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A slide show for Geometry

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  1. 1. . Lines Angles Triangles Quadrilaterals Circles Geometry Guide
  2. 2. . Points Line segments Ray Lines Intersecting Lines Perpendicular Lines Parallel Lines Skew Lines Lines
  3. 3. . A line segment is a line that starts at a point and finishes at a point Line Segments
  4. 4. . A ray is a line that starts at a point and goes on forever Rays
  5. 5. . A line is something that never ends both ways Lines
  6. 6. . Skew lines are lines not in the same plane Skew
  7. 7. . Two lines that never cross and are in the same plane Parallel Lines
  8. 8. . Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect at a right angle (90 degrees) Perpendicular Lines
  9. 9. . Intersecting Lines are lines that cross at one point Intersecting Lines
  10. 10. . A point is a precise location in space. It is labeled with a letter. P I N K Points
  11. 11. . Acute Obtuse Right Straight Vertex/Vertices Complementary Supplementary Vertical/Opposite Adjacent Angles
  12. 12. . An acute angle is less than 90 degrees Acute
  13. 13. . An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees Obtuse
  14. 14. . A Right Angle is exactly 90 degrees Right
  15. 15. . A Straight angle is a straight line that is 180 degrees Straight
  16. 16. . A vertex is a corner of an angle Vertex/Vertices
  17. 17. . Complementary is when two angles are added and equals 90 degrees Complementary
  18. 18. . Supplementary is when two angle are added and it equals 180 degrees Supplementary
  19. 19. . Vertical/Opposite is an angle on the opposite side of another Vertical/Opposite
  20. 20. . Adjacent is when an angle and another angle are next to each other Adjacent
  21. 21. . Right Obtuse Acute Scalene Isosceles Equilateral Sum of Internal Angles Perimeter Area Triangles
  22. 22. . A right angle on a triangle is Right
  23. 23. . An obtuse angle in a triangle is also more than 90 degrees Obtuse
  24. 24. . An acute angle in a triangle is also less than 90 degrees Acute
  25. 25. . Scalene means all the sides are different Scalene
  26. 26. . Isosceles is when two of the sides on a triange are the same Isosceles
  27. 27. . An equilateral is when all the angles on a triangle are equal Equilateral
  28. 28. . The sum of internal angles is the sum of all the angles is 180 degrees Sum of Internal Angles
  29. 29. . The perimeter is the sum of all sides Perimeter
  30. 30. . Area is the base and hieght of the triangle multiplied together Area
  31. 31. . Qualrilateral Trapezoid Parallelogram Rectangle Rhombus Square Area of a rectangle Area of a Square Area of a Parallelogram Area of a Trapezoid Quadrilateral
  32. 32. . A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides and four angles Quadrilateral
  33. 33. . A trapezoid is 1 pairs of parallel lines and two congruent sides Trapezoid
  34. 34. . The area of a trapezoid is how much cubes you can fit inside by doing base times height Area of a Trapezoid
  35. 35. . A parallelogram is 2 pairs of parallel lines and 2 congruent sides Parallelogram
  36. 36. . The area of a parallelogram is how much cubes you can fit inside by base times height Area of a Parallelogram
  37. 37. . A Rectangle is two sets of parallel and congruent lines Rectangle
  38. 38. . The Area of a Rectangle is how much cubes fit inside by doing the length times width Area of a Rectangle
  39. 39. . A Rhombus is just like a rectangle with two sets of parallel and congruent lines Rhombus
  40. 40. . Now a square is different all the sides are congruent and parallel Square
  41. 41. . The area of a square is really easy and the same as a rectangle all you have to do is one number squared Area of a Square
  42. 42. . Chord Diameter Radius Sector Circumference Area of a Circle Circles
  43. 43. . A chord is from one point connected to another in the circle Chord
  44. 44. . The diameter of a circle is how long it is from one side to another Diameter
  45. 45. . An arc on a circle is the distance from one point to the other on the outside edge Arc
  46. 46. . The radius of a circle is how far it is to the middle of the circle Radius
  47. 47. . A Sector is a piece of the circle Sector
  48. 48. . The circumference of a circle is the distance around the circle and you get it by diameter times pie Circumference
  49. 49. . The area of a circle is the space inside by doing radius squared times pie Area of a Circle
  50. 50. . Hexagon Octogon Pentagon Regular Polygon Other Polygons
  51. 51. . A hexagon is a polygon that has 6 sides Hexagon
  52. 52. . A Octogon is also a polygon but it has 8 sides Octogon
  53. 53. . A pentagon is just like the rest but with 5 sides Pentagon
  54. 54. . A regular polygon is different from other polygons because regular polygons have different sizes and sides Regular Polygons