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Analysis of SNS


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complete analysis of social networking sites

Published in: Technology, Business
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Analysis of SNS

  1. 1. AnalysisSocial Networking Sites, by AgeChange in How Often Social Networking Sites Are Used
  2. 2. Social Networking Site Users’ Choices of SitesSocial Networking Site Users’ Profiles, Friends, and GroupsHow Social Networking Sites Are Used (N = 22,207)
  3. 3. How Social Networking Sites Are Used, by Age
  4. 4. Hours per Week Using Social Networking SitesWhat StudentsReveal aboutThemselves on Social Networking Sites, by Age
  5. 5. Social Networking SiteUsers’ Concerns about Privacy andSecurityFeatures people use on social networking sitesAwareness of who can see social networking profile
  6. 6. Social networking sites used by adultsSocial networking sites used by parents and childrenPercentage of parents and children saying they have a profile on a social networking site
  7. 7. Participation of adults in social networking sitesRules and restrictions on what children use social networking sites for parents vs. childrenSocial Networking Site Users’ Concerns about Privacy and Security
  8. 8. Social Networking Questionnaire1) Which of these social networks are you a member of?Facebook: ___________________Hi 5: _________________Twitter: ___________________Other (specify): ______________________2) Which is your favorite social network? ______________________Give reasons why? _____________________________3) Do you use social networks to interact with new people you do not know?______________________________________________4) How many times do you use social networks?Daily: ___________________3 times a week: _________________Once a week: ___________________Once a month: ______________________5) Rate your favorite social network in terms of user friendliness.Excellent: ___________Good: _____________Average: _____________Poor: _______________Very poor: _____________6) Can you access your social network via mobile phone? __________________7) Can you access your favorite social network effectively using a slow connection? ___
  9. 9. 9) Do you use video chat when using social networks? ____________________10) Why do you use social networks? _______________________11) What time do you frequently use social networks?In the morning: ___________In the afternoon: _____________In the evening: _____________Random times: _______________