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Presentation by Sita Supomo, Chief Volunteer Architect of Volunteer-ID during WAVE Woman: Strengthening Women Economic Capacity through Skill-based Volunteering

Volunteer-ID, supported by BINUS Business School, celebrate International Women's Day by increasing public awareness about skill-based volunteering, women economic capacity strengthening

This presentation was shared during a half-day free event to plant seed of camaraderie, share ideas, form network, and strengthen knowledge.

Discussion theme:
a. Skill-based Volunteering, CSR & Stakeholders Engagement: Its potential contribution to strengthening women economic capacity.
b. Women Entrepreneur, Opportunities & Challenges
c. Implementation of SBV in higher education & banks
d. Woman entrepreneur's story. how do I start?

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  •’ interest may be identified from its perceived benefit.
  • Vida_01 2012_presentation_skillbasedvolunteering

    1. 1. SKILL-BASED VOLUNTEERING, CSR &women’s economic capacity strengthening Sita Supomo Chief Volunteer Architect Volunteer-ID
    2. 2. A sharing session oflinking & inspiringstakehoders‘Perempuan adalah agenpembangunan, investasi dalamperempuan dan anak perempuan What’s in the agenda:memiliki multiplier effect pada Inspiring ideas byproduktivitas, efisiensi dan volunteer resourcepertumbuhan ekonomi yang personsberkelanjutan” MDG 2010 MindWave : Linking ideas with participants’ thought and experience
    3. 3. WAVE & Skill-based Women Micro-entrepreneurship Mentoring improved fisherman who Wind Water Waves fisherman fish livelihood Facilitator Beneficiaries Activities Outcomes Impact Skill-based resource voluntary employees entrepreneurship mentoring and community strengthening program Woman Strengthened Women’sVolunteer-ID Mentorships Women Livelihood Community Entrepreneurs Improved aspiring women micro knowledge and entrepreneurs opportunity for economic strengthening
    4. 4. CSR-Stakeholders-Employee Volunteering Managing Impact Ways Social Responsibility Stakeholders Employee Volunteering• “Responsibility of an • Any group or individual that can • Kotler and Lee (2004) define it as organization for the impacts of affect or be affected by a “An initiatives in which the its decisions and activities on company’s purpose (Edward corporation supports and society and the Freeman, 1984) encourages employee, retail environment, through partners and/or franchise transparent and ethical members to volunteer their time behaviour that contributes to to support local community sustainable development, health organizations and cause”. and the welfare of society; takes into account the expectations of stakeholders; is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behaviour; and is integrated throughout the organization and practiced in its relationships.” (ISO 26000: 2010 Guidance on
    5. 5. Volunteering shapes employees Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey 2011
    6. 6. Key Stakeholders & Benefit of Corporate Volunteering Corporation Employee Community• improved relations with the • pride and loyalty for their company, • increased resources come to the surrounding community, • sense of fulfillment, contributing to community through businesses and• enhanced public image, community, organizations.• enhanced corporate image (socially • learning new skills to enhance • increased rapport and understanding responsible corporate image), career, personal development, career between corporations and the non-• a positive impact on employee growth (Ex: communication profit sector. morale and stronger employee skills, time • the quality of life within the commitment, management, teamwork, planning), community is enhanced.• improved internal communication, • leadership and skill development, • Financial/philanthropic donations are• improved sense of team spirit, • networking opportunities, stronger• a healthier economic and social • increased community awareness environment,• increased ability to attract and retain high-quality employees Marilyn K. Lesmeister and Anne Romero (2005) Research shows that “one of the most effective methods of enhancing a corporations public image is through the contributions of time and talent from employees” (Peterson, 2004) 6
    7. 7. Issues in volunteering Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey 2011
    8. 8. Skill-based VolunteeringSBV is about matching the right person with the right skills and knowledge, at the righttime, to the right project in order to achieve greater impact. SBV is an innovative approach that is rapidly gaining recognition as apowerful driver of both social impact and business value in the world. Leveraging employee volunteer’ skills, experience, talents and education of volunteers and matches with nonprofit organizations’ needs. Individual Volunteers & Employee VolunteerIndividual skilled volunteers may offer their particular expertise to a nonprofit organization Corporate SBV engage employee volunteersworking on projects for a nonprofit organization through a structured program developed and managed by their employer. Corporation for National & Community Service
    9. 9. SBV – Long-term Impact Impactful 83 percent of nonprofits say their skilled-volunteersOrganization delivered a solution that will Needs have a “high impact on their mission” Inspiration + Knowledge Transfer 75 percent of nonprofits Knowledge learned new skills from their engagement transfer Employeevolunteers’ Inspiring & Long lasting skills 90 percent of its skilled- volunteers see that their work with the nonprofit “made a real. 1/3 stays-on to volunteer Common
    10. 10. Connecting the DOT SBV – Women Micro-Entrepreneurs Information Strategic and Marketing and Finance and TechnologyBusiness Planning Communications Accounting Logistics Project and Product Fundraising and Multi-media Program Development Development Strategy ManagementHuman Resources IT infrastructure Selling strategy Merchandisingand Organizational strategy & and management strategy Development capabilities