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Nokia microsoft alliance


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Nokia microsoft alliance

  2. 2. QUESTION 1Analyze whether Nokia’s alliance with Microsoft willenable it to recapture market share that it had lost ? Partially because people think that Android is better than anyother mobile software for the applications it has There are people who like Microsoft OS so they can capture themarket slowly Because of Microsoft OS in nokia their will be more applications availableto customers Customers may prefer because of change in Operating system in themobiles
  3. 3. QUESTION 2Analyze the new strategies planned and implementedby Stephen Elop in reviving the fortunes of Nokia.  Replacing Nokias Symbian OS with Microsoft’s new Windows Phone OS as the primary OS for Nokias high-end smartphones  Changing the way it was working before  Because of MS OS the applications Available are more
  4. 4. QUESTION 3According to you what should Nokia and Microsoft doto make the alliance a success? The Hardware in the Smartphones must be better compare to older nokiaphones The Software must be more user friendly Making availability of huge number of applications Should promote the product more
  5. 5. QUESTION 4 Do you think Nokia has taken the right decision to choose Windows Phone instead of Android? Yes nokia has right choice because all leading mobile companies are using android as their OS By using MS OS it will make cell phone software new for the customers People always prefer change As the users increase the demand for the product will also increase
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