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  1. 1. The Cool Table, How to Build andEmpower Your Board for LongLasting Financial Success!
  2. 2. Rebecca Gordon, CFRErebecca@rebeccagordon.orgwww.rebeccagordon.org573-338-3773 Twitter @rgordongor6 Facebook The Rebecca Gordon Group
  3. 3. Welcome!Who Is Here?
  4. 4. Where Are We Heading Today?
  5. 5. ENGAGED: Strategies to Engage and Energize Your Board of DirectorsOn the Board vs. On Board
  6. 6. Though many people are not aware ofit, the nonprofit industry is anenormous contributor to the Americaneconomy. Nonprofits employ over13.5 million individuals, roughly 10%of the country’s workforce and in2011, charitable giving totaled over346 billion dollars, a 7.5% increaseover 2010.To provide a comparison, more peoplework in the nonprofit sector than in thefinance industry, including insuranceand real estate combined. From the Independent Sector and Atlas of Giving
  7. 7. • What are the biggest challenges with your board? Building? Engaging? Empowering?
  8. 8. Service: Contribution to the welfare of others. The act of serving or a helpful act. Source – Merriam-Webster dictionary
  9. 9. The total process by whichan organization increasepublic understanding of itsmission and acquiresfinancial support for itsprograms.- Source: AFP FundraisingDictionary
  10. 10. The Secret to Engaging YOUR Board.
  11. 11. “ Feeling good is whatnonprofits sell.” Seth Godin, Author
  12. 12. Communication is KEY to cracking thesecret! Communication Includes:
  13. 13. “The single biggest problem incommunication is the illusion that it has taken place” George Bernard Shaw
  14. 14. The Channel of Communication – Who is communicating?•Staff•Board Peer•Community Members
  15. 15. What are the Channelsof Communication?•Board Meetings•Newsletters•Email•Social Media•Phone * Communication is personal…
  16. 16. Information Seeking Behavior Where do we seek our information?
  17. 17. Intervening Variables……… •Thousands of Messages •Deadlines •Competing Interests •Family •Work •Other issues
  18. 18. Top of Mind Awareness – Created and Reinforced by the organization and its leadership. First position is important because thebusiness that is in the first position is 2X moreprofitable than the business in 2nd position and4X more profitable than the business in 3rdposition. Mark Dahl Accountable Marketing Research Group
  19. 19. Okay, that’smarketing –but how dowe translatethis toengagingour board?
  20. 20. Powerful contributions are madewhen: People are in touch withtheir purpose, their vision and withthe difference they make.When it is clear that a boardmember’s goals are clear andATTAINABLE – they are engagedto succeed! Lynne Twist – Fundraising From the Heart
  21. 21. Your Communication:You have an opportunity to empower peopleto feel like a super hero. To cause a connection that deeply aligns with that person’s highest ideas and values.
  22. 22. So What Does All of this Mean?Have you ever asked your boardmembers………… WHY THIS ORGANIZATION? WHY THIS BOARD? WHY NOW?
  23. 23. Listen to their responses: Board Members are our biggest donors, advocates, sponsors, partners. An engaged board starts with board members who feel successful and know how their contributions impact the organization.
  24. 24. Tools for Board Engagement Success Board Mentoring Succession Planning Board Elections Term Limits The Power of “Bless and Release”
  25. 25. Pots of Gold! Board engagement is about - connecting a board members passion, their motivations, with our mission.
  26. 26. THANK YOU!Rebecca Gordon, CFRErebecca@rebeccagordon.org573-338-3773www.rebeccagordon.orghttp://twitter.com/rgordongor6