct 9 • Phase 3: Select: Taking into account community votes and comments, the Trust will award up to a total of $500,000 in grants! •
  30. 30. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes Cause Marketing, Stories, Consumer Promos, Education, Clients#HMCqrcode @kraftfoods @playboy @microsofttag @sypderlynk @suntimes
  31. 31. #MobiU2011, @saleskim fixed web Mobile optimized P
  32. 32. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesAnalytics and Reporting
  33. 33. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesAnalytics and Reporting
  34. 34. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesAnalytics and Reporting
  35. 35. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes1
  36. 36. Athenos Greek Yogurt #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes1
  37. 37. Athenos Greek Yogurt #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes • Athenos Greek Yogurt coupon handout to support sampling event in Chicago • 100,000 samples and take-ones with QR code linking to YiaTube video commercial • 4/12/2011 – 4/26/20111
  38. 38. Philadelphia Cooking Creme - Shoprite #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes • Philly Cooking Creme – shelf tag in retail stores • QR code links to recipes and recipe videos Scan to see recipes & videos Download the free scanner on your mobile device2
  39. 39. Tassimo – Gevalia Discs #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes • Tassimo USA packages • QR code to be on pack •Target – tassimodirect.com3
  40. 40. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesMicrosoft Tag
  41. 41. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesA complete end to end solution Black & White Tag •Standard Color Tag Tags can point to: •Web sites •Customized Tag•Contacts •Display Text•Dial Phone Number Cross Platform: •Windows Mobile •iPhone •Blackberry •Symbian •J2ME •Android• Online service to create and manage Tags.• API allows bulk Tag creation and management. • Know which efforts are most effective. • Enhance decision making.
  42. 42. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes#HMCqrcode @kraftfoods @playboy @microsofttag @sypderlynk @suntimes
  43. 43. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes#HMCqrcode @kraftfoods @playboy @microsofttag @sypderlynk @suntimes
  44. 44. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesPlayboy
  45. 45. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesPlayboy’s use of technology for their audience• Playboy incorporated a unique mobile extension that simply allowed readers to take a picture of their favorite Playmate with their mobile device to receive exclusive non-nude videos and photos. Readers had the ability to choose as many of the 12 Playmates as they liked. This provided an easy, turn-key delivery without unsightly bar codes or short codes.• Each video that was sent to consumers’ mobile phones had a COTY bumper* that promoted Playboy Fragrance for Men at the beginning of the video. Users were also prompted to buy the product directly from their mobile phone.
  46. 46. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesSpyderlynk
  47. 47. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesSnapTags embed marketing campaigns in a logo Snap & Send with any camera phone Snap Send Dialog Connect Congrats! You unlocked the first dream level. Click here to see more www.snaptag/
  48. 48. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesSnapTags embed marketing campaigns in a logoMobile App ScaniPhone & Android Open the App Hover to Decode Dialog Connect Congrats! You unlocked here to see more www.snaptag/ the first dream level. Click
  49. 49. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesSNAP & SEND 
 Like Get Share or SCAN “LIKE us on •Sweepstake Entries • Instant Win Opps Facebook to 
 • Discount Codes • Printable Coupons see exclusive • Exclusive Content Rihanna • Free Samples Video”
  50. 50. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesSeen in use
  51. 51. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  52. 52. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  53. 53. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes#HMCqrcode @kraftfoods @playboy @microsofttag @sypderlynk @suntimes
  54. 54. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  55. 55. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  56. 56. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  57. 57. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes
  58. 58. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @SuntimesQ&A
  59. 59. #MobiU2011, @saleskim @Suntimes Summary • (Lack of) Standards: experiment and be flexible• Consumer Adoption: educate your customer, give them a reason to scan• Poor implementation: avoid it!• Tracking success: establish reporting and analytics tied to your objectives; hold the team accountable