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Nokia Big Data and Analytics


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Presentation on Nokia\'s Big Data and Data Analytics present and future

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Nokia Big Data and Analytics

  1. 1. Nokia<br />Strategy<br />2011<br />
  2. 2. Why Work @ Nokia?<br />A chance to join a market leader and transform the business for the future.<br /><ul><li>We are the challenger – be a part of the cultural revolution
  3. 3. We are in the business of new ideas
  4. 4. We have tremendous scale and global presence
  5. 5. We own 25%+ of the mobile handset market
  6. 6. Wide portfolio – AND GROWING
  7. 7. Location and Commerce Business
  8. 8. Big data – Big opportunities</li></li></ul><li>A growing but intensely competitive market<br />The contest has changed from a device-by-device battle into a war of ecosystems.<br />And Smartphones have become the pivotal piece in value growth.<br />
  9. 9. 1Build leadership in the smartphone market2Maintain volume and value leadership in mobile phones3Sustain our future as the leading Mobile Products Company<br />To build a sustainable future as the world’s leading mobile products company, we must…<br />
  10. 10. Winning ecosystem built jointly with Microsoft<br />1Build leadership in the smartphone market2Maintain volume and value leadership in mobile phones3Sustain our future as the leading Mobile Products Company<br />This is good for consumers<br /><ul><li>Together with Microsoft, we can deliver more choice: stellar hardware, innovative software and unique services</li></ul>This is good for operators<br /><ul><li>A credible, compelling, sustainable alternative to the two ecosystems currently at play in the market
  11. 11. Different, more compelling choices for consumers</li></ul>This is good for developers<br /><ul><li>Microsoft’s tools make it easy for developers to build applications.
  12. 12. Our monetization services, Nokia store and operator billing make it easy for developers to make money.
  13. 13. Windows developers would gain exposure to broader mobility opportunities.</li></li></ul><li>1Regain leadership in the smartphone market2Maintain volume and value leadership in mobile phones3Sustain our future as the leading Mobile Products Company<br />Web for the next billion<br />A renewed approach to go beyond affordable voice/sms to bringing access to the web and apps to new price points<br />Continue renewal of S40 platform.<br />Invest in assets that will bring a modern mobile experience to the traditional mobile phone consumer, particularly in BRIICA.<br />Our goal is nothing short of delivering the best and most desirable low-cost devices that deliver the richest experiences and applications that our consumers will LOVE.<br />
  14. 14. 1Regain leadership in the smartphone market2Maintain volume and value leadership in mobile phones3Sustain our future as the leading Mobile Products Company<br />Investment in future disruptions<br />MeeGo becomes an open-source, mobile operating system project. MeeGo will place increased emphasis on longer-term market exploration of next-generation devices, platforms and user experiences. <br />Nokia still plans to ship a MeeGo-related product later this year. <br />
  15. 15. Nokia’s Location and Commerce Business<br />
  16. 16. NEW! Location & Commerce To SpearheadNokia´sRevised Services Mission<br />Location & Commerce combineNokia´s and NAVTEQ´s leading positions in social location services and location data<br /><ul><li>It is a testimonial of our success and a natural next step in our journey</li></ul>Together we will deliver a complete and differentiated offering to consumers, business customers and advertisers<br /><ul><li>Our intent is to become the leading platform in the world</li></ul>Success comes from combining unique reference data sets with high consumer engagement <br />9<br />
  17. 17. Combining Different Types Of Data to Create Smart Data – Our Unique Opportunity <br />
  18. 18. Our Products Utilize And GenerateSmart Data<br />
  19. 19. Location & Commerce are a coreelement of Nokia’s DNA<br />Location & Commerce’s core focus is on <br /><ul><li>Social Location Apps
  20. 20. Location Platform
  21. 21. Content (map data)</li></ul>supported by our Local Commerce efforts.<br />Our offering will be available in Nokia products and services, in our platform APIs - and we will continue to serve our automotive industry customers<br />We will bring our offering to non-Nokia devices and operating platforms<br />12<br />
  22. 22. DataOS: Structured Data Platform<br />
