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Th Design Resume Xxxxxxxxx

  1. 1. KENNETH RIVIERE<br />2206 Sterling Blvd. Englewood, NJ 07631 212-518-4004<br />SUMMARY<br />With more than twenty three years of experience acquiring, designing, directing and building commercial and residential interior design renovation projects, proven ability to lead all project phases from conceptualization to purchasing, color selections and final arrangement. Experienced with all aspects of business and project management, including estimating, budgeting, resource management, purchasing and billing. Excellent color sense and artistic presentation; negotiation, supervision, and communication skills. The ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure. <br />My position has always been one of the lead person and problem solver. Due to my experience in construction I understand about materials and substitutions which cut down on time delays dramatically. Nothing is more important than actual install experience to gain a more realistic position on timing and implementation. Whether I am acting in the capacity of controlling the budget and creating legitimate change orders for the Owner of a GC company or acting as an owners rep and controlling the change orders generated by the GC I have effectively handled both sides of this coin. <br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />TK Design Management, Englewood, General Manager 2009-Current<br /><ul><li>Plan, design, renovate and furnish all facets of residential and commercial buildings.
  2. 2. Serve as project manager overseeing all aspects of design renovation projects.
  3. 3. Managed budgets well over 5 million.
  4. 4. Estimate material requirements and costs, negotiate agreements and present designs to clients for approval.
  5. 5. Select and supervise contractors, architects and other service providers.
  6. 6. Work with clients to determine factors affecting planning and interior environments such as budget and architectural preferences, etc.
  7. 7. Advise clients on interior design factors such as space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings or equipment and color selections.
  8. 8. Subcontract fabrication and installation work that keeps the project on time and on budget.
  9. 9. Handle fit-outs for high end retail clients with timing and presentation for their products a main focus </li></ul>K. Heller Development, NY, NY- General Manager 2005-20009<br />Developed and implemented the marketing plan and budget for the entire company.<br />Managed, estimated, bid and implemented all aspects of operations in the field.<br />Responsible for all High end fit-out work in all condos.<br />Responsible for staging of condos. <br />Fabrication of all built –in’s for customer requests.<br />Oversaw development to ensure services met market needs and were executed on time and on budget.<br />Developed the advertising for the enhancement of brand identity for high end retail customers.<br />Coordinated with web team to develop web site.<br />Managed over $15 million in construction budgets for first years business. <br />Served as owner’s representative and project manager, overseeing all aspects of renovation projects.<br />Prepared correspondence and implemented procedures with owners, architect, contractor and interior designer related to budget, schedule, requests, memos and change orders.<br />Maintained owner, interior designer, architect and contractor relations, conducted project meetings and ensured prompt payment from owners to those parties.<br />Always maintained a professional environment at every job site.<br /> <br />2206 Sterling Blvd. Englewood, NJ 07631 212-518-4004 <br />KENNETH RIVIERE Resume – Page 2<br />New Paltz Development, Scotch Plains, NJ- General Manager 2002-2005<br />Developed and implemented strategies for acquiring and purchasing land.<br />Responsible for bringing projects to local planning boards.<br />Composed and implemented all contracts with purchasing and construction.<br />Delivered all final plans for subdivision work. <br />Mobilized all heavy equipment for cutting and filling of sub-divisions.<br />Coordinated all marketing for sales of homes and land.<br />Handled budgets in the millions and always delivered my end of the deal.<br />KMAR Contracting, Scotch Plains, NJ – General Manager 1994-2002<br />Responsible for acquisition of all projects and logistics governing those projects.<br />Responsible for mobilizing and co-ordination of all trades.<br />Responsible for all install of utilities in the field; gas ,water, drainage and sewer<br />Work with all type’s of union’s in NJ and NY.<br />Handled all estimating, bidding and Contract negotiations.<br />Lead operator of heavy equipment on all high profile projects.<br />Go to person for situations that need resolution.<br />Little River Investments and Owner of a Utility Company, Bayonne, NJ-Manager 1989-1994 <br />Handled 7,200 customer base with 900 new potential clients each month.<br />Started business with minimal investment and created a million dollar a year company.<br />Handled all marketing and budgeting of company.<br />Handled the day to day in the office as well as in the field. <br />Responsible for mobilizing and co-ordination of all trades.<br />Work with all type’s of union’s in NJ and NY.<br />Handled all estimating, bidding and Contract negotiations.<br />Purchasing of properties for renovation and sales.<br />Pac Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical, Staten Island, NJ – Journeyman 1986-1989<br />Responsible for all mobilization for lead mechanics on projects.<br />Responsible for setting and prepping all materials to ensure a timely completion.<br />Responsible for all materials ordered and delivered on job sites.<br />Union school attendance 3 nights a week.<br />Work with all type’s of union’s in NJ and NY.<br />Education<br />State University of NY Albany, NY<br />Liberal Arts<br />Mechanics Institute, NY, NY<br />Plan reading and drafting<br />ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />Affiliated with Local 367 Staten Island, NY<br />Affiliated with Local 7 Allied Craftsman Union NY and NJ<br />Affiliated with Local 825 Operating engineers Union<br />All Mechanical trades , carpentry and high end stone work<br />2206 Sterling Blvd. Englewood, NJ 07631 212-518-4004<br />KENNETH RIVIERE Resume – Page 3<br />Finance & Administration23 years<br />Expert Experience<br />Overseeing and approving various business entities and project budgets.<br />Monitoring and controlling budgets of <br />Assessing risk on all projects<br />Analyzing process flows.<br />Financial aspects associated with the contracts on various projects<br />Management23 years<br />Expert Experience<br />Independent strategic thinking person<br />Functional, quality and operational management skills<br />Liaising with Senior Management<br />Chairing, conducting and attending meetings.<br />Troubleshooting and problem solving<br />Strong delegating abilities<br />Project Management23years<br />Expert Experience<br />Quantity Survey Engineering<br />Determine scope of work.<br />Define scope of project.<br />Do feasibility study and initial proposal.<br />Drafting of detailed plans, costing and resources<br />Participate in development, testing and implementation.<br />Do risk analysis.<br />Determine impact on company processes, procedures and policies.<br />Determine impact on human resources requirements and management.<br />Part of strategic decision making on Steering Committee level<br />Public Relations & Communication23 years<br />Expert Experience<br />Dealing with clients, and resolving problems, which may arise<br />Ensuring efficient running of office area at all times.<br />Very good verbal and written abilities<br />Well-mannered, approachable person<br />Technical25 years<br />Expert Experience<br />Production management techniques<br />Work study<br />Quality Assurance<br />Operations research<br />Mechanical skills <br />Work Scheduling<br />Facilities layout & material handling<br />Interpreting legal requirements and recommend compliance procedures to contractors, craft workers and owners<br />Process planning<br />Liaising with current and future clients with regards to specific system needs<br />Mason, concrete and brick installation experience<br />Excavation and heavy equipment experience <br />Utility experience of all natures <br />2206 Sterling Blvd. Englewood, NJ 07631 212-518-4004<br />KENNETH RIVIERE Resume – Page 4<br />Marketing23 years<br />Expert Experience<br />Various as listed above<br />2206 Sterling Blvd. Englewood, NJ 07631 212-518-4004<br />