Nokia revitalization - Strategy to revitalize Nokia


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A revitalization strategy for Nokia from a B School Graduate view. Intent of this exercise was to provide with an insight on how revitalization can be performed.

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Nokia revitalization - Strategy to revitalize Nokia

  1. 1. Name: Vinit Gandhi College: SIBM Pune Specialization: Marketing Name: Ankit Kawad College: SIBM Pune Specialization: Marketing BRAND ReVIVAL
  2. 2. Rigidity and overconfidence Lack of consumer research Avoidance of Porter’s five forces Missing the smartphone bus to Samsung and Apple STRENGTH • Good distribution • Reliable Workforce • Secure OS • Robust Build • Value driven WEAKNESS • Inflexible • Lost customer focus • Product concept OPPORTUNITY • Access to mass markets • Legacy and Trust in Brand • Strategic Alliance THREATS • Excessive competition • Dynamic market • Threat of acquisition Core Competence Extensive Service Network Speed of Service Robust Build Microsoft Windows Platform Distribution Network Advantage Brand Image Overview What went wrong?
  3. 3. In 1987 first handheld mobile phone - the Mobira Cityman.In 1991, first digital handheld GSM phone, Nokia 1011 In 1994, the Nokia 2110 was the first phone to feature the Nokia Tune as a ringtone In 1996, the Nokia 8110 was the first slider phone In 1997, the Nokia 6110 was the first phone to feature addictive SNAKE game In 1998, the Nokia 8810 was the first phone to without an external antenna In 2002, the Nokia 7650 was the first phone with a digital camera In 2002, the Nokia 3635 was the first phone to be able to record video In 2005, the Nokia launched N-Series phone Then came E- Series, C- Series, X-Series phone targeting different customers Then came Nokia with Windows operating system Finally we have Nokia ASHA series and LUMIA series Focus and Evolution
  4. 4. • Google's backing and a growing application library • All major mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony etc. ANDROID • Expected launch of a lower-cost iPhone will open up a wider addressable market • Expected to grow faster due to enterprise and emerging market share gains iOS • Windows Phone will solidify its position as the number three O.S. with incremental share gains WINDOWS • BlackBerry OS share will decline due to tepid BlackBerry 10 reception • BlackBerry volume will remain flat thanks to enterprises with security or other specialized needs BLACKBERRY Smartphone OS Year 2012 2013(P) 2017(P) Android 64.10% 75.30% 68.30% iOS 18.80% 16.90% 17.90% Windows Phone 2.70% 3.90% 10.20% Blackberry OS 5.20% 2.70% 1.70% Others 1.20% 1.90% Market Share (in %) Comparison of Smartphones Operating SystemsIndustry Analysis High population Burgeoning rich and middle class Low penetration of smartphones Highly connected socially Demand of Applications Target Market Profile
  5. 5. NOKIA Blue Collared, Simplicity seeker, Value driven, Professional, Privacy seeker Used as smartphone for daily purpose providing all functionalities expected Innovative, Trendy, Stylish, Affordable, Reliable, Long Life Smartphone, Application friendly, Extended Battery Life, Substitutes Cameras, Trendy User Imagery Usage Imagery Brand PersonalityProduct Attributes Robust design, high battery life, secure, unmatched camera clarity Simplistic, Reliable and Secure Smartphone with excellent longevity Trendsetter, Go Getter, Smart user with professional touch. Functional Benefit Experiential Benefit Symbolic Benefit ATTRIBUTES BENEFITS Nokia stands by its motto of “connecting people” by facilitating trendy, reliable and secure communication devices achieved by customer focus, constant innovation and flexibility in the revived organization Re-Positioning statement Organizational repositioning Software Innovation Focus Customer Focus Enhanced customer lifetime value Flexibility In Organization Leveraging strategic associations Brand Definition New Products launched Renewed Passion Software Upgrade Applications Enabled Change in Ideology Investment In Research Ambitious Marketing Reviving the Brand
  6. 6. Establish Emotional Connect Targeted communication Eventual movement to other TGs • Nokia still has a strong connect with the age group 30-49 years old which we would address as the Nokia Cohort. • Strategy is to focus on this cohort primarily during the initial phase of revival. • These would create a loyal customer base for the brand to build on to further Nokia Ringtone in every commercial New commercials randomly showing old products at corners Campaign & schemes for customers who still own dated Nokia Handsets Focused Product for the cohort Play previous famous ad campaigns for instant connect (Short duration) o Ease of use o Long battery life o Robust and professional o Reliable o Low failure rate o Inbuilt security applications o Service to delight o Establishes instant recall o Creates curiosity o Creates connect o Lays foundation o Filling up absence o Enable recap o Reinstate Ability to excel o Gain word of mouth publicity o 6600 phone o 1100 o Engage o Communicator o Express music o N Series o Discounts on exchange o Facebook campaigns o Creates equity o Builds credibility o Brings back the old feeling Recapturing – The Nokia Cohort
  7. 7. BONDING – Goal to be reached ADVANTAGE – Pricing and safety PERFORMANCE - Undoubtable RELEVANCE – Key area of focus PRESENCE – Still alive Does it offer me something? Does it offer something better than others? Can it deliver? Nothing else beats it Do I know about it? WEAK RELATIONSHIP STRONG RELATIONSHIP Functional to Aspirational Aggressively pursue the Phablet Market Tie up with Network Carriers • Create excitement, thrill and focus on trendiness quotient to make Nokia phones aspirational • Every user of Nokia should be aspiring to use the next level phone offered by Nokia itself • Till 2018 – 120 million phablets are expected to be shipped compared to 20million in 2012 showing the vast opportunity this segment has. • Aligned with Nokia’s core competence due to application in Enterprise Acquiring new customers
  8. 8. Nokia for Gamers Nokia for Trendsetters Nokia for GirlsNokia for Photo freaks Product Focus Supports all smartphone apps Unmatched quality Upgrading the feature phone users Capitalizing on falling Camera sales Phones that match your personality Long battery life Research Team – Develop all trending applications for the Windows platform Phones for Emerging markets Phone for all – Products that are relevant to each social class Extended Warranty – Products that last longer Security Challenge – Invite hackers to crack the Nokia OS Enterprise Solutions – Leveraging the Microsoft equity and extending those features on phone Exclusive Nokia Stores- to consult users and assist them Nokia E-Book reader – facilitate reading for voracious readers Using the P’s – Product & Place
  9. 9. Capture old customers Adding new segments to the existing customer base Employee Branding Campaign - Internal Branding exercise to rejuvenate passion amongst all stake holders Social Media Campaign – Various twitter handles like #myFirstNokia #NokiaClickIt #ItSurvives Guerilla Marketing – Social Media campaign #TradedThis – post pictures of cell phones which were traded to buy your new Nokia Print Media - Innovative ads showing “We are Back” teasers with clues like Bounce, Snake, 6600 and other symbolic references. Nationwide campaign Customer Up gradation campaign – Incentives on switching to a Nokia smartphone from a feature phone Corporate Partnerships – Strategic tie ups with companies to modify device according to their specifications TV Show Tie ups – Coke studios sound partner Endorsements – Customer endorsement route where users are shown in commercials CSR Campaign– Recycling of phones Influencer Focus – Blogs, Articles and comparative study of Nokia phones on sites like GSM Arena, XDA Developers Using the P’s - Promotions
  10. 10. “A goal is a dream with a deadline” – Napoleon Hill