  23. 23. Mobile and Data Evolution in 2011<br />“What really distinguishes the year ahead is that these disruptive technologies are finally being integrated with each other – cloud with mobile, mobile with social networking, social networking with ‘big data’ andreal-time analytics” <br />– Frank Gens, IDC, December 2010<br />
  24. 24. Disruptive Changes to Traditional Data Processing<br />Increasing Data Volumes <br />Increasing Data Complexity<br />Increasing Data Analysis Complexity<br />Changing Analysis Model<br />Increased Acceptance of Open Source Software<br />Increasing Availability of Cost-Effective Compute and Storage<br />
  25. 25. DataOS Cloud<br />A central place to Store, Analyze and Deliver data<br />Big Data Analytics<br />Web and Mobile Apps<br />Access<br />Scale<br />Analytics<br />Engine<br />Binary<br />Data<br />Structured<br />Storage<br />Data<br />Scale<br />Virtualization<br />Cloud <br />Agile <br />Provisioning<br />Physical Hardware<br />
  26. 26. A Virtuous Cycle<br />Search<br />Ad Targeting<br />Recommendations<br />Personalization<br />Big Data Analytics<br />Web and Mobile Apps<br />Analytics<br />Engine<br />Binary<br />Data<br />Structured<br />Storage<br />Virtualization<br />Physical Hardware<br />
  27. 27. Data Enabling the Evolution<br />Data OS Value Proposition<br />Intelligence + Knowledge<br /><ul><li>Better and differentiated user experience</li></ul>Data Sharing<br /><ul><li>Shared insight, enable new services</li></ul>Strategic Impact<br />Scalability, Performanceand Availability<br /><ul><li>Near linear scale</li></ul>Cost<br /><ul><li>Increased ROI on R&D and production</li></li></ul><li>Rent, Buy, Borrow, Build<br />Nothing on the market to buy/rent <br />LinkedIn, Facebook, Google,Yahoo!, Twitter in ‘their own’data business <br />Researched open source and conferences<br />Amazon and Google:Academic papers but no code<br />Twitter: No open source code contributions<br />Facebook, Yahoo! and LinkedIn: Contributed to open source<br />Vendors answer was to buy more enterprise gear<br />Oracle, Cisco and Microsofthad no cloud offerings<br />Conclusion: Combine the best and stay current<br />
  28. 28. Delivering Operational Scale via Open Source<br />Massive Scalability<br />Uncompromised Security<br />Centralized data management<br />Aggressive SLA<br />99.99% Availability<br />Short latency<br />Intel<br />DataOS Cloud<br />Robust Data Service<br />Scaling Architecture<br />Multi-Site<br />Performance <br />Geospatial overlays<br />Nokia Data Model<br />Access Control<br />Simplified API<br />Platform Hardening<br />Security<br />Productization<br />Monitoring Probes<br />Rolling Upgrades<br />Automated Alerts<br />Usage control<br />Operationalization<br />Open Source<br />Projects<br />
  29. 29. Structured Data Backend<br />Step 1:We reduced latency with cache<br />Step 2:We enabled fast search via indexing based on Lucene<br />ServicesFront-end Web Server<br />ServicesFront-end Web Server<br />ServicesFront-end Web Server<br />Step 3:We added a highly scalable, distributed key-value storage system based on Voldemort<br />Memory Storage<br />Cache<br />Cache<br />Cache<br />Key-Value Storage<br />…<br />Node 1<br />Node 2<br />Node n<br />Indexes<br />
  30. 30. Structured Data Backend<br />Text Index<br /><ul><li>2TB searchable data
  31. 31. Read 2,700TPS
  32. 32. Write 1,500TPS
  33. 33. Index up to 100M rows
  34. 34. 90% latency <80ms</li></ul>90 nodesin production<br />Memory storage<br /><ul><li>40,000TPS
  35. 35. 90GB data
  36. 36. 90% Latency <10ms</li></ul>ServicesFront-end Web Server<br />ServicesFront-end Web Server<br />ServicesFront-end Web Server<br />Memory Storage<br />Master storage <br /><ul><li>9TBmaster data
  37. 37. 18,000TPS
  38. 38. 90% latency < 100ms</li></ul>Cache<br />Cache<br />Cache<br />Key-Value Storage<br />…<br />Node 1<br />Node 2<br />Node n<br />Indexes<br />
  39. 39. Our Mission: build a highly scalable and available storage platform<br />Our Team<br />What We Know<br />Persistent key-value store <br />High-performance cache<br />Lucene-based text index <br />GeoSpatial index<br />High-speed search<br />Petabyte scale<br />Talented engineering team centered in Burlington, MA<br />Test team focused on benchmarking and performance metrics based in Bangalore, India<br />
  40. 40. “As 'Big Data' Grows, IT Job Roles are Changing”<br />--- Lucas Mearian, ComputerWorld ---<br />Structured Data Platform:<br />Client engineers<br />Index engineers<br />Storage engineers<br />Network engineers<br />
  41. 41. DataOS: Advanced Analytics<br />25<br />
  42. 42. 26<br />
