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New online brand benchmark report


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New online brand benchmark report

  1. 1. Electronics Marketing NewsNovember 02, 2011Exclusive First Access: New Online Brand Benchmark ReportWe believe that everything in online marketing can and should be measured to getthe best results from your work. Keeping with that theme, SupplyFrame is sharing anew report with you that benchmarks 30 industry leading brands online. The reportdocuments dozens of online marketing best practices, and further, provides rankinganalysis on how each organization is performing against its industry peers.The report, "Online Brand Benchmark Report: 30 Leading Brands in theElectronics Industry," was published by Heardable, a real-time contextual brandanalytics platform. Heardable Co-Founder Gunther Sonnenfeld shared that "theobjective of this report is to help leaders in the electronics industry understand thelevers through which online brand value is created in order to identify opportunities togrow the value of their brand going forward."Highlights from the Reports FindingsElectronics brands element14, Newark and Texas Instruments came out on top insocial media and website performance. In-depth performance diagnostics measuredmany factors from mobile readiness to social network participation to adeptness atSEO.Five Best Practices Leading Electronics Industry Brands are Following 1. Strong social media presence, participation, followers and advocates 2. Search engine optimized websites 3. Usable websites (easy to engage, share, interact, contact and transact) 4. Regular monitoring and optimization using web analytics software and testing tools 5. Optimizing websites for mobile smartphone browsingMore Information on the ReportLearn more about the report and Heardables methodology or get insights into your brand with their free COMPLIMENTARY REPORT NOWPosted at 06:11 PM in Online Marketing, Semiconductor / Electronics Marketing, Semiconductor Industry, Social MediaMarketing | PermalinkTechnorati Tags: electronics industry, online marketing Favorite 0 Like 2Reblog (0) | | Digg This | | |TrackBackTrackBack URL for this entry:
  2. 2. below are links to weblogs that reference Exclusive First Access: New Online Brand Benchmark Report:CommentsI really enjoyed this report! What I found amazing was how many brands had not customized their Facebook page URLs. 12! This is sosimple to do - and it appears to be an important branding step in ones social media efforts.Also, just 33% of the electronics industry brands featured in this report have websites optimized for mobile smartphone browsing. Intodays day and age, that almost seems negligent.Thanks again for sharing this, SupplyFrame.-ATPosted by: Alisha Tannersby | November 03, 2011 at 08:23 AMVerify your CommentPreviewing your CommentPosted by: Alisha Tannersby |This is only a preview. Your comment has not yet been posted. Post EditYour comment could not be posted. Error type:Your comment has been saved. Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the author. Post anothercommentThe letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again.As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. This preventsautomated programs from posting comments.Having trouble reading this image? View an alternate. Continue