  43. 43. Data is the New Asset<br />EBaycollects20TBof user data a day.<br />Facebookcollects15TBdaily, generates 10TBfrom daily analysis, scans 135TBdata daily, and has15PTof total data for generating insights.<br />Googleprocesses over 20PTof data per day and stored 2PT daily; runs110Kmap-reduce (analysis) per day<br />Nokia’s opportunity:<br />over 5 billion mobile phones in use as of 2010 -<br />all generating data <br />
  44. 44. Data is Critical to Business<br />Source: McKinsey Global Institute: Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity, 5/11 <br />
  45. 45. Product Validation <br />”What are the most annoying bugs we need to fix – in relation to his device feature and app usage?”<br />”Is the next Maps release compelling and competitive when going live?”<br />”What apps and features drive the stickiness of E7 along the product lifecycle?”<br />Create Transparency<br />Link to Maps SR6 dashboard here<br />Link to Crash Log dashboard here<br />Link to E7 dashboard here<br />
  46. 46. Merchant Analytics<br />Key value drivers for place owners or media publishers <br />Simple breakdowns for detailed reports <br />Map as the canvas for visualization<br />Enable experimentation to discover needs, expose variability and improve performance<br />
  47. 47. Supporting Product Positioning<br />Nokia Consumer Segments<br />Purchase Reason for China<br />Segment populations to customize actions<br />Connectors – 30%<br />Personal relationships and being in constant contact is paramount<br />Open to new ideas<br />Mobile services usage low<br />Essentials – 21%<br />Strong need for simplicity; calls and text<br />Low social engagement outside family<br />Income low compared to other segments<br />Actives – 27%<br />Active, enthusiastic abt. mobile technology<br />Actively using mobile applications<br />Social individuals<br />Independents – 22%<br />Self-contained, confident individuals<br />Likes to use the device in versatile way<br />Source: Nokia Consumer Trackers & NoCS<br />Mobile engagement<br />31<br />
  48. 48. Analytical CRM Targeting Tools for LSU’s<br />Support human decisions with automated algorithms<br />To behavior-based targeted campaigns<br />Target group selection tool available for LSU’s<br />From untargeted email <br />Campaigns<br />This content will be displayed to those with OVImaps as lead service<br />Engagement_article_thanks_maps<br />Engagement_article_thanks<br />Ovimaps as lead service, Ovimail as next best service<br />Engagement_article_nbs1_maps_mail<br />Engagement_article_nbs1<br />Sent to Advocate, believer and onboarding rf groups<br />Engagement_article_ovisuite<br />
  49. 49. Innovate<br />Predictive Targeting<br />These new boots across the street have great ratings and are now on sale with this e-voucher. I’m sure I have earned them!<br />Ticket in at 7 pm<br />(Check-in info)<br />Personalized data<br />Targeted advertising<br />Recommendations<br />Cambridge Bus Station<br />(Public Transport Data)<br />33<br />
  50. 50. Analytics Engine<br />Analytics<br />Load and Present<br /><ul><li>Data marts and data warehouse
  51. 51. Reporting capability via standardtools:
  52. 52. Cognos, SPSS, Tableau
  53. 53. Dashboards
  54. 54. Onlinedecisionmaking</li></ul>Real-time Recommen-dations<br />Dashboards<br />OfflineAnalysis<br />NDW<br />Transform and Analyze<br /><ul><li>MapReduce: processing close to data
  55. 55. Job/task trackers, fair scheduler
  56. 56. Database and data warehouse tools</li></ul>Hive<br />MapReduce<br />Pig<br />Oozie<br />Flume<br />HadoopFilesystem (HDFS)<br />Extract and Intake<br /><ul><li>Petabyte-scalefilesystem
  57. 57. Supportsloading:
  58. 58. Bulkfromfiles
  59. 59. Streaming from data sources</li></ul>HBase<br />Scribe<br />FTP<br />
  60. 60. Our Mission: Data at the Center of Nokia<br />Our Team<br />What We Know<br />Distributed systems<br />Big Data management<br />Statistical analysis, insights, predictions<br />Hadoop<br />Petabyte scale<br />Bangalore: Hadoop Platform Developers<br />Helsinki: Data Scientists<br />Burlington: Data Transformation & Management<br />
  61. 61. “Data is widely available, what is scarce is the ability to extract wisdom.”<br />--- Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google ---<br />DataOS Analytics:<br />Java Developers<br />Hadoop & MapReduce<br />PHP & scripting<br />Oracle DBA<br />
  62. 62. Why Work @ Nokia?<br />A chance to join a market leader and transform the business for the future.<br /><ul><li>We are the challenger – be a part of the cultural revolution
  63. 63. We are in the business of new ideas
  64. 64. We have tremendous scale and global presence
  65. 65. We own 25%+ of the mobile handset market
  66. 66. Wide portfolio – AND GROWING
  67. 67. Location and Commerce Business
  68. 68. Big data – Big opportunities</li>